Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles

Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles

LADY: There is something going on under the water because she has bubbles in it. MAN: Oh that is coming out. Wow! MAN: Where is it swimming? MAN: Oh, oh that crocodile is going there. LADY: No way! Where is the crocodile?
MAN: Look, look.. There is a crocodile there, oh my god! LADY: Awh there is a crocodile there. COMM: In September 2016, this rare footage was captured of a hippo giving birth in the
Maasai Mara. The group of photographers had gathered to watch as migrating wildebeest
crossed the crocodile-infested waters of the Mara River. COMM: While following the wildebeest, they
came across a hippo with a guide, identified as being close to giving birth. MAN: How long does it normally take them to
give birth? LADY: I was going to ask that but then I thought
it might be a stupid question. MAN: That’s a good question.
WOMAN: No but sometimes… they’re so different, look. MAN: It depends. MAN: Anywhere between 30 minutes and two days. COMM: Hippos tend to breed only once every
two years, having one calf at a time. Their gestation period is usually around eight months
and catching sight of the birth is very unusual. LADY: There is something going on under the water because she has bubbles in it. You can
see it from her rear. MAN: Maybe she is just taking a big poop. COMM: Over the course of the next few hours,
a safari group waited as the hippo moved closer and closer to giving birth. At the same time,
herds of wildebeest around her attempted to cross the river without ending up in the jaws
of an awaiting crocodile. Some were less lucky than others. WOMAN: This is so sad. WOMAN: I just want the croc to have the tail and go chew on that. CROWD: (cheers) Yay! Yay! MAN: Where is that other huge crocodile still
down there, right? MAN: Oh that is coming out. COMM: Finally, the new baby arrived. MAN: Wow! MAN: Well done! MAN: Where is it swimming? MAN: Oh, the crocodile is going there. LADY: No way! Where is the crocodile? MAN: Look, look, there is a crocodile there. Oh my god! LADY: Awh there is a crocodile there. She is in between the crocodile and the baby. COMM: Thankfully, its parents stepped in to
guide their new arrival away. WOMAN: Oh my god! MAN: She’s taking her in the safe place. MAN: That’s crazy! WOMAN: This is insane! COMM: The safari group think the plentiful
food from the migration is what kept this baby hippo from being pursued aggressively
by the crocodile.

Randy Schultz

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54 thoughts on “Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles

  1. Salt_Fake says:

    "euhh there is a krookadile dere oo muy guuuhhdddd"

  2. Madeline Ciresi says:

    How sweet

  3. Dean Macka says:

    So cool, how lucky are you guys to see that great video guys thanks for posting it yeah a great vid guys

  4. Kyrianna Hill says:

    Awwwn? but lowkey who was scared the crock was gon get it

  5. Alex Jabakhanji says:

    Mad Ting

  6. Ro says:

    Don't wanna sound mean!! But the Crocodile also needs to eat otherwise it will Die that's sad too! ???

  7. Nebu Losa says:

    Heavens, isn't it obvious that the crocodiles had already eaten to their hearts' delight with all those dead animals in the river? The crocs were even sunbathing to ease digestion.

  8. Jendeuki says:

    you can hear the how wealthy the people were in this video lmao

  9. scousersuk says:

    Video ruined by that little privileged pleb in the background "were is my champagne" fucking hell hahahaha

  10. Kelly Newell says:

    R.I.P Buffalo

  11. Qwerty says:

    "mom where's my champaigne"

  12. raynarayskye says:

    The Crocodiles face the whole time. Lol.

  13. Bender Veloso C.R.F says:

    look all those dead animals on the background…

  14. deltaforcedf says:

    Must be a terrifying experience for the baby being born underwater in river full of crocodiles and wildebeest corpses.

  15. First Name says:

    "Maybe she's just taking a big poop"

  16. Milli W says:

    Am I the only one who roots for the predators? Not to eat babies of course.
    Without the prey they'd die and the whole ecosystem balance will be compromised
    The baby was safe. Crocs don't mess with adult Hippos. They'd be crushed and slaughtered.
    Hippos nibble on crocs while they're on land too for some unknown reason..

  17. Alfons Grizzly says:

    Crocodiles know what would happend if they attacked that Little hippo, a crocodoile massacre ! haha

  18. hmrhuang says:

    The danger here (if there was any…) was actually minimal.  You can tell that the crocs were already satiated on all the wildebeest carcasses lying around (with MANY more to spare!).  Why would a croc risk life and limb to go after a baby hippo with its mother around?  Even the largest crocs are no match for a healthy adult hippo (especially a new mother!) — all crocs are subordinate to hippos whenever they live in the same body of water…

  19. David Maina says:

    That crocodile seems to be having enough to eat from all the wilder-beast carcasses around it

  20. cosdydx says:

    I want NO BGMs.

  21. Lo Cotidiano says:

    That poor hippo will be traumatized for life, the first thing he saw was a carcass, a croc and a bunch of tourists

  22. Yogesh kumar says:


  23. justa joke says:

    Man: maybe he's taking a big poop?

  24. Dhruve singh says:

    Nice baby

  25. Hoñey Miłk says:

    And they over here like oh no! BOI GO GET SOMEBODY TO HELP DUMBHEADS

  26. Petec23 says:

    So do hippos usually give birth in the water? That seems pretty dangerous because the baby could possible drown or be eaten.

  27. Andrian Irlam says:


  28. Damian Grga says:

    everyone seems so happy! doesnt anyone notice the several dead wilderbeasts floating in the water?

  29. 104th IronMike says:

    Numbnut in the background: "Maybe it is just taking a huge poo" 😀

  30. polite critique says:

    Google PETA website and see christians murder and torture animals in the millions

  31. SteelCity1981 says:

    that baby hippo wasn't saved. the croc had no interest in it seeing that there were dead animals on the shore line it could have easily just eaten if it was hungry. crocs will eat something dead before trying to catch something alive.

  32. tiria dawsill says:

    so confusing there is already dead carcasses in the river but instead they go for the live ones?

  33. Kaizo Ken says:

    I thought it said rescued by the crocodile lol

  34. nobodyhurra says:

    Ha Ha !! The croc would never try to attack the baby when there are hippo adult around. Hippo owned croc.

  35. Irvin Lesnar says:

    There was a dead wildabeast close to the hippo.

  36. Modu Sheff says:

    At 2:11 “ yaay yahey” /: weirdo

  37. scorpi972 says:

    Crocs are not stupid

  38. ironpython1492 says:

    Haha I love how the croc wastes no time going after a newborn hippo a few seconds into its new life haha

  39. Liam Murphy says:

    must be great having so many scaly uncles n aunties to guard your sacred spawning pool.

  40. The Derpy Diamond says:

    Aw! Hippos are my fav animal

  41. Zmask 1 says:

    3:32 mom where’s my champagne damn wish I was that damn rich

  42. {Angelus} says:

    Yea some "rescue" the croc didn't even come near it!

  43. Speedy says:

    I always thought Crocs where the fearless serial killers, oops not until I start watching docs about hippos. They surely are serial killer but they fear hippos.

  44. Charmell says:

    How many dead animals was floating in the ?water??

  45. Abhishek Rudra says:

    Once the bull hippos are near by, Crocs would never dare touch the kids.

  46. Sexy Red says:

    You people in the background are Idiots…STFU WHEN FILMING

  47. Oopzies says:

    Aww bb hippo ?

  48. TheCrone says:

    Croc seen the baby and knew it was time to go , But i have seen a Doc before following them in a really clear big pool and the baby was cruising around without a care but got out of sight and one big croc must have just bit him once and he was dead , but didn't get eaten if i can remember i think he just annoyed the wrong one .

  49. Gary Oak says:

    that british woman is annoying

  50. CrimsonStang says:

    Am I the only one who is going to ask why there's so many wildebeest corpses?

  51. Jimmy TwoToes says:

    0:53….sumthin sumthin stupid question….ida pushed her in

  52. Jimmy TwoToes says:

    Why did God make tails?
    So crocs got something to grab

  53. Blasian Asian says:


  54. Rogernamvet says:

    I think the crocodile was interested in eating the placenta, as I've seen them do on another YOU TUBE video.

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