One Eyed Turtle Sign – Yamashita Turtle Sign Part 3

One Eyed Turtle Sign – Yamashita Turtle Sign Part 3

One Eyed Turtle – Yamashita Turtle Sign Part 3 In part 2 of our discussion about Yamashita turtle signs; we have covered the topic on how to locate the digging spot of the hidden treasure deposit through the turtle’s head. This is done by simply following the direction where its head is pointing at. However, “What if the turtle’s head has only one eye?” Before we answer this question, majority of turtle signs do not have eyes on them. This is automatically understood that turtle signs with no eyes must be considered to have two complete imaginary eyes. Now when it comes to a turtle sign that has only one eye, this means that the direction that you are going to follow is on the side being viewed by the eye. Here is an illustration of a turtle sign with one single eye on its left side. Here is an illustration of a turtle sign with one single eye on its right side. After you have determined the portion hinted by the turtle sign, what you need to do next is to explore it where you have to look for the next clue or marker. This topic has already been covered in part 2.

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12 thoughts on “One Eyed Turtle Sign – Yamashita Turtle Sign Part 3

  1. Ohana Digital Filmworks says:

    Has there ever been a TS of just the profile of a turtle’s head by itself?

  2. Arcillas Deyno says:

    turle in the waterbed…no leeg, no head…only tail bend in right position.

  3. Mark Anthony Nudalo says:

    Sir can I ask something? What is the meaning when you found a 3 silver nails inside the tree and behind the tree there are to many sign around it including the face marker and too many sign I don't understand. Tnx.

  4. LmD TV says:

    Sir what about a sign of right foot in a rock?…whats that mean?

  5. itshiro hashioka says:

    Foot signs bro foot signs please


    How about the turtle having 2 heads. One straight direction and have 1 eye in left side and beside that head at right side there is another head in curve position in Right side?

  7. alvingei empron says:

    sir good day new sign discover letter K with 5 dot or holes around the letter engrave in the stone whats it mean?

  8. Elias Paguntalan says:

    What's mean turtle head with 1eye looking into the stone with hole 1cm deep i9cm cercomparent I dough if the stone is an object pls reply.?

  9. Canesio Aplicador says:

    Whats mean letter I sign with 3 dot in the rever?
    Plss help me .thank u..

  10. Senas , Jr Prongco says:

    meaning of human eye engraved symbol?? ty

  11. Llesis Iankarl says:

    What about 🦀 sign? Is that a japanese imperial army sign?

  12. Bella Luna says:

    Sir is this sign?/. Inthe big stone canal is 3feet long and the hole is 25 cent size at the middle right side of line or canal

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