New Animal Planet  Giant Crocodile Vs Elasmosaurus Jurassic World Rescue Excursion Unboxing

New Animal Planet Giant Crocodile Vs Elasmosaurus Jurassic World Rescue Excursion Unboxing

ok guys we got another also in a whole New Animal Planet Giant Crocodile Vs Elasmosaurus Jurassic World Rescue Excursion Unboxing planet set this is animal planet rescue excursion includes a crocodile like infineon bow bunch of little baby crocodiles and net and let’s check out the back hello that crocodile they have their looks a lot more like an alligator well if you read what it says back here is says it’s all crocodile soo hoo kidney so let’s open it up have some fun ok guys today we are hunting big rocks their skin is worth a lot of money just gotta watch our make sure mom is not around or were trouble men under drop hit the jackpot may end up taking these guys out we don’t need them alive that one haha i got a whole bunch of them guys I’m gonna go gather them up guys did you guys check the water make sure there’s nothing here I got a bad feeling here whats am i seen something where are you guys and let’s see Jim anywhere i have no idea what happened to him guys coming up for fresh tank huh ok I’ll take care of this problem Jen crap Shack yeah you got my weapon ok and this is what’s in the set before I remove anything as you can see you have a bunch of little cutout our baby crocodile so that is really cool ok let’s see what was in this box first you got the Animal Rescue are like this would be like what a hydro over something this is what they’re using like swamps says animal rescue you got the front that opens and closes here here is the cockpit where the figures going to sit and the fan back here actually turns what you could turn it by hand so good for imagination play then it comes with rescue figure with the walkie-talkie water bottle like beans grow his arms or legs to turn in then so he could fit right into here and drive the world cool then it comes with this net for like capturing crocodile or baby crocodiles and then comes with six cute little baby crocodile check these out of the detail is also for how small they are let me zoom in it’s a little hard to see when I hold I mean the detail there’s room cool then of course you without mom I alat crocodile you don’t want to mess with this lady you eat you so I got the action button here you push it she opens and closes her mouth really nice authentic coloring like black and like a darker green really good our roots detail through the whole figure are the legs all new moves so you can put it into different positions if you want it looking at packing position like they’re like I said the action button is right here are they did a really great job on the head i mean i really like the coloring and the fact that they have mostly individual teeth there makes it look a lot more realistic for less expensive set great detail guys I mean they even did a really good job with the tongue coloring it everything so there she is like I said for less expensive set of really this one oz about sixteen dollars at toys r us to get a lot yeah that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click subscribe and thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comments section below the video I know you remember my club look to the video ends there’s a also then curve is off more fun with you and I see click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and if you want to see even more go ahead and click the subscribe button

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  1. Rocco's Toybox says:

    Really great video! Sorry you haven't seen our comments lately- we have been soooo busy! We hope to be more active soon. Friends always!

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    Im sorry for watching this video late☹️ because i was in school

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  4. René Sopeña Gonzalez says:

    Croc 😀
    Elasmosaurus apparears again whit a great new figure

  5. JackDaDogBoss 123 says:

    Nice croc dude! I wish he fought mossa though

  6. Marie Coyne says:

    I'm getting to see the crocodiles there

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  9. Ethan Em says:

    WD why will you make the elasmosaurus eat the baby crocs that's sad WD 😓😓😥😥😥

  10. Golden Deerling The Epic's 2nd Channel says:

    What playset is that undersea temple? It is awesome and I think I might buy it. Password: Croc

  11. saiyangodzillajr 2020 says:

    that is so cool video

  12. Elifaz Chayrez Romero says:

    That's not an underwater temple

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  19. Paradise.pZmedinfam says:

    Wow that’s a cool set

  20. Paradise.pZmedinfam says:

    AND CROC 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  21. Super hammerhead shark says:

    Poor baby crocdile

  22. Super hammerhead shark says:

    R i p jim

  23. Super hammerhead shark says:

    Bob José and Alex survived

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