(upbeat music) – Happy Friday. This mama is happy (laughing). Look at my hair. I’m gonna get ready today
’cause I have a special date. Good morning my little son. Good morning. He slept so good. Do you wanna know why I’m so happy? Do you wanna know why I’m so happy? – [Jared] Tell us. – Because I woke up on my own this morning and I was like no one woke me up and then I could hear you two downstairs playing cars together. That was the sweetest. That was such a happy mama moment. I was so proud of them. I’m making eggs and hot chocolate. Jackson’s like I got Calvin some cereal. He poured him cereal. You big boy. You turn five and you think
you’re gonna run the house. Guess what? I’m okay with that. So for Jackson’s birthday
he got this airplane book. So in the back of it there’s
a ton of construction paper and daddy’s making one right now for him. – Well I’m trying to be. You keep flipping the pages
trying to show ’em this book. – I’m sorry, but look
how cute the book is. Like if you wanna build a
space cruiser it shows you how and there’s paper in the
back and he loves it. We’ll have a link in the description, but it is the cutest book. I found it on Amazon. I think Julie’s the one
that told me about it so I should give her credit. But seriously, thanks Julie. It’s like the cutest book ever. (slow upbeat music) Cheers. – It is complete. Do you want daddy to throw
first (laughing) or you? – I want it.
– Okay. – This one was called the professional. Whoa.
– Whoa. – Jackson great. Good throwing pilot. This one’s for you Ellie (smacks lips). Oh, the altitude was way too high. I hit the ceiling. Whoa. – [Ellie] That’s amazing. – I’m coming in for a landing. Hope your landing strip is ready. Anyway. – What? You’re not very good at this. Let me do it. Jared’s no longer gonna be able to do. (mumbles) – [Jared] Oh, that was great. – Whoa, that’s so cool. Look how good that is.
– High five mom. – Good job making it. – [Jared] Three, two, one blast off. Whoa, nice work. – Hey underwear head.
– What? – Hi. Okay, the kids have
been playing all morning while I have been getting ready. I just have to show you how much they have been just playing. They are so happy right now. Jared is trying to get
Penny’s hair out of his pants. She has been shedding like no other. Yeah, Jared’s taking me on a date so I’m not gonna clean
the house (laughing). But it needs to be cleaned. So a ton of my friends have
been inspiring me lately with the Marie Kondo Tidy up on Netflix. I read the book a year ago and it reminded me a lot of my mom. Naturally, I feel like that’s
how my mom was growing up. She was very picky about what
she brought into the home. She was very picky about what she bought and that is exactly how I am. I am extremely picky and at
the beginning of every year I already showed a little bit of this. I write down everything
that our home needs. Garbage stuff, paper towels, diapers, toilet cleaner, Clorox
wipes, toothbrushes, like everything that we
use throughout the year I write down and I buy
hopefully a good amount that will last about six months. I stock under my bathroom cabinets and then we have a food storage downstairs that I try to have a year’s
supply of toilet paper. But my goal is to have like a
six month to a year’s supply. And the reason why I have a
six month to a year’s supply of items that we need is, one, so I don’t have to go to the
grocery store all the time for those items and, two, in
case something tragic happens I have those items on hand and, three, in case we ever lose a
job, I have six months to a year’s supply of items. It is something that my
family has always done. My dad lost his job after
30 years of working. He had got laid off several years ago. He now has another job. But after 30 years he was shocked that they got laid off. It took him two years to find a job and in those two years my
parents literally spent nothing. My mom made her bread, they
bought milk and cheese and eggs, but they lived off of their food storage which they had about
one to two year’s supply of food storage. They already had purchased all that stuff so they didn’t have to go to
the store and buy that stuff. That is why I do what I do. Instead of going to the
store because, honestly, since having Tommy, I don’t
like going to the store. Thank you Amazon (laughing). I order everything. Instead of buying some of the things that I bought in the past, like I love Tide pods, I love ’em. I like chemicals (laughing). There are certain things
that I really love and there are certain
things that I really like that’s more like natural,
like no fragrance, parabens, all that good stuff, but this time around, as I was ordering stuff
for the next few months I decided to do something
a little different. Lately, I’ve been using
the Meyer’s hand soap and I’ve noticed that my
hands are not dry, as cracked. I’m constantly washing my hands. When I went to do my order
instead of going into town, I ordered on Amazon and
I ordered different types of cleaning supplies. Normally, I do the Tide pods. I love them. I’ve used them for
years, but I’m gonna try the Method laundry
detergent packs instead. So I bought three. This will last us several months. I love the, I’m pretty
sure it’s Tide as well, their fragrance boosters. It makes my laundry smell
so good and I love it, but instead I’m gonna try the Method out. I did different dryer
sheets because I know that all the fragrance and
stuff really is not good for you and I’m wanting to test this out to see how I like it and
if I hate it, like I said, I don’t mind certain things in my home if I really like it, I buy it. So, I got these dryer sheets. The mailman, we saw the footage of him dropping all of our stuff off. He literally dropped it on the ground and like kicked it with
his foot and walked off. I was like. ♪ When your legs don’t work
like they use to before ♪ And one of my bronzers was broke and then all of this was like opened. So I was a little disappointed,
but it’ll be fine. And I bought laundry softener
and then this is hand soap, so gel hand fill soap. I love Clorox wipes when we’re all sick. I use it on our light
switches and our doorknobs. And something that I have been using since we bought our home two years ago is the Method All-Purpose Cleaner. So the pink bottle, the
pink stuff smells amazing. But I bought the lavender this time. I use this for all of my bathrooms, so when I clean my bathrooms, I literally just spray
everything and wipe it down. I’m trying this out new. This is the Method bathroom cleaner. It’s the antibacterial
one, so I’m gonna use that instead now. And then the last thing that I bought that I really wanted to show was the Meyer’s dish
washing detergent pods. So usually I just use whatever
I can find like at Costco, but instead I ordered these. So I’m gonna try some of these things out. I’m gonna let you guys know
if I actually like them. But I wanted to make
a little video showing and telling you why I do what I do and I’m gonna put all this away. I also bought a lot of
little garbage bags. I like having each bathroom
have their own garbage waste bag so that we don’t ever
run out and then I don’t have to run around the
house finding garbage bags when we do run out. Each bathroom has its
dedicated garbage bags. I bought that as well and
then the last thing I bought is this felt. I’m gonna put it in my Bollie case and I’m going to store
my jewelry in there. This is my Bollie case
which we have some in stock at Bollie brand dot com. I’m gonna line it with felt and then put my jewelry on it. So think that that would
be nice for my jewelry. On to putting stuff away. My kids literally are doing
whatever they want this morning. I think they’re on cloud
10 ’cause I literally have been like do whatever you want. Okay, I do wanna show you guys something. I had a sample of this
Meyer’s multisurface cleaner and on my stove the other day I really was scrubbing it and cleaned it and it looked night and day difference. Like it was so bad. So I ended up ordering
bigger ones of these to clean also my bathrooms. I’m just putting everything away. When we first moved in
I was like I don’t love how tall these are ’cause I can’t reach and it’s just not ideal, but
the longer I’ve lived here I’ve actually really liked them because we were talking
about a cabin with my family and how I was like I just
love how the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and one of my family members was like I don’t like it ’cause it’s
wasted space, you don’t use it. And I was like I actually
like the high cabinets because instead of like storing this in our storage room downstairs
for our like food storage, this is the storage room for
like the rest of the house. I’ve got my cleaners. I’ve got my garbage bags, my hand soaps, like everything for the
home is in my laundry room up here put away. So I really like that. And then in my kitchen, same thing. I have such tall cabinets
that it’s wasted space, but I actually don’t think it’s wasted so instead of multiple buckets
of like Christmas decor I have like my summer, and my tablecloths and some of my Christmas
decor that like goes in my kitchen is actually
up in those cabinets, up away where you hardly ever use it. You only climb up once
a year to get it down. So same with this, that’s why I like it. When you say Christmas decor, do you mean like Christmas related like silverware? – [Ellie] Like little trinkets. – And trinkets and cups and plates and you know the little table setting. – Yeah, table setting stuff. – [Jared] Stuff for the kitchen. – So I’m getting all this put away. I’ve gone through many of these. This is a wood polisher from Method. This is not branded. I know the whole brand is like Method, but Method and Meyer’s is
something that I’m trying to use and like, which I do
like some of their stuff, but I’m just trying it out this year. So I’ll let you guys
know what I think of it. – Did you get up there just
so you could sit like that and be all cute and everything. – Yes.
– Oh, mama. – I did wanna show you guys. This is my favorite glass
cleaner of all time. You get it in the car aisle. I get it at Walmart and Tuff Stuff is amazing for your car. We got out car detailed growing up and my mom was so mad
because when we got it back she ended up using Tuff
Stuff and like scrubbing and getting it even more clean. The place we went to just
didn’t happen to do a good job. But this glass cleaner is my favorite. So I do have that stocked up. And then this cleaner. Okay, so I keep this under my kitchen sink and I use this every single
day for my countertops. And then my mom got me
this cleaning bucket 10 years ago when I got married. It’s literally my little tote bucket that I carry from room
to room when I clean. And then I wanna show you what’s in it. This is water and vinegar. I use this for my floors. So until I run out of this I’ll use the Method toilet bowl cleaner. Once in awhile I use
these that you dispose of for cleaning your toilets, but for now I’ll just keep using my brush. What’s up? – I stepped on a piece of wood. – Oh, did that hurt your foot? This is actually what I use for my stove. It’s the vinegar gel,
but I couldn’t find it. So I’m gonna keep that and
then just keep refilling it with the multisurface cleaner. And then this is new, the
antibacterial for my bathrooms. This is for Jared’s
office and the staircase. This is new. I haven’t tried it before. I’m gonna use it for my refrigerator, even though I have no problem
using this on my refrigerator. This is my favorite. I wanted to try this as well. So I’m gonna try that. So that is my cleaning bucket that I just put in my laundry room. Yeah, that’s it. That’s my laundry room. I wanted to show you guys. This is all of the cleaners
and then this is hand soaps. I always get a bunch of towels from Cosco, about a year’s supply. And then about every six months to a year depending on how bad they look and I’ve had some two years. It honestly just depends
on how bad they look. If they look bad then
they go into this bucket and this is my cleaning towel bucket. So these are all old towels
that I use for cleaning and then I use those for my dishes. So I kind of like recycle them. So that’s what I use for that. All of my garbage bags and this is going to last us for awhile
and then I do the same thing with food and I’ll do
another video on that with our food storage room. So that’s like our cleaning supplies. I feel like I’m like new goals, new house, like I feel refreshed. So this is what I do once a year. And then about every six months like if I’m running low on something I’ll be able to buy it, but
this should last us for awhile. And then this will go downstairs. This is for our dish washing room. So that is what I’m doing. We’re getting ready for a date night. Letting the kids run wild,
trying to organize my home in the meantime. The underwear is off of his head. Still playing with cars. You guys have been so good today. I so appreciate it. I wanna show you guys something. This I got at a local store. I’m sure if you were to
like Google the name, you would be able to find it. It’s been the best. I’ve had this for two years, so since we moved into our house you can see how much I’ve used. I just put a little bit in a bottle and then the rest is filled with water. And it is like a neutralizer. Maybe like twice a week
I’ll just like spritz around and it just like makes
the house just fresh. And it’s not a gross scent. It’s not strong. It’s literally just very refreshing and then like it goes away. So I just don’t love the idea of someone walking in and even me having my home like smell like an animal. So I really feel like it’s helped a lot. So this is something that
I’ve used to help our home continue to smell fresh. – You should not be ashamed
to look like Mr. Rogers. – [Ellie] Make yourself
at home Mr. Rogers. – Won’t you be my neighbor? How did he do that so well? – We’re getting water and lemon. (Jared laughing) That looks amazing. – [Woman] Did you say money, money? – [Ellie] And look, we’ve got veggies. – [Jared] Just in case. (mumbles) For our keto friendly friends (laughing). – Look at this. Oh, it looks so good. – [Jared] Yeah, party,
party, party, party, party. – No, this is a party
(mumbles) indulge too. – [Woman] I brought myself
some sugar free chocolate chips so I got chocolate. – [Jared] Nice and water. – You know, I said I would be okay. I don’t know (laughing). – It’s the weekend, cheat day. Ellie close the door. I’d rather smell your stinky fart than having to be freezing in here. – It’s their dang keto. – It’s not their keto. Keto is proven not to have
smelly farts, right guys? – Right.
– I don’t know. – [Man] Eat your vegetables. (Jared laughing) – [Ellie] Everyone’s rude to me. – [Jared] Well, it’s because you don’t do equal cuts like that. You cut like in the weirdest
spots on your cookies. – Your half, my half. (Jared laughing) (mumbles) – What was your Google search? – What?
– What was your Google search? (mumbles) That’s hysterical (laughing). Okay, okay. – [Man] Literally on it right now. – [Man] Quote him verbatim. (mumbles) – There are no hecklers, please. – [Ellie] Okay, click,
click, click, clatter. – (mumbles) are easy, but sometimes they don’t make sense. Refrigerator. (woman laughing) (mumbles) – [Ellie] Hey, us girls did cheat. – The rule for today. Touch my tail. I shred your hand. New rule tomorrow. (woman laughing) – What, that was awful. (woman laughing) – Totally it was so funny. – That was the best date
night that we’ve had in a long time. – My head hurts from laughing. – We laughed so hard. That’s gonna be it from us guys. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. And we will see you guys next time. Bye.

Randy Schultz

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