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just how thin is the snake hi this is Frank of the Ocho Verdi Wildlife Channel welcome back to our series of the snakes we found in a 30 day period in Costa Rica this is the last episode of the series if you’ve enjoyed it go ahead and leave a comment in the comment box and give us a thumbs up all right let’s get to the snakes so we got our first snake of the day I don’t really recognize it this way up under this root so we’ll have to have you know I never would have seen that snake without my headlamp you know it’s 9:30 in the morning always good to have a headlamp in the jungle things one of the racers it’s a shedding he’s getting a – attic if his eyes are covered over one head tree snake looking for lizards have to get from blame down below but you haven’t seen our video I’ll put a link down below and I’m a little message up above your picture I’m supposed to take pictures from the car okay a little bit of pink on him [Music] look at their page their face is amazing get that crazy I just your pillow very small he’s got a bun tie tree snake just how thin is a snake super-thin terrestrial Palin in the trail happen to be a very excitable individual all right just how difficult it is to see some of these snakes at night I don’t know if you can see it here I’m going to zoom in you see it some northern cat eyed snake or ornate cat eye snake close to a picture of it what we’ll do is we’ll come around this way hopefully not step on anything there is a and I’d sneak maybe searching for frogs or lizards or just chilling out on this rainy night all right got a big old big old trophy or pail oh sure you can see it I’m gonna walk over and see how it can react I ain’t doing my we’re not going to disturb it they’re a little excitable sometimes but we will not excite this one one of the things to look at is that that yellow beard that sometimes what they’re called yellow beard the other scary thing to see is this hose is our water hose so it’s not a good place for the snake to be but they will generally move on when they have a chance but that when it’s got a nice big head put the camera on close-up we’ll see if we can get a little closer to it started freaking out since you’re pale it’s a very lightly colored one – it’s kind of interesting the other thing that’s interesting is we’re about 20 feet away from the snake you can see this one does not have it’s not very well camouflaged tonight but in the day it can be completely different anyway it’s it’s gonna fascinate with pack-a-punch he’s probably close to 2 meters long believe it or not they’re super skinny and agile snakes tercio pillow number 2 of the night I’m kind of not surprised it’s cooler out raining this who’s got the whitetail sometimes used for caught a lure are just an interesting pattern in the back of the taxi that anyway it’s gonna be feel like boxed in so we’re gonna let it go no it’s gonna be one of those nights trust your payload number three is getting smaller there’s a whitetail they use is the callaloo that was almost yellow so this is the skeleton of the boa that we found dad the other night you can’t like me exactly what it should be cause you’re in the quad looking for foster youth as well have got a tree snake on the move see see a little pattern there on the hunt for lizards maybe some small frog pretty amazing right here oh yeah you may we’re gonna let her punch little longer maybe she’ll find the lizard skinny skinny neck snake about five feet off the ground yeah alright just early I’m not even sure how early it is not sure what that time stamp says anyway we have a little tarsier pelo [Music] there’s a hummingbird too anyway sometimes these turf Co palos they like to they like to sit up on things kind of get out of the rain and the water rolling down the hill this is a certainly a new neonate as they call it one right out of the relatively fresh right out of the womb or the cloaca but you can see the proximity to the trail where the snake sits this is kind of how it looks in natural light even though there’s this small size they still pack a punch just remember that I’m using a 48 inch selfie stick that’s how it appears that I’m getting much closer to the snake than I actually am

Randy Schultz

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