New Giant Box Dinotrux Surprise Toys Dreamworks Dinosaur Trucks Unboxing Top 10

New Giant Box Dinotrux Surprise Toys Dreamworks Dinosaur Trucks Unboxing Top 10

Wow guys today we have a giant box of New Giant Box Dinotrux Surprise Toys Dreamworks Dinosaur Trucks Unboxing Top 10 these are all our new toys I am box if you do want to see the unboxing and dinosaur battles and a lot of fun stuff go to the playlist at the end of this video i will have dinotrux playlist ok let’s see what’s in here ok the first time we have is a giant talking rolling sky yeah so if you push her she lifts her head and make different sounds up and she also roles and she’s a lot of fun and then the next one is talking Boozer off here cool is there and then we have a giant talking garbey if you are you load balls into its mouth here and when you pull up the back and shoot the balls out the back side one in this was a lot of fun and then of course there best one huge fucking time rocks toy when you push it besides the down reading all coming through roars I can get eyes light up let’s get building means tie rocks but you go because I and he has a giant swinging here so this guy through and then we have a giant’s kya off playset this 1i has a working look here that goes up and down her mouth opens and closes you could leave her former to create a ramp for the dyno truck choice to go flying down flying up into the air so this set is a lot of one and then we have a talking shadow time my way Raptors can’t stand those guys match the brain power this one has like God like a claw on the back you can use fixed up off and then them up down here so this guy’s and then we have a giant destructs place that if you do it on certain models time is multiple snap i got me we have a talking toy trucks puppet tie rocks job help we got a giant talking rabbit with this spinning bit up here you can change out to different bits and he has a tape measure ton i want another talking tie rocks play with got a big rolling tun tun if you roll him his back of the Don and his head also pull back destructor you can pull it back he’ll run and also his mouth up and down i also have reviews of all their story sets and all da dr gasps figures let’s see who we’ve got ok first we got the diecast garbey diecast tun tun we’ve got a big diecast tie rocks another smaller diecast my rocks and still another diecast I rocks we’ve got to die cast destructs and then we have two more diecast tie rocks figures so we actually have five on diecast tie rocks fingers some are different this was a really nice shiny ones that came with one set and then we have a diecast sky we’ve got a diecast dozer diecast rolling on diecast tun tun we’ve got looks like four diecast rabbits another diecast on so we got two of those toward tool we’ve got three diecast or tools the reason i have so many doubles and triples is some of these come in sets so that is pretty cool and then a scrap grandpa dactyl why actually this is a I believe this is scott tactical apologize this is scrapping dactyl so this guy is really cool in we’ve got three Raptors here this one actually rolls and then we have diecast wall though and the couple other are miscellaneous diecast so you can see here i got a huge file these are all my diecast dinotrux figures so I got a lot of them besides the big so like i said if you go to in this video I’ve got full reviews of all of these unboxing them and also fun story lines where they have to protect themselves drastic world dinosaurs and it’s a lot of fun yeah that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click subscribe and thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word going to put that in the comments section below the video I know you remember my club look to the video and there is it also the curve is off more fun with you click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button

Randy Schultz

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  1. springtrap gamer cc says:

    Dinotrux. And my favorite dinotrux is rollodon

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    The reason why he's my favorite because if he's bigger than something he. can just roll over it

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    Dinotrux 😀

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    My favorite is skya

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    Buy Dinotrux Toys here:

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    skya sucks because it has a long huge neck and a small tiny head

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