NOT AGAIN! Blood Python Stuck Shed | Removing Snake Eye Cap

NOT AGAIN! Blood Python Stuck Shed | Removing Snake Eye Cap

That is quite literally no such thing as a day off when you have lots of animals that you have to look after oh this is such a mess You didn’t even try you didn’t even try Meep. Oh Your so rubbish You didn’t even try! Okay, I’m gonna go and run a bath for him because I need to get this shed off. He’s so rubbish This is my animal towel also I do not recommend sharing human towels with animal towels this is my designated animal towel to dry Meepy when he comes out because He is a really really heavy bodied snake and I really don’t want him to get a cold after. You ready Meepy? Should we go and take you to your bath? Augh So heavy! Who needs dumbbells when you have- Look at this Meepy this is fun! 🎵Cause it has to be done, it does, it has to be done.🎵 🎵Cause you are rubbish and you don’t do it yourself.🎵 oh Now this is interesting. Meepy I need your head. Now you can see around his its all cloudy that’s because he’s got a scale court. He hasn’t remoted eye cap and if you let that happen over and over again You can actually jeopardize the integrity of the eye. And Meepy! I need you buddy I need you. Look give, me give me a moment. I’ll try to do this. Give me a break. Give me a break 🎵Hello darkness my old friend…🎵 ohhh Yes, yes, yes, it’s nearly off, very gently. gently Gently slowly slowly, ohh lovely yes yes yes yes yes (what’s the need to say it so much?) And there we have it. That is oh let me see if my camera will focus my cameras playing all sorts of tricks today-there we go. That’s his eye cap that covers his eyeball. (When he sheds) See that scale? It’s actually called the Brill. The brilliant Brill. Look, what you did Was that you? Meepy’s looking really good. We’ve got all of his stuck shed off. Um he looks a bit crusty on top of his head. That’s just um the water drying funny. He doesn’t have any stuck scales there don’t worry. He had a really cool big Shed piece of scales so I decided… Randomly to commandeer them and lay them up my arm. These are his belly scales. Oh, yes, nnuoh you look so much nicer! Okay You’ll notice as well pythons at least some of the pythons I’ll have these vestigial legs, and they can be more prominent in other species Or with age just make sure that you do remove all of the dry skin around that as well. or the scum sorry, not dry skin. all suck shed as well Just because around the vent it can cause some infection if you leave it, but he’s all good Oh Meepy is not happy with me. Meepy is all nice and dry now. Look how much prettier he looks this is where they are called blood pythons because they go to sort of blood-Red kind of Murky Brown color So yeah, you can actually see his colors now. 10 years ago. I brought this going home, and he was like 4 inches long He’s a bit bigger now quite a bit bigger Well, that’s it I’m going to now deal with getting rid of all those stuck shed in my Bathtub but you don’t really need to see all that. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already because I do lots of fun, Animal stuff all the time and-oh, you don’t need to see the kitchen. oh, that’s bad Alright, I’m going to go and Sort my life out. Bye! *creepy whisper* hey, don’t forget to subscribe

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “NOT AGAIN! Blood Python Stuck Shed | Removing Snake Eye Cap

  1. Brittany Hall says:

    I’m so amazed by how much your snakes trusts you.

  2. TNF StillGotIt says:

    Kill that snake 🐍

  3. Y.Yvette L says:

    it's called eye cap…
    Me: It looks like contact lens.

  4. Jessica Spence says:

    That’s so sweet that you’ve had this beautiful boy for ten years. I love hearing about people who have had their animals for a long time and the bonds the person and their animal share❤️

  5. Radu Cristina says:


  6. Joefel Arroyo says:

    i dont know that snake wear eye contact, untl now😮

  7. Mattea Ilijic says:


  8. Gaetano Borgese says:

    Si na 'gnasciata

  9. Txiki Fresno says:

    Lovely video!!.♥️🐍

  10. PippyPets says:

    That’s one docile Blood!

  11. Jennifer Jimenez says:

    He's thinking why remove my shed on my own when momma can do it for me..

  12. Joe DC says:

    Shredded cypress bedding, misted 2-3 times a week will stop that from happening.

  13. amy boyce says:

    I showed this to my dog to show him that even snakes bathe

  14. LeXiE GrAcE!! says:

    Looks like nagini from Harry Potter!

  15. Rasha Kurdi says:

    Dear YouTube recommendations

    You are not helping my phobia 😒😢

  16. Katrina Gerona says:

    you look like helena from the society!!!

  17. carlita lolaza says:

    No puede mudar porque 1 esta deshidratda 2 en el bol de agua no cabe, cuando bañas a una serpiente has de mirar la temperatura del agua ty has de ponerle un bol o algo para que se sujete mientras la bañas y no se estrese en resumen si no tienes ni puta idea de cuidar serpientes no te compres una.

  18. Damari Chacon says:


  19. 159sahra says:

    Don’t you get scared he’s gonna bite you

  20. Reeluv says:

    Have you tried getting him a bigger bowl for him to soak in ?

  21. Mango Creations says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But he often shed for occasional Bath

  22. Alexandra Ruby says:

    he’s so cute omg

  23. Bobbi Garcia says:

    He’s like don’t touch my little legs mom! 😻

  24. AR gulrukh says:

    I am a deal phyton and anaconda lover but I have no clue weather we can tame a them oe not. Is been always on my mind with loads of questions. Can you tell we that is possible to tame them? Or just that you are that luckiest person 😍

  25. Kella slimegirl888 says:

    Thats amazing that he is not trying to bite you when u were trying to get his eye cap off

  26. Crystal Beutler says:

    He is such a nice snake, and he is so tame

  27. Luiza Barros says:

    Miss him

  28. A2Z 101 says:

    Love your snake hes beautiful

  29. Rita Giuliani says:

    Che schifo

  30. Lisa Simpson says:

    Ma perché un serpente ? Ma io boh

  31. Jason Covert says:

    The snake is shedding like that because there isn't a thought humidity in the tank get some Coco blox

  32. Taylor Afitlhile says:

    One of the best video I’ve seen all year 💓

  33. Slime Buddies543 / Samantha says:

    That was super satisfying when you took off the eye piece

  34. Heidi Wood says:

    You're incredible. You have a gift with animals , and such a sweet spirit, i love watching your videos for both the beautiful creatures and you.

  35. victoria says:

    therES a nOodLe iN thE tUb

  36. victoria says:

    good noodle:)

  37. Harjinder Kaur says:

    Yuk take another animal

  38. Wayne Thomas says:

    Isn’t the issue here the humidity in his enclosure?

  39. Dymond B says:

    He’s actually cute

  40. Cheska Cua says:

    You should put a rough big stone so it can scrub its own skin off on the rock
    sometimes dont help them to shed off their own skin because sometimes you dont know if the skin is ready to peel off

  41. Levi Ackerman says:

    Awww cute

    .. .. ..

  42. Shelly Zhimomi says:

    Im scared lol

  43. AJ Davidson says:

    This is just so sweet. I have 2 ball pythons and they both handle well but i cant wait till they trust me like this 😍

  44. Joshlynn Abigail says:

    I can’t wait till my python gets that big so that way I can cuddle with him🥺🤣😂

  45. 아류 says:

    저렇게 큰뱀이랑 같이자면서 뱀이 밥을안먹는다면 쥔잡아먹을준비하는거랍니다

  46. Catrina Smith says:

    Nice to see someone with a snake who actually knows what it means to care for them. 💖

  47. Ellery L says:

    You should keep a humidity box in his inclosure while he’s in shed. (you can find safe moss to wet at a pet store) It’s not very good for them to shed in pieces like that, but other than that love your content💜

  48. Chelsea Fricke says:

    Your snake is too dehydrated if it is continuously having problems shedding in one piece. Spray her everyday with fresh water and give her fresh water to drink everyday in a large watering bowl. Make sure the humidity is right in her tank as well

  49. SDBROOKS08 says:

    Your house gotta stink.

  50. SDBROOKS08 says:

    Oh you are sick wearing the belly scales.

  51. John Castanares says:

    What if that Snake.. Bite Her and 😳😳😳 Im still scared with Reptiles .. Even they’re Look Pretty

  52. Abigail's World says:

    I would never be able to take a shower again in that bath tub 😂😂

  53. Somya Khan says:

    Has it got fangs??? Are you not scared??? Gosh I can’t even see you playing with it.

  54. Donna Gettys says:

    Spa day for my snake. I'm so afraid of snakes but seeing the strong relationship between you and your snake is heart warming.

  55. Sa ra says:

    Ewww… Scary 🙄🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  56. Miguel Garcia says:

    You are sexy

  57. Kaylee Watson says:

    I’m no expert. But i watch a lot of snake discovery and their must haves in a snake enclosure include rough surfaces and things for enrichment. isn’t there supposed to be a rock or some rough surface in the your snakes enclosure for it to rub its body against to help remove the skin? I didn’t see one in the video.

  58. Kaylee Watson says:

    Your enclosure has nothing for enrichment, no humidity box, no hides, and no rough surfaces, and the enclosure is so small it should be able to stretch out to its full length. I feel sorry for your snakes and I suggest fixing that because plenty of people can report you for improper care of these beautiful animals.

  59. Kpoppies TV says:

    This video makes me want to get a pet snake 😭

  60. KaRiNa MuRka says:

    Копець уже скоро будуть заводити змій як домашніх тварин😂

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    Oh my god 😦😦😦 is it not thru pytons eat u wen they think they can u obviously haven't heard this or its not tru oh I hate snakes 🙈🙈🙈

  62. tarkan Aslan says:


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    But you are a crazy woman one day you are going to be the meat of that snake

  64. Sky Rose Wittmann says:

    I have a blood python and it’s so aggressive she tried to bite my mom for more food and you can’t even pick her up anymore she also hisses also she is 6 ft

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    I don't like snakes at all.

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    The snake has a very small place to live

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    So true! Four cats and a dog! No days off here!

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    You forgot to put lotion

  72. Tiffany Twisted says:

    Lol first time watching you.. love you! You are so funny!!
    Soo going to subcribe!!!
    Much love!!♡

  73. Kelly Marcelino says:

    Cada um cada um.
    Ex a questão kkkk

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    Eeeewwwwwww 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    Is it legal to keep wild snakes in your home ?

  77. Tyler Tatumn Jr says:

    These snakes so well-behaved

  78. Idayah Strabala says:

    it could be the humidity of why he can’t shed all the way. maybe there is not enough where he lives or whatever

  79. Madhu T says:

    Love u bebe

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    Pavor de cobra😯

  86. Planetanimal Association says:

    There is definitely a lack of humidity, should be always between 60-70 %

  87. Violetta Z says:

    Лайк если не знаешь английский 🔥

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    Im prefer my cats wtf😝😝😝😂

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  91. Jessicalball says:

    Nah if they're getting stuck shed this bad then something is off. Being a large bodied snake has nothing to do with it. I had a 6 ft redtail boa that had nothing but perfect sheds that came off in one piece every single time. You need to adjust some thing. Perhaps a large water bowl for him would be a nice start.

  92. Roger Ramjet says:

    Mist him from head to tail once a week with warm water throughout the year,this imitates rain in the wild and Only feed good quality rats or rabbits.

  93. Sara Zagrabska says:

    Słodkie w bi nieee

  94. Crowned Rat says:

    your blood python is so gorgeous wowzers

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    Your tank for him is straight bullshit! WAY too small! No bowl to soak in nor proper humidity. Why do you think he keeps getting stuck shed?

  97. wilson blauheuer says:

    ever think maybe it was a little early to remove the skin, even though it was dry and already falling apart? He didn't get that big by not knowing how to survive.

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