OMG! My Pet Ants Escaped Into My Home

OMG! My Pet Ants Escaped Into My Home

Oh no! You’ve read the title, and yes, AC Family
it’s true. We have an emergency situation on our hands. My ants officially escaped! Now this typically never happens on this channel,
especially because the setups we use are specially designed to keep ants in, but this time, this
typical terrarium which is originally designed for reptiles, provided our black crazy ant
colony, the Dark Knights with the perfect opportunity of escape. But that’s not all, this is another video
of ours which you must watch until the end. The plot twist will blow you out of your seat! AC Family, gather round as we hit the panic
button, and watch how our black crazy ants escaped and how we ultimately manage to control
this crisis, in this episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! OK, so I hate to say this, because I personally
don’t typically believe in these sort of things, and many of you have been saying it already,
but I’m prepared to consider the possibility that this terrarium is cursed. Let’s recap for those of you who are new to
the channel. This terrarium used to belong to my long time
pet bearded dragon, Tarzan, who mysteriously died a few months ago. So instead of throwing the tank in the garbage,
I decided to turn it into a soil terrarium and move an ant colony in, to inhabit it. I asked you guys which of our ant colonies
should move in, and by landslide vote, you asked for the Jawbreakers, our young trapjaw
ant colony, to become the new recipients of this new terrarium. But almost immediately after their victory
in the polls, in a sick twist of fate, a wild, savage ant colony of black crazy ants living
outside my place broke into their setup and killed the entire ant colony in cold blood
before they could ever see the likes of these unchartered soils. The savage ant colony abducted and ate all
workers, brood, and the queen. So then, I asked you guys on Twitter who should
take their place as new inhabitants of the terrarium and you, the AC Family voted for
the Titans, our young, promising and majestic Asian Marauder ant colony to move in. I placed the Titans’ towers into the terrarium
to allow them to move out on their own. To our surprise, the Titans didn’t take well
to the new terrarium and began to die off mysteriously before our very eyes, almost
completely disappearing two weeks after the move. After another round of voting, the AC Family
decided to restore the towers, and if by chance the queen and any workers were still alive
in there, we hoped they would recover. So finally, we come to last week’s video,
where I looked to you the AC Family once again, for our next move. The AC Family spoke, and the majority declared
that we now move the Dark Knights, our long time, strong colony of Black Crazy ants into
this new terrarium which by now was truly blossoming with life. And so here we are, AC Family. It was time to initiate this move and finally
populate the terrarium. If there was an ant colony that would successfully
flourish in these fertile lands, it would be the versatile and hardy Dark Knights. I was confident this move was going to run
smoothly. So here was my plan. Here lies the Dark Knights’ Northern satellite
nest, comprised of a pot of aloe vera and a simple rubbermaid bin with baby powder applied
on the walls to keep the ants from climbing out. A long tube attaches from this rubbermaid
bin to this AC Outworld. This AC Outworld acts as a pitstop for the
Dark Knights before proceeding over towards the Dragon’s Stairway which climbs up towards
the AC Plateau and the DK Bridge, and into the Cavern of Darkness, a tunnel which runs
into my wall and leads all the way downstairs towards the Dark Knight’s southern nest, a
Hybrid Nest. So how was I going to connect this terrarium
to the Dark Knight’s already grand setup? The bridge to this land was here. This AC T connector would provide a cross
roads for the ants. By the way, AC Family, all our connectors
at our shop are now 100% clear like this so we could see all action and movement between
tubes. And my interests were in this tube. This was the tube that connected the Northen
Nest rubbermaid bin with the AC Outworld. The plan was to cut this tube and connect
the end leading to the AC Outworld to one opening, and the other end leading to the
nest to the other. It would essentially not change the ants’
pathway, but simply provide an extra path leading to the terrarium. Let’s take a look where the tube takes us. The ant would climb the tube and emerge on
top of the terrarium, and need to cross over to the other side then plunge down through
the mesh screen and into the terrarium. I chose for the ants to emerge on this side
of the tank so we could better see them as they move in. I anticipated for it to be a fairly standard,
uncomplicated move but there were some other preparations involved. I made sure not to water the nest of the Dark
Knights of the North for a couple days so their nest would get slightly dry. Not completely dry, though, as this would
endanger the colony, but just enough to setup the stage for a colony move. And look, the Springcleaners, a bustling colony
of Springtails that lives cooperatively with the Dark Knights are also out enjoying this
semi-arid spell. But the ants don’t like it. They’ve sent workers out to scope for a new
location to setup a nest, somewhere to which the colony could move should this current
nest location completely dry out. These scouting ants exit the rubbermaid bin
to start house shopping, and they were about to find out that the moist rich soils of the
terrarium were going to totally make their day. Another thing we needed to do before the move
was to prepare this tube that was to lead into the terrarium. It needed to be coated in baby powder so that
the ants wouldn’t be able to climb up it and reach the top mesh. Basically, the idea was to keep the Dark Knights
from reaching the mesh entirely because some of the holes in the mesh were large enough
for the Dark Knights to fit through. Then, we needed to create a hole in the mesh
just big enough to accommodate the tube leading into the terrarium. Once in the terrarium we needed to situate
the tube’s opening right about there. Next, to be sure, I had to reinforce the band
of baby powder barrier. This would keep the ants from crawling up
to the mesh and finding an escape. And now all was set. The tube was ready, the terrarium was ready,
and now all that was left to do was to cut their current tube and attach it to this AC
T Connector. Are you ready AC Family? Here we go. After cutting the tube, I quickly attached
both ends into the two holes in the connector. And now all that was left to do was watch
the ants move in. Enjoy! For the first 20 minutes the ants didn’t seem
to care about the mysterious tube which lead to the terrarium. Some of the ants would attempt to enter it
but wouldn’t go too far. It seemed the main priority was this road
connecting them to the two satellite nests. But finally, after about 30 minutes, one brave
ant had the random idea to travel off the familiar path, and wander up the tube. This curious worker ant traveled up, and across
the top of the terrarium inquisitively, and finally plunged down into the terrarium. It finally emerges, into a whole new world
of tropical splendor, and so begins the epic move of the Dark Knights. After exploring the terrarium for awhile,
the scout was completely excited. Look at its crazy erratic movements. This ant is clearly joyful it has found these
new lands. It enters the tube to tell the rest of the
colony. As soon as it gets back to its sisters, the
excitement and news spreads like wildfire and the others venture out to check out their
new promised land. More and more ants emerge to experience and
explore their new future home. By now the great news has reached the Northern
Satellite nest, and more and more workers leave to explore the territories that everyone
is raving about. The ants really love the the terrarium and
seem to have a particular liking for the sphagnum mossy patches. Perhaps because they hold water well and are
extra moist. Word also spreads to the Southern colony on
the first floor who also send out scouts to check out the potential new home. All was going completely as planned, so after
watching them for a good 2 hours, I left and allowed them to continue to move in on their
own. 4 hours later, I returned to the terrarium
to check up on their progress. What I saw shocked me. The ants had escaped and were running everywhere
outside of the terrarium. Oh no! They danced and rejoiced at their newfound
freedom they never knew they didn’t have, and explored the entire vicinity around the
tank. They were all over the place. Even in my curtains. How did this happen? I scoured the terrarium looking for where
the ants had managed to escape. To my complete horror, I watched as the Dark
Knights were able to climb up to the mesh by gripping on to the corners of the terrarium. You see, some ants are able to grip up 90
degree corners, and turns out our Dark Knights were able to do this in order to reach the
mesh, where they then were able to escape. I even saw a worker that was completely covered
in baby powder. Perhaps this one got coated as it climbed
the heavily powdered corners. We had no choice! It was time to abort all operations! Now we typically never have escapes on this
channel. It has only happened once on this channel,
years ago and it was due to keeping escape-artist ant species in setups that were not designed
for ant keeping, much like this terrarium here, and both times, I was able to resolve
the situation and collect all escaped ants quite easily. So this was my protocol. I had to act quickly and cut off the point
of escape. I immediately removed the tube leading into
the terrarium and plugged it up, as well as the mesh hole with cotton. With the influx of ants now under control,
the next step was to bring out my special instrument. A hand held vaccuum cleaner. Like a giant twister, I ploughed through and
sucked up all the ants I could collect. Eventually, I managed to collect the majority
of escaped ants. I wasn’t worried because I expected that no
queens had escaped since it was still early. Any workers that were loose in my ant room
that were not able to get back to the colony would eventually die, due to starvation. Ants need their colony to survive. I had to do this quickly because with all
the sucked up ants blowing around in the vaccuum, they were drying out with every passing second
so timing was of the essence. I also had to suck up all ants I could find
inside the terrarium. When I had sucked up all the ants I could
find, I opened the canister and dumped them back into their nest. Thankfully, the situation was now completely
under control, and thank goodness! I watered the nest to rehydrate the sucked
up ants and provide moisture for the rest of the colony in the pot. Not all ants can climb squared corners, but
it seems these Dark Knights are one of those species that can, so having an outworld with
rounded corners was the only way to go for them. Our terrarium once again lay bare and uninhabited. Staring into the empty terrarium due to yet
another failed attempt at moving ants in made me believe that perhaps some of you may have
been right. Perhaps there is a curse, a curse which completely
trips up all our plans at moving an ant colony into these fertile lands. I was completely prepared give this terrarium
perhaps to a new reptile, or amphibian instead, but then again, I was also afraid the curse
would in turn bring misfortune or death to those animals, so I just resolved to dump
out all inhabitants and completely throw the tank away… That was until, I saw this. The Titans are alive! Alright, AC Family! Can you believe it? I am blown away by this. It seems the Titans actually did move into
the terrarium the first time, discreetly while we weren’t looking! I don’t know if the queen is in there for
sure, but I highly suspect that she and the rest of the colony were indeed in there! Wow! This was totally incredible! Stay tuned for an update on this colony in
a future video. And just a note for those who have been wanting
to get into ant keeping but are afraid of escapes, no need to worry because escapes
only happen if a setup is not designed for ant keeping. If you’re a beginner and want to be safe,
I would recommend any of the setups we offer at as these are designed to
keep ants in. Whatever the case, if you’re keeping ants,
it doesn’t hurt to have a small vaccuum with an easy to remove canister ready just in case
you do have an escape. We actually have a helpful tutorial on this
channel about preventing and dealing with ant escapes. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here if you would just like to see some extended play footage of the Dark Knights
moving into the terrarium without all the narration and to the sounds of good music. And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week, we asked: Name one reason why
the Fire Nation would not be an ideal candidate for
our new terrarium? Congratulations to Seecooty, who correctly
answered: The Fire Nation would escape
by gripping on to the corners. Congratulations Seecooty you just won a free
ant tshirt from our shop. And for this week’s AC Question of the Week,
we ask: Name one preparation that
needed to be done before moving the Dark Knights
into the terrarium. Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could win a free ebook handbook from our shop! Hope you can subscribe to the channel as we
upload every Saturday at 8AM EST. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE
if you enjoyed this video so we can keep making you cool ant videos like this. It’s ant love forever!

Randy Schultz

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