NOT SPECIAL NEEDS | March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day | #NotSpecialNeeds

NOT SPECIAL NEEDS | March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day | #NotSpecialNeeds

Special needs? Really? It would be “special” if people with Down syndrome needed to eat dinosaur eggs. That would be special. One dinosaur egg. Enjoy. Can I get something else? If we needed to wear a giant suit of armor. That would be special. It would be special if we needed to be massaged by a cat. If we needed to be woken up by a celebrity. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. Who are you? You may know me from Scrubs or… Office Space, a few darker flicks… The Rock, Platoon, Wall Street… Funny story, I… I played… Get out. My bad. That would be special. But what we really need is… education, jobs, opportunities, friends and some love. Just like everybody else. Are these needs special?

Randy Schultz

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81 thoughts on “NOT SPECIAL NEEDS | March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day | #NotSpecialNeeds

  1. Sergio Gambini says:

    Bello, bello, bello!!! come diffondere un messaggio profondo con il sorriso…

  2. chiara zanini says:


  3. Александр Божко says:


  4. ila ila says:

    absolutely love this video X watched it four times now and shared on facebook. 🙂 I think people who have any down's syndrome are the best kind of people there are and we would be a sorry world without them.

  5. Nick Disney says:

    Okay, there are some needs that may be different, like speech therapy or a little extra time, but mostly the message rings true that we are more alike than different. People with DS are flat-out wonderful to know.

    Plus, it's a hilarious video! I'm pretty sure I need to be offered fresh dinosaur eggs at least 3 days a week, along with wild-boar, double-smoked pepper bacon. (Please tell me where to get such bacon, that would be special.)

  6. Ludo Vica says:

    My nephew has Down's Syndrome.. He has developed diabetes, heart condition, deafness and many other life limiting conditions as a result of Down's Syndrome in the span of his 26 years of life. He DOES have special needs. He needs services that will provide occupational day care and occasional respite care. There seems to be so little for Down's Syndrome adults. Please anyone who doesn't have someone with Down's in the family, yes they are sweet and nice but many of them DO have special needs, they are all individuals and unique, but the conditions I listed are TYPICAL complications. I recognize the urge to "normalize" but this is often indicative of "defunding by stealth". My nephew's progress went into sharp reverse at 11, thrust into an underfunded unit and then into the local college alongside "normal" kids who destroyed his self confidence. One size does NOT fit all. Some have more special needs than others.

  7. Cranky Carl says:

    Definition of Special: better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. Key words being "different than what is usual"
    People with down syndrome require or NEED assistance that is DIFFERENT THAN WHAT IS USUAL. That is the literal translation.
    So we can't use "retarded" anymore. We can't use "special needs" anymore. We are instead told not to differentiate between someone with down syndrome and someone without it. This is fundamentally flawed thinking.

  8. Gilles Dupas says:

    trop fort

  9. B W says:

    How do you guys feel about Kevin Gates' repeated use of the r-word?

  10. Gavin Neate says:

    just saying.. You guys rocked this ad. Also the production values are so high. hats off.. and hey, where can i get a dinosaur egg?

  11. Easter Seals Alberta says:

    Well done!

  12. hana sheala says:

    I live with muscle dystrophy. Some people can call me partially paralysed, and I am blind in one eye.

    But my needs are not special.

    Except of the cat massage. I really want cat massage.

  13. Andrea Campo says:

    you are fantastic!

  14. Wienzy 03 says:

    I have a cousin who has Down syndrome, and he is the best cousin. He's really funny, happy, always lovable, loves cartoons, and loves hugs. He went to the Paralympics and participated in swimming and bowling. I love this ad, so true, awesome job.

  15. Blue says:

    ayyy lmao today is my birthday that makes sense

  16. T3t4nu5 says:

    This is so stupid. Like there aren't any real offenses to speak out against. You did you have to invent one?
    You won't see many people disagreeing with you, though, because in these times of constant virtue signaling you gotta agree with someone with DS when they have something, anything, to say. Just look at some of those replies;
    "you are fantastic!" "Well done!" "amazing!!"
    Did they even pay attention to the message or did they see a woman DS and an "attitude" and decide from that that she was fantastic, brave, strong, independent etc etc all those high-value buzzwords that demand instant acknowledgement?

    You can disagree with the message of this video, that the term "special needs" is offensive or incorrect, without hating people with DS, you know. You'd not a bad person for disagreeing with that cute brave independent young lady.
    Say what you really think, ffs.

  17. rupaly srivastava says:


  18. Harbour Violet Music says:

    I like this =)

  19. bixy3xy says:

    Ahahhah! Cat massage is awesome for sure!)) Great video, great idea, well done!

  20. Silverback Gorrilla says:

    The special needs are real and should not be disregarded for the sake of integration. The proper message should be that special needs are as varied as people in general and they should never be optional for some patients, because people tend to regard them as a cumbersome "extra" care rather than a different level of basic human necessity. I would argue that an inclusive, fair society would not regard their needs as any less special, but merely make sure they are met as a minimum human necessity to ensure their dignity. "Special" merely means "not common", which is neither incorrect or unkindly. It just reflects statistics, but scarcity shouldn't factor in the decision to provide them to those in real need.

  21. Rui says:


  22. Rich Jennings says:

    Makes plenty of sense

  23. Abbey Libbey says:


  24. Hemily8 says:

    Loved the main actress as Becky! Well said.

  25. Binny D says:

    Aw man I want a cat massage now it's all I can think about.

  26. snoop doggo says:

    my supervisor showed me this video in class today its very powerful

  27. John Thorp says:

    Very Nice

  28. Piotr Szarszewski says:

    Absolutnie genialna 🙂

  29. This Guy says:

    Just make it law to abort babies afflicted with down syndrome. No more "special needs" required in the next few generations.

  30. Lucca Buttler says:

    what's her name?

  31. DerkleBob says:

    This is wonderful news. Now we don't have to help people with Down Syndrome anymore, they can do everything those without down syndrome can do with the same amount of effort and can be completely responsible and accountable for themselves. Cut all the programs, SJWs have found the cure.

  32. Jesse Conlan says:

    So why do you need a government check for disabilities? If downs syndrome people do not have special needs then why do tax payers pay to support their non-special needs?

  33. MenumorutZisCrapu says:

    This is just retarded…Get it? Retarded? Like subhumans with extra chromozomes? Downies? haha!

  34. Mariam says:

    Simply brilliant. You guys don't need anything all are special and very very unique <3

  35. Clumsy Dad says:

    very cool

  36. Debra Pinckard says:

    I absolutely love this video!! Loved it when the girl told the celebrity to "Get out!" I would very much like to have a cat massage by that particular cat!!! While I agree with the basic message of this video I have one question… What do you propose to call "Special Olympics"? Seriously!! – mom of a daughter who had profound disabilities caused by Angelman Syndrome. She died four months ago from a seizure that brought on a stroke.

  37. Debra Pinckard says:

    One more thought.I used to belong to a listserv for parents of "special needs" children. The parents' signatures typically listed all of their family members by age & diagnosis and if there was a "normal" in the family their name was usually followed by the acronym, "NDWAY" which stood for "Not Diagnosed With Anything Yet." The idea is, any of us could be in a wreck or have an aneurysm, etc. and develop "special needs" tomorrow. Those of us who are currently "able-bodied" would do well to remember that and be grateful.

  38. Joseph Ryan says:

    We are more 'alike' than 'different' Well said. Nicely done video. #notJustDownSyndrome

  39. iSpeak2 Creative Education says:

    Wonderful video and acting! I have always disliked the term special needs…thank you for making this…I will share and share and share!

  40. Nicky Wedemeyer says:

    0:31 – 0:38 The song is called That's What I Like – Bruno Mars

  41. Killerwhale 6011 says:

    Disliked the video. They didn't show the damn dinosaur.

  42. Blake Schroder says:

    You say "Not special needs", yet you put captions to understand what they're saying.

  43. Mike Wood says:

    They need to be taken care of that's "special". She's retarded

  44. Peter Burnham says:

    This commercial is so well done

  45. Squidtards' First Cousin says:

    Our school made us watch this and I felt like a dick laughing my ass off

  46. LeahsWALKABOUT says:

    Kool, aloha from Hawaii.

  47. Yong Kim says:

    Educations, jobs, opportunities, friends are things that they're suppose to earn. Those needs aren't "special". But for people with downs to attain them with their own abilities, i believe they need special needs. Or else government shouldn't make tax payers to pay in order to take care of these people.

  48. Debra Green says:

    I understand what they are trying to say, but my granddaughter with DS DOES have "special needs" such as speech, physical, & occupational therapies along with "special " educational needs.I don't know of many DS kids who don't have "special needs". It's not a description of people with DS. I don't refer to my grandchild as a "special needs" child I just say she has down syndrome. Yes, as our DS "littles" get older they have the same basic needs & desires as "typicals" BUT I don't believe they are "typicals" in the way we view typicals. It does appear to me that "special needs" has become the new "retarded". It is a shame that we seem to "need" labels, & some people like to "use" labels against others. Because my granddaughter with DS has "special needs" I want to be sure she gets all the help she can so she can grow into a "productive" adult who can take care of herself AND enjoy the many things that "typicals" do.

  49. kote jebe says:

    can anyone tell me whats the pretty blonde girls name

  50. SevenTwelve says:

    Oh good. Time for another revolution of meaningless euphemisms.

  51. Fronic says:

    So wait Snowflakes want to be special and people with down syndrome just want to be normal people? This is a weird age according to the modern vernacular.

  52. Francesca Ng says:

    Special needs is pretty accurate actually, people with Down Syndrome HAVE special needs. There may be some people who don't need extra care and attention but there are plenty that do. Let's put it like this, at some schools there are programs called special ed. What if that was taken away? It's only for people with "special needs". If it was taken away from people with Down Syndrome , people with Down Syndrome would have to have either a lot of extra tutoring or be home schooled to learn the same material. Say someone with Down Syndrome needed medical assistance, you'd need to say they have special needs so they can be taken care of properly. Besides, saying someone has Down Syndrome violates HIPPA. It's really a matter of who gets offended and who doesn't. If it offends you, you can request to be called by a different term. Honestly, someone somewhere will always be offended no matter how you put it. People with Down Syndrome should be treated normally yes, but the "special needs" term is the best way to put it.

  53. kyle moore says:

    Having to need on a daily basis extra medical treatment because of a genetic condition does qualify as a special need, the argument is illogical it certainly isn't a typical need.

  54. Kyle Cross says:

    >Claims to not have special needs
    >Needs subtitles

  55. carlos SP says:


  56. Creative Sparks says:

    Yeah special needs meaning extra help and slower education just like my sister with Muscular need special equipment A LOT OF IT. Not any mental problems but that’s the meaning of special needs. And all people could have special needs.

  57. Jeremy Schwartz says:

    I’m sorry but what should we call you? Most people with Down Syndrome have a mild disability, that means an IQ of 50 to 69. To put that into perspective a people without an intellectual disability have an average IQ of 100. That means that people with Down Syndrome learn pass the 5th grade while people without an intellectual disability pass 10th grade. Now I’m not saying that people with Down Syndrome who are the age of adults are like children compared too people without intellectual disabilities. Now when people say people with Down Syndrome have speacial needs what they’re referring too is speacial education. So say you have Down Syndrome and your in high school, you sit in the class with regular people but a teacher teaches you an entirely different topic then what the regular class is learning. That’s even though I’m autistic I will be receiving a High School diploma and a person with an intellectual disability will receive a certificate of attendance or a certificate of achievement for their hard work and to comemorate their leaving school to pursue a career. Having a teacher just for a small portion of the class who is not licensed to teach regular people, that is speacial needs.

  58. Jeremy Schwartz says:

    Learn to pass the 5th grade, sorry for the spelling error.

  59. Jeremy Schwartz says:

    Sorry there’s a lot of grammar problems in the paragraph I wrote. But I think my point still stands.

  60. Mank says:

    You are 100% special needs dumb bitch

  61. Sion Hannuna says:

    This video is great in that it raises awareness of diversity and promotes inclusion, but the focus on the word "special" is a distraction in my opinion. My son (not pictured in my avatar) has severe learning difficulties and moderate physical disabilities. He has no speech, very limited understanding and array of behavioural problems. He has: extra needs or additional needs or special needs. He is dependent upon others for every aspect of his care. Honestly, I couldn't care less what terminology is used, as long as it is not used pejoratively and that the state and public accept and support him. We need support from the state in the form of additional services. We need understanding from our friends, family and neighbours. I would much rather we get clumsy engagement from people, with dated terminology, than no engagement at all.

  62. Rayshard Huda Ar Razaq says:

    nospecialneed but humanneed ❤

  63. Devin Gragg says:

    This is an ad generated by "advertisement" that's exploiting mental retardation…

  64. Remix Guy says:

    I have spina bifida and this relates to my life

  65. Live your Values says:

    this is ridiculous, people. YOU DO HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS. you NEED a little extra attention and help here and there. holy fuck just stop this bullshit

  66. Tracey Short says:

    That was so well done and the message was perfectly on point!

  67. John Skounakis says:

    Yeah, you just have human needs, we should treat you like every other individual, no help in school, no help in college, just like every other kid. Except that would not work.

  68. Coreina K says:

    An awesome message from some awesome people…This made me laugh and smile and feel good inside…This was definitely something I needed today…Thanks guys…

  69. Abigail Williams says:

    I have autism but that doesn’t stop me being human and I get a cat massage from my cat bambi everyday

  70. ATTRIA joy says:

    I have autism my cousin has Down syndrome

  71. Kim Gesite says:

    The one who's wearing a armor looks so hot damn ???

  72. ImperialMarchInHumanBowelSounds says:

    "special" is just a word coined by the ever rolling PC parade where every word needs to be replaced by a euphemism. Originally the word for people with a sub 70 IQ was "idiot" it was a neutral clinical; that word became offensive so they invented "retarded" and now people have all but forgotten that that word technically means "slowed down" so then they replaced it with "special" as a euphemism and the list goes on.

  73. Kyle Hall-Landers says:

    Such a shit message back then and still now. Also don’t trust the company they’re shit too.

  74. Nicholas Edwards says:

    Lol gonky bitch.

  75. kaiyodei says:

    cool. and i used to joke about this and special Olympics. good luck getting into the real thing. but you've earned the right to play on any field right? pity other people with disabling conditions will be given the shaft now that it is defunded.

    enjoy your dinosaur eggs

    i want to show it everytime someone makes a big story about a contest where everyone wins because they are in a different condition

  76. Elijah and Crumpet says:

    Great video – serious message but delivered in a fun way. Our philosophy too – best way to get through to people.
    See you soon, Crumpet 🙂
    p.s. Elijah just got on National TV here in Australia and was named Australia's Newest YouTube Star!
    p.p.s Elijah just needs you to subscribe!

  77. Charlotte Helene Aka Charlie Fien says:

  78. Bob Jim says:

    Downie on a brownie

  79. sarah mareen says:

    This is one of the coolest adds ever, really. I watched it twice.

  80. Alyssa Huber - The Life of an Aspie says:

    This video was simultaneously hilarious and drops an important truth bomb… I love it! I think the idea of "special needs" is quite ridiculous and infantalizing. Autistic people, down syndrome folks and others who are different are just that–DIFFERENT. Yet we are still human. We just might need extra help with some normal human things and to achieve our goals in the ways that are best for us.

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