Oakland Zoo Veterinarians Perform Tiger Examination

Oakland Zoo Veterinarians Perform Tiger Examination

Milou is one of our 10 year old Tigers. Like all animals when they get older they need exams. Although getting an exam on the tiger is a little more challenging than your dog. In order to physically exam our
titers we need to sedate them and transport them up to the hospital. The tube in Milou’s mouth is an intubation tube and it allows the vets to maintain
her breathing rate while she is under anesthesia. Once intubated the vets go through the process of checking her teeth, checking her ears, checking her body for any abnormal lumps. I checked the pads of her feet to make sure there’s not any damage. We check all
their nails to make sure there’s no cracks or anything stuck. That stuff
spend about one to two hours examining Malou the conclusion of our physical
exams, is that Malou is a wonderfully healthy 10 year old tiger. With many more
years ahead of her.

Randy Schultz

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