New Masters Of The Universe Lizard Man Vs Indominus Rex / Skeletor, Heman Jurassic World Unboxing

New Masters Of The Universe Lizard Man Vs Indominus Rex / Skeletor, Heman Jurassic World Unboxing

halfback and I will use my ray and turn you into a and they know you are now the dominance rex the tax cut all his New Masters Of The Universe Lizard Man Vs Indominus Rex / Skeletor, Heman Jurassic World Unboxing shaking my cast off ok when he comes out I’m gonna blast it with my rain turning into a tiny Dino and have my inductance Rexy care how does that work for you what Kari comes get ready blaster and although that’s not a mere walk a hundred into a tiny die now here comes my dominance rex you can eat this guy was by what’s this something’s happening oh no he’s growing huge now well looks like we’re going to have a real battle on our hands now not my kind of defeated he’s switching back oh where the other one go look there he is he’s gone although he can’t believe flage themselves yes I commit you go find that there are no getting out of here alright got King their truck truck truck haha regard the Mickey Skeletor will stop you take that Sean camouflage theirself camera t.o.o Z where where oh no my hair my hair everybody can see by there and get that here but something’s happening disrespect to lizard mad man had the worst dream turned into a giant 12 ounces Dino for their talking me this tell me about what good morning everybody that’s the best in the morning let it all out for my girlfriend gets here now would you want to tell me about getting to spend anywhere got money oh no I think I told her was once part Wow today we got another also i’m gonna have to choose universe classics this is my motel I believe they are getting rid of the saw you’re not going to find these much longer but they are totally awesome and i’ll be reviewing about 30 of these believe this one is Lizardman it comes in a really nice off the block and then let’s go open the box then the toy is in a package so that cool that they’re you got lizard man its heroic cold-blooded ally figure 3 so this is a dog collectors series so it is really cool and then here is some info on cam if you want to Falls it and read that and here’s some of the other figures but there’s a lot more than that like it said I re-reviewed about five of these bomb it off of about 30 of these in total ok so this is what’s in the package so this is the lizard man and he is an ally of human ok so here he is out of the package and I apologize if I sound a little different guys that do have the flu so what I gotta keep recording so i gotta keep bringing you guys new toys to see so also so I do like this guy he does look happy lot of other lizard guys they look off very angry because they are evil it had turned 360 degrees his arms turn he turns up here at the shoulder he bends at the elbow land his hands will turn 360 degrees and the same with all this one here he comes with the big huge stored so all you could put him into a lot of different positions with the sword are just like the other ones too he does turn at the way he’s got this little off looks like a verte but probably not more like a kilt i would guess and then not his leg will turn 360 degrees and will bend at the elbow and his full of move up and down and then he’s got a big long lizard tail he’s got his blue tunic which is actually attached to his body so you can’t off attached that and then he also comes with a little chest with some type of diamonds in it which it doesn’t sound the package exactly what that is yeah guys that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word going to put that in the comments section national the video I know you remember my club look to the video and there’s that all the corner lot more fun with you click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos that if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button

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    Look up super 7 masters of the universe classics!!

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    The Diamond Ray of Disappearance from the first Episode of the Filmation series.

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    Hey guys,please check out my sculpture of Skeletor and tell me what you think!

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