Nova Liberty Ep1, First Impressions | Review | Orion the Iguana Hunter

Nova Liberty Ep1, First Impressions | Review | Orion the Iguana Hunter

Hi everybody, welcome back!
So with this video I would like to start a new series of videos that I wanted to do
about this rifle, this is the Nova Liberty in 0.22 caliber wood stock
so this rifle is also available in 0.177 and also in the
synthetic stock I just received this rifle last week and
as you can see I haven’t done anything yet so just mounted the the bi-pod but
haven’t even put the scope yet one funny fact about the the rifle is
looked like it’s really good shooter when I’m trying to decide what scope to
put it looks like maybe the scope that this rifle deserve it’s gonna cost
almost the same as the rifle which is something amazing
so one thing that I have to mention is that this rifle is consider like an
entry-level PCP because the price but as we will see in the series it has a lot of features so I don’t think this is an entry PCP at all the price yes but the amount of functionality that you will get out of this rifle is amazing, so we were talking about price
this rifle start in 329 I bought this one in 329 because the wood stock mmm
the synthetic stock is I think it’s 299 it’s 300 dollar that’s why it’s considered an entry level PCP Why I’m doing this series of videos? In GTA we have really nice post about this rifle but it’s already like 50 or
around 54 pages long and when I was interested in this rifle have to read a
lot, I have to confess I’ve read all the pages about the rifle and there is a
gentleman from GTA that he has a channel Air Velocity Sport he has done excellent
video showing how what what needs to be done so how you adjust the trigger how you
take the rifle apart, he even did a video that he changes his synthetic stock he
build his own wood stock awesome channel so I highly recommend you take a
look if you want to see but my goal is to small short video where we show
exactly how to do like adjusting the trigger, fixing the magazine we will see we will see like we have a better
reference instead of just watching like one hour long video which is ok if you
want to watch, no problem What are my first impressions of this rifle after
just having it for less than a week and haven’t really shoot a lot of it so
let’s start, the first thing I did as you should when you get a first rifle is to
clean the barrel I am using the PatchWorm system with Ballistol and men this barrel
was dirty, we are showing the picture so you can see what I’m saying but I counted
and I think it was like 51 patches that I pulled through this barrel even at the
end it was no spot clean but it is what it is I think they are putting a lot
of this protective coat inside the barrel expecting that maybe would be in
the shelf for a long time. I think this rifle is not getting all the
attention that it should. The first time I saw it was from the guys from South
Africa they did the review and this rifle also goes by the name HPP 900W here is
being sold as the Nova Liberty it’s sold American Tactical. What else I’m really liking
about this rifle? I like the the fact that this comes with
the air reservoir that can be filled up to 300 bars, that will give you a lot of
shots and there are people saying that you can get around 90 shots I don’t know about
that I cannot for sure say but we will see in the series if that’s
true or not so it comes with a really nice out-of-the-box set of sighting
we will do a shooting from the sight so you see that it’s not that bad,
it has this cocking lever here that it’s really smooth Can be decocked, it had a power adjuster that
you can go from Hi to Lo this would not save you air it’s just
controlling the I think is the opening of the transfer port. This come
with the swivel so you can put a sling for example in my case I didn’t have to
put the Picatinny rail I just used an adapter for on a swivel to picatinny rail
so I didn’t have to drill anything on the stock the trigger, the trigger is something that
definitely needs some work and that’s one of the videos that we will do to
show how you adjust the trigger. But for the price I think there is it’s hardly something better as I I know
for example Umarex put a lot of marketing in the Gauntlet it’s a good
rifle I’m not saying, but I don’t know for me I really don’t like the Gauntlet
it’s too bulky for the same amount of shots that you can get in a 22 look at this rifle,
I don’t know, this are the type of things that sometimes you don’t get to know, in
GTA and I think also in AirgunNation this rifle is getting a lot of
popularity but you don’t see a lot of press around this rifle and that’s why I
wanted to do this series so you know when you buy it’s no perfect, you have to
do some things but with a little bit of work and guidance from the community, you
can get a lot of rifle for the money so I think that’s it so let’s do a
shooting test with the open sight so you can see that it’s not bad but you can
remove easily with two screws here and then use your scope as probably you will
use okay I’m shooting around 15 yards open
sight with the Nova Liberty, so let’s see how it does So that’s it, lets see how it did Oh not bad at all just to be open sight I was at around 15 yards so, take a look I was
shooting over there it’s like the size for the pool plus few
feet, it did good! okay this is the Nova Liberty
out-of-the-box ten shots on the chronny to see how it’s doing oh my God I have to say I’m really
impressed! Oh I forgot to say this is with the Crosman hollow point 14.3
grain. Okay folks so with this we come to the end of the video
wrapping up my first impression about this rifle is that it’s a really good
rifle for the money it’s not perfect so I had issues with the
magazines out of the box I will show you in a video how I fix but I’m really
impressed with with the weight it’s really light so when I add the scope
that might change one thing I will change for sure is this trigger, out
of the box is not good, it’s really heavy I think you get a lot of rifle for the
money so we will see on the next episodes how he will do with when I put the scope
and then keep in touch because I would keep doing more video and sharing more
information about this baby alright! See you around, thank you for
watching! Subtitles by the community

Randy Schultz

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19 thoughts on “Nova Liberty Ep1, First Impressions | Review | Orion the Iguana Hunter

  1. Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea says:

    Hey man , shoot me an email [email protected]

  2. Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea says:

    Killer Video Man !! Your channel gonna kick ass

  3. Stedy One says:

    I have the Liberty plastic stock and now I want the wood stock to stain a darker wood grain. After mods on Liberty GTO pellets were screaming out at 1050 fps and JSB exact 18.13 at 935 at full power. Great review

  4. DirtyDovi says:

    I am so stoked to see that you got your hands on a Nova Liberty! You're going to love it!
    My Freedom is one of the most accurate and fun air rifles I've ever owned. Thumbs Up

    I'm replying to your comment on AGN now – The DonnyFL adapters are on his site NOW!
    I've been shooting mine with a Ronin and an Emperor V3, and it is Awesome! haha


    Sam –

  5. Mole Catcher says:

    Does the power adjuster click between two positions i.e. High and Low? or is it a variable knob that goes from high to low? Also what is the power at low setting (feet per second speed and pellet weight at low)? I am looking forward to watching all your videos on this gun as I am interested in it and would enjoy working on it to make it as good as it can get.


    how "hand pump friendly" is it compared to the urban or gauntlet?

  7. Air Rifle Activities says:

    Nicely done, friend 👏 And I liked the bloopers at the end of the video, too 😄

  8. Jay Kay Dee says:

    Great closeups of rifle – better than what’s available from manufacturer web site. Looks great!! Very good commentary! Thanks for the review!

  9. Rdcbj says:

    Could you tell me which brand of bipod you have mounted and if you have a link to it ?

  10. Stedy One says:

    Looks like I will hve 2 Novas soon. I ordered the wood stock Nova today along with the 1/2 x 28 UNF threaded adapter for a Donny FL.
    Now I can shellac the wood like yours. Hey now That's right.

  11. gary jernigan says:

    Thanks OTIH, between you and Steve at Air Velocity Sport, I am a believer in these guns. Very informative video. Looking forward to your next lesson. Buying mine right now, in 22 cal, synthetic stock.

  12. Thomas S says:

    Dang your Liberty is shooting the CHP 14.3gr. pellets at 920+ FPS out of the box and for some reason mine is shooting the same pellet at only 880 FPS. I wonder if it's because the regulator in my gun is set lower from the factory than yours?

  13. Hajimoto Productions says:

    Very thorough review and it is nice to see a rifle/PCP used with open sights again. We get so used to seeing optics sitting on top of every rifle/PCP that we forget how most of us learned to shoot. Thanks for the great information and I look forward to continued follow-up videos.

  14. Saidal says:

    Would u recommend this or the p15. The only reason im leaning more towards the p15 is cuz i can get a .25 in it

  15. Biggg Thinker says:

    Good video. I think that will be my next pcp. Do you fill it with a hand pump or a tank?

  16. Casper Boo says:

    All in all that looks a great rifle for the price, nice one, Cheers

  17. Robert Guzman says:

    Love the wood stock I know now that after watching your video im going to buy the .22 one and I like the open sights,so thanks for the video.

  18. abdulshafi nabeel says:

    Where you get open sights for it

  19. R Webb says:

    Good video.

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