Ninja Turtle Nunchucks (With DevinSuperTramp and Stuart Edge)

Ninja Turtle Nunchucks (With DevinSuperTramp and Stuart Edge)

Hey guys in this video We’re hanging out with stuart Edge Devin Graham, and we’re gonna be teaching you how to take ordinary materials and turn it into Nunchucks let’s dive right in okay so right now Devin Graham, and I are at the Home Depot We’re picking up some materials the materials for this are super super basic piece of wood a little bit of chain some electrical [tape] And some Eye bolts over here All right start off making your pair of Nunchucks We need sticks that are 9 inches long take your doubt mark them off in 9 inch segments and cut as many moves you can We actually got five different nine-inch sticks out of this that means it will make two and a half pair of nunchucks This all you are safety eye protection. [he’s] on the waiver right never sign a waiver when you’re working with Grant So come down make sure it lines up just like that push backwards I was holding my breath guys Now if you cut them right they should be pretty much level these ones are level these ones are level that’s our two-part Nunchucks right there one for stuart one for Devin you don’t have to worry too much if you got nicks and dents in the rod because We’re to cover up with electrical cable put your electrical tape with a little bit of an angle [just] so that as you turn the dowel it overlaps the piece before it you want to get maybe like a [eighth] two quarter inch overlap like that. So now if you get somebody spin your dowel You can essentially just hold your roll of tape [and] it will feed itself But we want to make grant proud so we are going to do our best The key here is [just] to keep the spacing about as even as you can you can see I’m overlapping about half the tape You can feel probably a little bit more it further. I push away the more stuart turns That’s a good audience. [if] you don’t have a friend to help you if you use an extra dough you can [actually] Make it easier to wrap around oh, so low then once you get to the end here. We’re just going to shout out and Do a couple of loops do this around the tip to cover that piece of wood and then we’re going to go back the other direction so angle It back down the opposite way down the entire length of that Rod And then just to keep it clean grab a pair of scissors and some dog And now if you look really close, you can [see] they overlap each other Problem is the ends are still white and that’s where our sharpie comes in the magic happens right now Ooh a casualty [alright], so we got our sticks wrapped up and painted black the next step now is to attach the eye bolt and cut up the Chain, so this is the chain that we’re looking for this is handy link chain It’s not too thick and it’s got the nice long strands here That tell stuff now [Devin] and I got a [two-foot] lengths of chain. We actually [need] four links per Min Chuck So we’re just going to use a hacksaw and cut off the fifth link to leave these four intact So there we go got our link of four We got our four links of chain and we need to connect them to these eye bolts But the problem is they just don’t go together very well And not so much wait a minute. Are you getting that the eye bolts have a little bit of a gap in them? But it’s not nearly big enough to get the chain into we’re going to grab opposite sides and just twist in opposite directions And it’s going to open up just enough of a gap we can fit our length of chain into it and if we bite it with the pliers like this we can close that Gap and [just] make it a little bit more solid a little bit more permanent and [boo-yeah] one of our connections is made now. We just need to do that to the other side same thing These eye bolts are number to 10 eye bolts and for them. I’m using a 3/32 inch bit We’re just going to use this to drill a pilot hole so to make it easier to screw this in without splitting the wood You want to have it a little bit deeper than a little bit deeper you’re from the math yourself Try to get as close to the center as you can just doesn’t have to be perfection just has to be close We’ve got our handle made we’ve got our hole drill We’ve got our chain and the screws connected now just put the two together and begin to twist You might need a pair of pliers to help you out because it’s going to start hurting your fingers If you just keep twisting it’ll get to the point where the head of that bolt rests into the wood and [now] that’s in there nice and solid if you want to go one step further you could put a little wood glue into the hole And then that will just help the threads the screw bite in a little bit better. and just like that A ninja is born There’s one side done. Let’s do the other make sure your nunchuck handles are the same size With that final tweaking your set of nunchucks are done Some people call these [numbnuts], but they’re nunchucks [I] haven’t seen enough [shots] now black handle by itself looks pretty cool But if you add a splash of color to the tops and the bottoms you can really dress it up now, just for fun We pick up [four] different roles of colored electrical tape so devon is over here rocking a blue Nunchuck This is actually pretty sweet Created By Sid So heated blue wraps on the outside with black underneath and stuart did red on the inside with black on the outside So you can see you can customize these just about any way Yeah, so the electrical tape also doubles is wow that’s really Clayton this cannot be good Right now it’s time to teach you how to use these things going to one side and back the other way and [just] back and Forth like this And if you want to get really [fat] [see] you can start throwing it over our shoulder like this And grab [it] with your hand behind the shoulder So so one two [three] four and then back and grab [it] now if you want to go one step further you can whip it? Around and catch it with the other hand and just people shooting that process for it And then you can just use the combination of all those things there It’s all the rest guy at all the wrist. It’s on the [hips] [to] [hahaha] Hey, you’re kidding So here’s the thing you gotta remember guys these are weapons. They’re not toys, and they may be illegal So you want to check your local laws if you make these they’re for [decoration] only and they got to stay inside your house, you can’t take it outside It could be considered concealed weapons, so be careful Now if you’d [like] to make these at home But you’re a little bit nervous about chunks of wood flying around there is another option. That’s very simple Let me show you how they work Here’s what you’re going to do You’re going to get yourself a piece of pipe insulation foam these cost about a dollar 50 from the [Home] [Depot] It’s nice and soft and squishy and then a three-quarter inch dowel will fit nicely right into the center If you reinforce those with a little electrical tape you can turn your nunchucks into fun chucks. Oh There’s some pieces of wood oh Okay, who do you think would win in a [bow] to [fit] [up]? I’m not talking just straight out fine We’re talking battle to the death [leave] in the comments below So there you have a [guys] that’s how to turn common materials from the hardware store [and] a really cool set of Nunchucks You customize yourself Huge thanks to democrat and the stuart edge for their brilliant ideas bringing this new fresh designs to the table they have big YouTube channels if you’re not prepare with these guys go check out the links in the [description] and give us a Subscription love and go make yourself a pair of Nunchucks, but have fun be safe. We’ll see in the next video. [Doc] you there Grant’s the best, so I’m going to actually put this in my office. Thanks for peace

Randy Schultz

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    There are two types of traditional nunchakus: Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese nunchaku is cylindrical in shape and is of equal diameter over the entire length of its branches, it is the most common type of nunchaku. Japanese Nunchaku is octagonal in shape, and is generally smaller in diameter towards the rope than at the ends. Chinese nunchaku is versatile and suitable for any kind of practice, while the Japanese model is exclusively made for combat: its octagonal shape and weight being more important at the ends, this Nunchaku ensures maximum damage during a strike

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