Optimizing the Snake Build

Optimizing the Snake Build

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Optimizing the Snake Build

  1. Stian Andreassen says:

    We need a cat build that specs into venom ranged abilities. If it doesn't defeat you with their cuteness ability, they'll have blindness.

  2. Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos says:

    We have 20 FT snakes downs here in the Everglades🤪

  3. Grubby aye aye says:

    I was wondering why you didn't mention The inland taipan. A Snake with the venom equivalent of a nuclear bomb in its mouth. My question is this how the hell do they get the stats? How long is the PWR bar on that build. How do you compare The inland taipan to something like the black mamba. A snake that has been known to chase players once aggroed.

  4. Emperor Palpitoad says:

    Where would the black mama fall under?

  5. Everybody S says:

    I hear someone b hopping

  6. kangy is normal says:

    Persanaly my main is a squirell I know they have low stats but their bite combos are really good they also have very little hitboxes so there good for evading attacks if u haven't played a squirell I highly recommend it there super fun to play as

  7. Boco says:

    I’m going to play as a house fly

  8. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    0:43 looks so bad-ass

  9. TheIsle GamingSavage says:

    Pls do a snake/lizard tier list

  10. chum chumlog says:


  11. disbelievepapy says:

    At least snake is S-tier in ultimate

  12. Bhq says:

    lmao that first clip the snake getting walked by squirle

  13. Mira bakken og Lilli says:

    Can you talk about the Bambi raptor¿??????? ¿???????

  14. McHitler says:

    Looking back now, I think you didn't give the constrictor enough credit. Its PWR stat is much higher than listed.

  15. Bruce says:

    You forgot water snakes

  16. Yaak says:

    Was watching eons, saw your remark and the funny responses from your followers, clicked, watched, became a follower. Can't wait to tell my gamingbuddies about you👍🥳

  17. Ken Abbott says:

    I'm surprised that Sea Snakes didn't make the list.

  18. Ninja Baiano says:

    3:13 anaconda players been swimming in rivers to farm skill points granting a perk that grants . fast movement boost inside water.

  19. allen caskey says:

    Can u do a honey badger video

  20. Magos Explorator Adeon says:

    You know you suck playing this game when the low tier builds can still fuck you up even though you have the most adaptable build.

  21. Samuel Cho says:

    sitting on the toilet

  22. OptimusPhillip says:

    Where would you say the rattlesnake build falls? At least from my perspective, it shares a lot of major features with the cobra build, like the intimidation mechanism, and the paralyzing venom mod. That said, I'm not too familiar with the hardcore meta-analysis, so maybe it falls short in some ways.

  23. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer says:

    I bet there's a snake in Australia that corrodes your skin with their bite

  24. Logan Brancheau says:

    Slithering is really efficient motion with the scales

  25. Lasagna says:

    I got lasagna build

  26. Rozz says:

    Someone should really make this a video game. It's so interesting

  27. Cannabis Dreams says:

    I'd like to get a waterfowl play guide – there are so many water friendly birds, but are any of them useful in the meta?

  28. Thatdeltagamer Neo says:

    Eels next "no electric eels as they aren't eels"

  29. LoveAnimeLikeCrazy says:

    1:21 thats not cool man..

  30. Codin Fox says:

    Lots of snakes are terrible but these three are easily some of the best characters in the reptile group, that plus you unlock these characters relatively early on!

  31. Mike Taylor says:

    #TeamMustelid. We eat you and enjoy a short nap.

  32. FUZZZBUZZZ 420 says:

    I actually want to see this as a game

  33. Aaron Sze says:

    3:16, ah a classic BBC gangbang
    big black cobra

  34. David Lehan says:

    Can you do land/aquatic predator tier list?

  35. MC Basically says:

    After im done watching youre vids i Think i might regret the the spieceis i choose and what sad is you cant chance youre spieces 🙁

  36. Funkopedia says:

    Eh, there's way too much focus on DPS builds. Scoring kills is only a small portion of the game, half at least.

  37. Raymond Grover says:

    I’m guessing God is the creator and Jesus is the admin and the Holy Ghost is moderator

  38. Ben Berkebile says:

    This channel be the bomb diggity

  39. MidwestTwilight says:

    Can you do a review of casual play builds?

  40. Cripton Tv says:

    Can someone please make this into an actual game

  41. The gaming Insect says:

    I don’t care what you say about cobras the gaboon viper is op

  42. Ryan Roveda says:

    You should redo this to be more like your more recent lists! There’s so many cool snakes, I also live in Australia where we have snakes with a fuck ton of venom that are quite formidable

  43. culwin says:

    Angry snake main wants to leave angry comment.
    Has no hands to type.

  44. Dhruv Shah says:

    1:19 my worst nightmare in 1 image

  45. a guy with fish ok says:

    Snakes may be low tier but they're fun to play

  46. videofudge says:

    Imagine a TierZoo-Attenbrough collab

  47. Matta says:

    poor bunny

  48. psittacosaurus animations says:

    Don't forget some cobras are huge

  49. Stitch Shadow says:

    What is this game and what platforms are it on?

  50. Beachboy04 1 says:

    A lot of people at my school do this build

  51. SHAUN THOMAS says:

    what game are you talking about?

  52. lemon Backhair says:

    We all know snak-47 is the most overpowered snake build

  53. Cloudhopper Gaming says:

    I was expecting the Black Mamba build to be the number 1 they always stuff up my build

  54. Kirito Amatsu says:

    Someone really should make a game that's realistic and let's you choose what species of earths animals you want to play….those who pick human are just boring…and I know there would be some people who would choose to be a human in such a game

  55. Black_ Fog says:

    Random new player: "So basically, if I become snake with legs…ill be OP AF"

    Tier zoo: "that's not what I said"

  56. DVR 189 says:

    Beep Boop
    Soariy detected
    Target identified as Canadian

  57. Yes Man says:

    You gotta love the shoe0nhead background music

  58. xInflict says:

    what's the little music clip that starts at 0:01, to 0:06

  59. Not Te Moai XdXd says:

    Road's hook is one of the best, seems about right

  60. Tapu Blast says:

    You know the best snake? The memerized one. No predators, and this one is actually surviving in the competitive meme meta.

  61. _uninstal says:

    I was wondering if you'd mind making a video on the often over looked spider build, which maxed its intimidation ability while leaving lots to be desired, or the Australia buff that most builds receive?

  62. Getty Touchstone says:


  63. Ninja Gizzmo says:

    I wish you would have touched on the I Amazon anaconda’s stats

  64. Ryan Lu says:

    69K likes, nice

  65. CyberwolfMC says:

    I hear that snake has a pretty good uptilt

  66. albertfan9001.1 says:


  67. Alex Duong says:

    Bruh you forgot to include Zulrah on this list

  68. Dylan Watkins says:

    That is one scary danger noodle

  69. Lareland Cooper says:

    This should have been much more in depth. Pythons alone range from less than 3 foot as adults to 25+ feet, not all constrictors are "huge" and should not have been grouped together. Other than my beef with the snake video, great channel.

  70. Royce Heflin says:

    Imagine if a good defender like porcupine or wolverine had specced into the venom tree (and was predatory). Although it wouldnt do much without mobility or stealth…

  71. Mr Skittles984 says:

    What’s that song he uses? Definitely S+ material

  72. Jayant Kolapkar says:

    The background instrumental of "What's the difference" was a nice touch….

  73. Lee Morralley says:

    Wish you could focus on one snake and where it lies as I believe the black Mamba should be S tier

  74. Aung Zayya says:

    wiki should nerf these snakes. eew broken snake build!

  75. mountain boy says:

    3:55 “No.” lmao that made me L.O.L.

  76. Andrew Alvarez says:

    Constrictors can also see in infrared

  77. Deecy P says:

    Wait is this about a game? I thought it was a fun way to talk about real animals

  78. Derek the Ineffable Sage says:

    Outside? That's a great name for the game

  79. Speggi 1 says:

    How good is the desert to build a starter base as human build?

  80. Kenneth Kay says:

    Sea snakes are my favorite. What are they doing down there?

  81. Steven Babb says:

    funny style

  82. Floofie kun says:

    Snakes have a pretty good intimidation bonus against humans.

  83. Hamass says:

    Crocodile Tier List?

  84. Al Sargent says:

    Don't forget the player made fanfiction called "Paradise Lost" which described snakes as once having legs.

  85. david daboss says:

    Youtube tiers

    Views quality content helpfullness

  86. Ryan Gallagher says:

    What’s the song at 3:31

  87. Potatoking 2000 says:

    Slithery sloo armless boi is coming for u

  88. I Hate Ads says:

    The Snake I know has max stealth. He hides in cardboard boxes.

  89. Christian Jarboe says:

    I would like to add that some Pit Viper builds can be customized to have a neurotoxin, such as the Mojave Rattlesnake, Canebrake Rattlesnake or Temple Vipers.

    Also Hemotoxins work faster at shutting down the heart in smaller species of birds & mammals for offensive strikes, Neurotoxins are slower but more effective for defensive bites and a wider range of targets.

  90. Andrei Cristi Moga says:

    1:31 but why? WHY?

  91. A Pyro Main says:

    how does it match up to w+m1?

  92. EraseDiskNow says:

    But sneks are adorable…

  93. John Hind says:

    What's the song called at 3:50?

  94. Aditya Wath says:

    Human faction all the waaaaaaay… YEAHHHHHHHHH BITCH!!

  95. erick mendez says:


  96. stephanie potts says:

    If your reading this you have lost the game.

  97. Cesar says:

    0:30 What patch was this glitch introduced in?

  98. kai russell says:

    Vanilla snakes are low tier… But they're the boss of the low tier. No gerbil, mouse, mole, insect, small bird, reptile, or the eggs or baby version of any animal, wants to come near a black rat snake. And black rat snakes are as vanilla as they come…

  99. Lee Yuu Mer says:

    I think I should apply some builds in PUBG 🤣

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