Natural History Museum London: Video Tour (dinosaurs, whales and more!)

Natural History Museum London: Video Tour (dinosaurs, whales and more!)

So that’s the V&A over there, and over here
is the absolutely stunning Natural History Museum in London Beautiful, beautiful building
attached to this ugly building! (shots of the exterior of the main building). Once inside we have the entrance hall with
the dinosaur in the centre. It is just stunning and beautiful architecture
and large domed hall and grand staircases. Now we are going to see the dinosaurs! You can probably hear all the excited kids
as they walk around looking at the dinosaurs. Heading along this gallery and you can see
different dinosaurs hanging up on the walls. (shots of the dinosaur displays visible from
the raised gallery). So this is the mammals area and large whale
skeletons. There are many restaurants throughout the
museum. This is the Creepy Crawlies section. This is the Ecology Hall and displays So we are travelling up to what is called
“The Cocoon” which is a 7-storey building housing a large insect collection. (shots of the displays in the Cocoon splay
building). And this is the Cafe, one of the places to eat with the magnificent roof the museum And then there is The Restaurant, another of the the places to eat

Randy Schultz

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54 thoughts on “Natural History Museum London: Video Tour (dinosaurs, whales and more!)

  1. zippyman818 says:

    Lovely vid! A pathway from the V&A tubestop in case of inclement weather. Musicians are often heard busking and using the acoustic echo there. At 1:23 you can see the niche under the arch where the coelocanth (transitional evidence of evolution of fish) has a dedicated space to show its importance to Darwinian Evolution, a specimen caught off of Madagascar in the twentieth century and mentioned in a Volkwagen advert. Ballistrades and decorative moldings are carved with Darwin chasing monkeys.

  2. zippyman818 says:

    And in the Evolution exhibit you can ask the docents to pull back the blackout drapes to expose the damage to the building from German bombs. It's a sense of national pride that some of this damage has not been repaired.

  3. zippyman818 says:

    Thanks for the recognition, that's very generous of you. Charles Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey in the north aisle of the Nave next to the eminent scientist Sir John Herschel, and a few paces away from Sir Isaac Newton. That area is affectionately known as Poets & Scientists Corner, a hallowed place of remembrance for serious students and the curious alike. The ornate terracotta facade by Gibbs and Canning Ltd. is typical of high Victorian architecture and resistant to 19th century soot.

  4. Nikko3001 says:

    Last time i went there was 11 years ago. Now i'm in Australia and it's amazing to see some footage. Thank you 🙂

  5. Kuriaki Lee says:

    We were just there from Arizona

  6. Tote1883gas says:

    Going tomorrow with the missus and kids, so excited!

  7. KateEmThomas says:

    Going there tomorrow 😀

  8. iPROxViSualZz says:

    please check out my channel I do gaming and days out to places like here. I went here a couple of days ago and I have uploaded a video of it please like the video and subscribe to my channel. I'm not the best video maker now and probably wont be for a few years. But I would really like it if you could look at my channel

  9. Annie Macarthy says:

    So quiet

  10. Annie Macarthy says:

    Unsubscribe quiet one.

  11. Quaoce Lonewolf says:

    i want to go there. how do you get there from earls court? cheers

  12. Geles Rodríguez López says:

    I´m loving it this beautiful museum. 

  13. legaliciousM says:

    I don't like how there's a "shshshshshsh" all the freaking time

  14. Louise Stollery says:

    i went there today and i had never been there before so i thought i would be like actual history not animals lol and of course other stuff

  15. dreamtrailarcade says:

     I need to get back here. Watching this makes me feel happy.

  16. What on London says:

    The Natural History Museum in London is a museum exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history.


    I'm visiting this tomorow thanks for the tips..i had been to the one in oxford.

  18. Ross Peplow says:

    Taking my boys for the first time on Sunday 🙂

  19. ThePandaGamer says:

    I'm going tomorrow on the 15th July!

  20. Epitaph says:

    I went there and it is super duper hyper mega neo alpha ninja prefix AWESOME WITH A ROBOT T REX!

  21. Dead Inside says:


  22. Pola Jachnik says:

    I went there I do not like it there

  23. Vukašin Erceg says:

    What college do you need to go to in order to work in a natural history museum?

  24. James Robertson says:

    Without any shadow of doubt, this is the finest museum in the world.

  25. Family Day Trippers Uk says:

    I can spend as much time admiring the building as I can the exhibits. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Kovacs Valentino says:

    I would like to go there!!! Eny body know the postcode ???

  27. Athena Stam says:

    How much does the entrance cost?

  28. Yiannis Kyriakis says:


  29. nayan debnath says:

    very nice

  30. taja gavrilcikaite says:

    I went there and i so the big bo were you kan go in

  31. TheLad says:

    I was there with my dad

  32. Andrew Shepherd says:

    i do love this museum, i go everytime im in London

  33. alanmeires says:

    Its still how i remember it when i went there 40 years ago not a lot has changed very much, that big whale has always been there if i remember rightly and i remember being on the second floor looking down on them whales not the skeleton one the model ones and throwing money onto its tail fin because there were lots of pennies on there from other kids.

  34. Isabell LPS says:

    in school we maybe visit London

  35. Cfgamer 124680 says:

  36. Suzanne Patti says:

    Unfortunately The sound quality (audio) is so poor I can’t understand what obviously is a video done with a lot of concentration and serious intent. The words are muffled and there is a swishing air noise in the background.And there are no close captions so I can’t understand the video.

  37. Suzanne Patti says:

    A few days ago I left a comment indicating that the sound quality of the video was difficult to hear. The producer of this video immediately went back and added closed
    captions and it makes all the difference. This is a terrific guide to parts of the museum. Our family is going next month and I think you so very much for making this adjustment.

  38. Skeleton T-rex says:

    I want to go there…

  39. Zara Ahmed says:

    We have been there

  40. Ragnar Klavan says:

    I went there the rest is history…

  41. William Estrada says:


  42. Cleuza Mendes says:

    Very Nice this vídeo

  43. Cleuza Mendes says:

    Someday i want to go this museum

  44. Archie Makuwa says:

    It's beatuful. Thank you for tour!

  45. Juybryth says:

    I wonder if there’s a baryonyx skeleton

  46. Mr.PitBlogz says:

    I'm going there for summer holiday

  47. Usha sambangi says:

    this is soooooo bad#kid

  48. Usha sambangi says:


  49. David Gunning says:


  50. David Gunning says:

    Recent histories very platonic

  51. Kubus Skibniewski says:

    I went to London

  52. Kubus Skibniewski says:

    1month ago

  53. caza00caza says:

    This building and all around it were built by the great tartarian people. You never hear of this people unless you search for them but they controlled the largest country that’s ever existed. Look it up on YouTube.

  54. 1 2 says:

    I miss the natural history museum 7 years ago. Haven’t been there in like 3/4 years but when they had a diplodocus at the entrance was the best time. My dad use to bring me all the time. It makes me cry looking back and remembering.

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