New Hatching Dangerous Dinosaurs! Jurassic World Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toys WD Toys Fun Video

New Hatching Dangerous Dinosaurs! Jurassic World Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toys WD Toys Fun Video

Wow everyone great to see you today let
me know in the comment section below oh the Spinosaurus or the Brachiosaurus
oh I don’t know but anyways let’s go ahead and open up these awesome jurassic
world surprise eggs let’s see what we have it’s great to see you guys today
today awesome show I have all four of New Hatching Dangerous Dinosaurs! Jurassic World Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toys WD Toys Fun Video Velociraptor blue and t-rex let’s go
ahead open these up and check them out they are the fence is it her baby baby can the t-rex be in time to save her look it’s hatching what is it her baby little sticky baby t-rexes baby oh is it the baby T right it’s a baby
t-rex or mommy’s down who conceived her from the terrible in the Raptor oh but he forgot all about the daddy
rags she’s carrying her baby to safety and I
also have our drastic world all set up we have a rampaging falling Kingdom
t-rex busting out of the gates of Jurassic Park with an exploding volcano
in the background and we are going to start with our first egg so our first
one is really cute Velociraptor blue eggs this is hatch and played I notice
it says hatch again and again so Velociraptor blue spring-loaded action
so you could keep hatching this and there is the other three dinos which I
have them all so let’s go ahead open up blue and check her out okay so our first
one is baby Velociraptor blue and you could hatch these eggs as many times as
you want just push it down they are spring-loaded inside pops open
then we have baby blue here oh he’s so cute let’s try something out cool baby
Velociraptor blue so basically you put the cover on push it down it’s
spring-loaded you could hear it working there and then BAM a pop song cool okay
well anyways let’s check out Velociraptor blue he is really cute
oh this little guy I mean little girl so it has a little deeper here if you pull
it does open and close its mouth which is really cute you could have the mouth
open the arms do move the legs move big third claw tiny little tail here that
moves back and forth okay well anyways let’s check out the other ones or next
one it’s gonna be the hatch and played I know sticky block or sticky so once
again you hatch again and again okay and here we got our babies biggie you can
see that’s the sticking the locks I’ve peeking out of the eggs again push it
down it is spring-loaded popped open she is adorable check her out and she has an
action feature too you turned the dial on her back her spikes move in and out
on the back of her head she has a cute little tail it goes up and down the legs
move back and forward the arms move out and in a circle 360 degrees she is very
detailed Wow I like these little dinos let’s see her hatch
more time so basically you just push this thing down here enough momentum to
crack open and there is our Stewie and our next one is gonna be hatching plays
dinos Tyrannosaurus Rex so we have baby t-rex and you can see here hatch again
and again so it says the teeth grow and hatch again and again here we have our
cute little t-rex you can see the eye peeking out of the egg here is t-rex you
got the Jurassic world symbol there there you can see the egg once again
spring-loaded so simply go ahead push it down good and oh you gotta push it all
the way down so has the pressure to pop off and our baby t-rex is born inside
look at the egg this one is hilarious look at it little baby t-rex until you
open the mouth and the teeth grow all of a sudden it’s an evil looking baby t red
check out these teeth they go from there okay so this one too
you got the cute little tail moves up and down the legs move 360 degrees the
arms go up they move around in a circle like I said this one has the evil pop-up
teeth so here you can see it’s got like short teeth but when you open the mouth
all of a sudden Oh long evil teeth that’s kind of freaky look this room I
this Dyna reminds me of chucky the killer doll most kids don’t know what
that is but the adults watching this problem to do now and this definitely
reminds me of that freaky looking okay well anyways let’s go ahead and hatch
her again so this one’s a little tougher than the rest because you got to push
her way down there and then again gonna be careful and then our final one of
course is the cute hatch and play dinos triceratops cute little baby it says
hatch over and over this one stomps so if you push it down
there’s stumps hatch again and again and here you can see what it looks like okay
and finally we have our baby Triceratops you can see the little baby eye peeking
out there Jurassic world symbol cracked egg so
this one same thing spring-loaded push it all the way down let it go ah pops off and we have our baby
Triceratops Wow this little guy is so cute tiny little horns black and yellow
eye spikes around the plate behind its head forward the back legs move and the
tail goes up and down this says stomping action okay so you do
push the legs forward like that you push that and it basically jumps forward put
it back legs out okay why does spring but doesn’t really jump because you
can’t push it fast enough that’s about it there so it says stomping action but
I don’t see how the stomping action but it is cute so the legs do lock in
forward position like that and when you push this on the back it releases the
legs maybe if it’s laying down whatever it looks almost like a frog or something
I’m not sure if the mechanism it seems kind of loose two legs
so maybe the mechanism on this one is actually busted but the tail moves back
and forth there’s the belt and you push for the action legs move the front legs
move forward and lock into position so really cute little baby Triceratops
let’s try to hatch her okay so oh I got it backwards so we’re gonna put
that ends on first in the back and then just push it down I think you might be
able to push it multiple times to get it to pop off faster I don’t know let’s see
if this son falls over most of them will fall over when they hatch
oh that one did not that was cute and we have our baby Triceratops Oh guys that
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Randy Schultz

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