New Dinosaur Surprise Toys Buried in Sand 6 Safari Ltd Dinosaur Toy W Jurassic Park Dino Unboxing

New Dinosaur Surprise Toys Buried in Sand 6 Safari Ltd Dinosaur Toy W Jurassic Park Dino Unboxing

explorers are you ready we are going to
enter the gates of Jurassic Park and search for dinosaurs in the sand cool ok
let’s start digging for dinosaurs wow this is gonna be awesome
Oh what is this here oh I think we found something guys quick we gotta bring the
brush we have to be careful oh wow check New Dinosaur Surprise Toys Buried in Sand 6 Safari Ltd Dinosaur Toy W Jurassic Park Dino Unboxing Feathered T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Tylosaurus, Yutyrannus, Gryposaurus, and Gigantosaurus oh he looks huge chick yeah
wow that is awesome what do you guys think
check him out okay okay so we got him all out let’s go
ahead and pull him up oh it’s a giant feathered t-rex
so we’ll set him there and let us keep looking
gotta be more dinosaurs in here oh I think we got something cool
what is this okay what do we got here oh definitely an herbivore can you guys see
what it is Wow you are correct
it’s a sauropelta ah and since we got it out let’s go ahead and take a pulley
out of the sand cool okay let’s keep on digging gotta be something else here oh
look look look I think we have something oh we gotta be careful we don’t want to
break it oh wow check that out
I’m not sure what it is yet but we will find out soon oh wow cool check him out
ooh can you guys guess what this is it is a giant feathered dinosaur you are correct it’s a yutyrannus Wow
let’s go ahead and remove him from the stand
cool that is awesome let’s see what else we could find we
found three irate okay so what do we got anything here anything we have something
here it looks kind of big – Wow okay let’s check it out what could this one
be oh there’s his head this one is definitely an herbivore it looks like it
has some type of odd duck bill head on it can you guess what it is
yes you are right it’s a Sauropelta so let’s go ahead
and pull this up and guys ah if you keep watching we’re gonna set these up in an
awesome dinosaur zoo and I will give you some really cool facts about them Wow
okay well let’s keep looking oh wow we got something here what is
that it’s got like yellow and black stripes
on it cool what could it be oh it’s a long one
Wow check that out it’s got one evil looking head over there oh can you guys
already guess what this is oh wow this is so cool oh I like this one
Wow okay can you guys guess what that is you are correct
it’s a tylosaurus that is part of the Mosasaurus family Wow like I said keep
watching to see the dinosaurs ooh and some awesome fat okay so so far we have
found five awesome dinosaurs there’s gotta be more come on let’s keep looking
oh this is something big Wow oh I like this lawn
check out it’s called what could this one be oh wow look at him he’s huge
oh I like this one definitely carnivore I mean look at his feet and this is one
long dinosaur are you guessing what it is this guy is actually bigger than the
t-rex that should give you a clue he is gigantic
it’s a gigantosaurus Wow and guys are these these dinosaur toys were sent
to me by my friends at Safari limited so they are awesome if you want on check
out their website they got some really cool dinosaur ok guys so we have 6
dinosaurs here let’s go ahead give some cool facts about these guys and set them
up in our dinosaur zoo oh let’s get started the name saara Pelt ax
means shield lizard it has an intimidating armor of bony studs and
shoulder spines it was one of the most spectacular dinosaurs of its time it
belonged to a called the knob nada saris which were
part of a larger group called Ankylosaurs Soares had a spiny body and it was a
herbivore really cool dinosaur check out those big
spikes on his back okay and the YouTuber honest its name means feather tyrants it
could run as fast as a t-rex it was three cars long and a weight as much as
a hippopotamus these dinosaurs lived in what we would call modern-day Asia
they were about 30 feet long and weighed about 4,000 pounds they hunted and packs
and they were carnivores this is one of the first dinosaurs they found two
fossils with feathers cool check this guy okay and the gripper Soros its name
means curvy nosed lizard this was the class of duck-billed built dinosaurs uh
he was about 30 feet long and weighed about 6,000 pounds he belonged to the
Dino class ornithopod ah and he was a plant eater that lived or during the
Late Cretaceous period in North America Argentina and South America the funny
thing was when these were attacked for a brief period of time it could run on its
back legs I mean think of a dinosaur this size
running on just two legs that would be hilarious okay tylosaurus his name means knob
lizard and lived in the shallow seas of North America during the Cretaceous
period and was about 35 feet long and weighed up to fourteen thousand pounds
its diet was fish turtles and reptiles this guy was the largest of the class of
mosasaurs so this guy was huge he was vicious and he terrorized the Seas
during his reign he is really cool I do love mosasaurs guys okay and here
we have the gigantosaurus it’s name means giant southern lizard it was a
carnivore with a very small brain about 40 feet long and weighed about 26,000
pounds so it was about the size of two elephants this dinosaur was actually
bigger than the t-rex while this guy is really cool and he lived during the Late
Cretaceous period okay and here we have a feather t-rex
many scientists believe T Rexes actually had feathers to help protect them from
the elements the name of the t-rex means tyrant lizard these were large
carnivores they live they lived about 30 years its arms are too short to reach
its mouth and lived in north america and river valleys and forests and it could
eat about 500 pounds of meat with one bite
so weighing 16,000 pounds ease guys were huge but they were not quite as big as
the gigantosaurus Wow cool okay guys it’s time to set up our awesome dinosaur
zoo so let’s go ahead and start placing dinosaurs in there who will have the big
feathered t-rex coming out of there then you have the gigantosaurus they’re ready
to fight him cool tylosaurus we’ll go here in the water walk on them bro have
to put the herbivores here separate so the carnivores don’t eat them we got
some other dinosaurs joining us these are Jurassic Park knockoff
dinosaurs so we have Triceratops there we have cool t-rex here and then we have awesome ankylosaurus
and Brachiosaurus so there we have our dinosaurs ooh let’s go ahead and take a
look at them Wow so here we’ve got two purple bars in there over there we have
the four largest carnivores there ready to take down anything in their path
you’ve got the tylosaurus and three herbivores over here so our dinosaur
zoo is complete oh cool is that Wow okay guys if you
enjoy this video please go ahead click like drop me comments Wow
I love making these videos for you guys this is my job guys I love doing my job
I love the fact that you guys are watching because my kids love these
dinosaurs I do got six kids guys and they love dinosaurs toys so you are
helping to support my family and I want to thank you I want to thank you for
being awesome and say I will see you tomorrow if you enjoyed the video make
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Randy Schultz

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