– Holy cow, take a look
at this turtle right here. Of course this is a seven
pound Red Eared Slider. This almost looks like
something you’d wanna put on a popsicle stick and eat it. (downbeat music) Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog from Canada. I’m not sure exactly where I am, but I think I’m around the Toronto area. Today we are heading over to the Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo to see some amazing animals. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible and I hope that you guys
have an incredible day. What do you say we push
al our problems aside and just enjoy the next 12
or 15 minutes of our life. Let’s go ahead and get
over to the reptile show. We are at the show, Forest
is having a meltdown because we’re here late. He says that I’ve messed
his whole weekend up. – I came all the way over here to see these rare monitors and– – And now they’re all gonna be gone! – Yeah, they’re all gonna be gone. I’m super excited, it’s
gonna be an awesome show. – Yeah, and Forest is gonna
get himself some cool monitors. But don’t worry, we’re not
taking ’em across the border. We’re exporting ’em, he’s shipping ’em in. – If there’s any left.
– If there’s any left. – I’m actually gonna get ’em first. (laughing) – To make a mends with Forest
so that he doesn’t hate me, I’m bringing him over to
Brandon’s booth over here. – Damn dude. – Isn’t it crazy or what?
– Dude, this is so crazy. I’ve waited for this, this whole trip. – Oh my God. – Look at all these little babies, man. – Oh gosh. I absolutely love this,
take a look at this. I love Lucy. I smashed that like button. I tell you what, I love Canada,
this is absolutely amazing. You guys are great. – Thank you, proud to meet you finally. – So I’m getting my
first Ball Python today, I’m getting a Lemon Blast. – Oh my gosh. So her very first Ball
Python, how awesome is that? – I’m so excited. – Oh my gosh, look at how cute it is. Oh my gosh, what’s its name? – Gizmo. – Gizmo, oh my gosh. So we’re back here with
Billy from Mutation Creation and you got a new snake? – I do!
– I’m pretty excited, I have no idea what this is gonna be so, it’s gotta be something
amazing if Billy is getting it. – Okay, where’s Miguel? It’s another snake that I
got that he’s gonna want, that he’s gonna be bugging me for. – Oh, okay, what do we have? – Orange Dream Piebald,
50% Possible Leopard, 50% Het Clown. – Well you know, just
one more amazing animal added to Billy’s collection. But I tell you, this guy is
starting to get on my nerves. – Invest in the best. Quality in, quality out. – Holy cow, look at this! (beat music) I just gotta to a real quick talk, so I’ll be back in about an hour. (crowd applauding) Epic time. Well this one is certainly
a treat to find for sure. This is actually a Veranus
Storri, or Storr’s Monitor. This is a smaller monitor
species from Australia. And you definitely don’t
see a lot of these. Usually when you’re
seeing the Dwarf Monitors, you’re seeing stuff like
the Accies and the Kingorum and stuff like that. So it’s pretty awesome to see a species that really you never see in America. That’s one of the things that’s cool about coming to Canadian shows, is sometimes you come across things that are very different than
what you would see in America. Then again it’s just about seeing snakes that you don’t see really
that often anymore. This was something that you
would see locally sometimes. This of course, is a Baha
Gopher snake right here. But the Pituophis really haven’t been bred like they used to be. But they’re gaining popularity again. Again, this is a Vertebralis,
it is absolutely incredible. I mean, look at the colors on these guys. And this isn’t one of like, big Pituophis. Like some of the other
Gophers and Bullsnakes, these guys stay relatively small from that particular standpoint. But still, they are absolutely spectacular and something I haven’t
really seen available in probably a good four or five years. So hopefully someone in
America is breeding these guys so I can get ’em again. And here’s the Lemon Blast. Oh my gosh, you got it, ar you excited? – Yep, I’m so excited. – Oh my gosh.
– It’s our first Ball Python. – Oh that is so cool. So I’m kinda freaking
out about this right now. You guys know I love artwork,
I’ve got Stella Hicks stuff. I love when people are
artist, cos I’m not. This guy here blew my away. Look at this, you’re kidding me. – It’s a pastel drawing. – This is a pastel drawing. I’m speechless right now,
to be totally honest. That is unbelievable.
– Thank you. – I mean it looks like a friggin’ picture. – I thought you’d enjoy it so, I thought I’d just give it to you. – My gosh, so I don’t
even know what to say, I’m gonna be totally honest with you. I can tell you this much,
I’m honored, I’m thankful and this is going up like, somewhere where everyone
can see it in my office. – Awesome.
– I mean, I might even put it at the reptile Zoo, it’s that cool. I gotta maybe find a spot there because this is a work of art, oh my gosh. Can I give you a hug, man?
– Absolutely. – Man, this is so cool.
– Alright. – Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – I’m enjoying life, wow, wow, oh my God. So I’m with Daria here,
she’s never held a snake, but she wants to hold a snake. – Yes.
– She came here, to get over that fear. – Well, I started watching your vlogs, and I kinda have this
relationship with snakes, you know, not like with puppies. It’s like, oh a snake. But I’ve always been fascinated by them, and I’ve been like, hooked
up to your vlog here because of you and I hope to hold a snake for the first time in my life. – Well I’m pretty excited. I’m gonna go over to my buddy Mark, we’re gonna find a very
small, docile Ball Python and you’re gonna get an experience
holding her first snake. This is amazing, let’s go do this. So I came to my buddy Mark, of course Markus Jayne Ball Pythons and I knew he’d help me out
with this beautiful snake. Are you ready for this?
– Yeah. – Okay so lemme help you out here. – Just be a branch, okay? – There you go.
– There you go. – I thought it would be warmer. – So what do you think? – Um, it’s an interesting sensation, ’cause it’s not like human skin, and it’s not like a fury animal. Oh my gosh. I actually like this color. My husbands like, I like the darker ones. And I’m like, I like the lighter ones. – I’m super excited to be here and I feel honored that I was here to experience this with you. Her first snake ever. – It’s a beautiful snake too, so cute. – This is what I live for guys. Take a look at this guys,
I love this type of stuff. A beautiful Red Tegu, you
guys know I love Tazzy who’s a Blue Tegu. This Red Tegus are incredible. And you said you just got this? – Yep. – And it’s just puppy dog tame? – Yep.
– Oh my gosh. – Picked it up from a
friend from Montreal. – Oh my gosh, what’s your plans with it? – Hopefully next year
or so, hope for freedom. – Oh look at those jaws on
this little monkey here. Holy cow, I love coming
to shows like this, just kinda seeing what’s walking around and what’s going on. This animal, is absolutely incredible. (chill music) – [Brian] Take a look at
this Hypo Jungle Het VPI Bao. That is absolutely incredible. – Just pick this up,
– I just got this guy from Nagy Reptiles, phenomenal. – [Brian] Super nice. And guess who else got
their first snake right now? You excited?
– Yeah. – Of course this is a little
Corn Snake that was a rescue. That’s awesome, and you’re cool with it? – I’m so cool with it.
– Alright that’s awesome. I love this show, it’s so cool
for this type of experience. – Chat and walk around
the expo a little bit, of course you know Sky Lily and Raina, they always hang out with me. We’re gonna find some cool animals, right? – Yeah.
– Okay, lets go do this. Holy cow, take a look at
this turtle right here. Of course this is a seven
pound Red Eared Slider. And this is actually from a
place called Little Rescue, I’m gonna put the link in the description. It’s a story that I definitely
wanna talk a little bit on. They’ve actually rescued 2000
turtles in the last 10 years, basically what I’m trying
to tell you is that so many people buy these
really cute, little, tiny turtles and then they
turn into Spartacus here, a nice big turtle and they
can’t take care of ’em. And then they have to have
’em rescued, or worse, they might release ’em in the wild. So we definitely don’t
want that to happen, so if you’re ever considering
getting a Red Eared Slider, or A Painted Turtle or anything like that definitely do your research,
make sure you can handle a turtle that’s gonna get
this big like Spartacus. You don’t wanna have a
place like Little Rescue take care of problems because you didn’t do
your research enough. But with that being said,
places like Little Rescue need a lot of funding to take
care of all these turtles and build facilities for ’em. So again, I’ll put a
link in the description. If you feel the need to donate, I would certainly appreciate it. (downbeat music) I’m probably not
highlighting as many animals in the vlog to be honest with you. It’s a little departure from norm, but the thing about these shows is the amount of people that
I meet is just so incredible and it’s so humbling and inspiring. Not only fellow breeders, but other people that
are aspiring hobbyists. I mean, it is such an amazing experience, it’s definitely kept me busy today just kinda hanging out
and talking to everyone. But I’ve had an absolutely great time, and in the mean time I
have another talk to do. Take a look at this, I am super excited that I came across this
little monkey right here. This of course is a little
Black Tail Tree Boa, just like Rico. Oh my gosh, it’s absolutely amazing. You know the Drymarchons of the Tree Baos and Indigos are some of the most intelligent Colubrid snakes. And of course, these guys
get really big like Rico has, you guys know that, but aren’t
they absolutely adorable when they’re young like this? Every time I come to the CRBS,
I stop by my good friends at Monarch Reptiles to
make sure I can check up on those guys ’cause they
always have such cool things. And this one is Who
Tahagy, that is beautiful. Of course, that’s Anery
Scaleless Corn Snake. Now I always say that
I think that the Anery is probably the coolest when it comes to the
scaleless Corn Snakes. I don’t know what it is,
just that kinda newsprint type of thing just, it’s
absolutely incredible. This animal itself is breathtaking. (downbeat music) Of course I am always gonna
stop my buddy Mark Mandich, at Markus Jayne Ball Pythons. This is a Super Orange
Dream Leopard Butters Fire. Oh my gosh, just look at the
racing stripes on this thing. I absolutely always love Mark’s stuff and he always blows me
away so I have no choice but to highlight a couple
of his insane animals. And then this one here’s actually a Super Orange Dream Enchi Calico. Oh my gosh, that Super Orange
Dream stuff is ridiculous and then you know, again
the Enchi and the Calico are both incredible genes. You mix all of that
together and you got a snake that doesn’t even look like a Ball Python. I mean this always looks like something you’d wanna put on a
popsicle stick and eat it, because it’s just absolutely ridiculous. And it’s always an honor when you get to see a
one of a kind animal. This is the only one in the world of this particular mutation. This is actually a Black
Head Cinnamon Clown. Now the Black Head and
Cinnamon are codominant in the Clown of course
as a recessive mutation, but I never thought that it would turn out something like this. You can see the faint Clown patterning coming through it. But it’s almost like
an olive black animal. I mean, that is ridiculous. I just would never of expected this mutation to look like this, but I absolutely love it. And so the show is over
so we are absolutely getting outta here and
seeing what else is going on. I think we’re just
gonna hook up for dinner with a bunch of people
from the reptile community, have a good time and then call it a night. But this has been an incredible day. I’ve got this amazing painting here, had a great time with a bunch of people. Met a bunch of cool animals. What a great day it was,
but it is time to move on. Guys, Ozzie over here blocked Miguel on Instagram
without really knowing about it. He only had one account blocked. (laughing) But the thing that’s funny is that Ozzie didn’t even
know how to block anyone or unblock ’em. Of course he had to
figure it out for himself. What do you think about this, Miguel? – I think Justin got into his account and blocked me you know? So I could get stuff through Justin. (laughing) – Now we’re all friends again. – Well no, he’s still not a part of it. – Uh-oh, uh-oh. – He’s out.
– I’m out, I”m out. – Well guys, it is another late night and it was an absolutely amazing day. And I am back at my hotel room so I am gonna shut it down
tonight and end the vlog. I am so thankful that
you enjoyed this journey. We’re gonna be back to
The Reptarium tomorrow, and we can continue that
journey and quest together and maybe even move a
couple of animals tomorrow into The Reptarium. But I hope that you have
an absolutely amazing day, evening whenever you
happen to be watching. As always, your support
means the world to me and I truly do love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple of favors before I shut it down for the night. Can you smash that like button, turn those post notifications
on, leave a comment so I can read about you guys. Be kind to someone, and I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (downbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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