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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Tonight I have a Podcast at 5pm EST! I will have Stuart from Universal Rocks. His company has helped design and build the Reptarium and plenty of other zoos. Join us live please! Thanks, Brian

  2. Zen Orc Reptiles says:

    I been wanting to know what happened for so long. I am more upset now that we know the truth. I remember when this happened it shook all of us in the ball python community. I just heard yesterday what happened. I can't believe atrocities like this happen in our world. I feel sorry for his kids. R.I.P. Ben you are still missed. 😥

  3. Steven Moniz says:


  4. Puerto Rican says:


  5. Stephanie Kluth says:

    Your going to need a hoyer lift for Matilda soon

  6. Xxrazy Player says:

    I think some of the money should be donated to the children for sure

  7. Gilberto Tinajero says:

    I agree with what everybody is saying, I think the money should go to his children.

  8. Andy White says:

    Donate the money to the kids involved. College fund perhaps .

  9. Deborah Stull says:

    I am so sorry for your lost and all of the pain that you are going though. Well not just you but everyone else. I really hope things get better soon.

  10. Shelly B says:

    That's soo sad maybe u could donate to his kids bc now they lost both parents in that tragedy I couldn't imagine being them and finding out it was u mom and mourning with her all that time after it happened you forgot to put the link on for the full story of ur friend

  11. Lady cateyes strongblood says:

  12. Meagan Johnson says:

    I'd start a charity for their kids

  13. Shelly B says:

    Lmbo he gives bella more affection than lori when he leaves lol

  14. Dean Skipit says:

    Use money to help build a college fund for the kids

  15. Brittany Panepinto says:

    So sorry about your friend Brian thats so sad. Have fun on your Vacation SAFE TRAVELS!! Lovee the podcast!

  16. Jenna Lehew says:

    Give the money to the kids they just lost their other parent!! So sad!!

  17. tigardgirl38 says:

    I think all the money used go to he's kids they will need it i know it's hard to lost a family member i lost my mom last year she was 60 years old i really hope they family feels better i know it takes a long time to get over something like at big time

  18. Rosebud says:

    Donate to the kids future. 🙂

  19. George Alexander says:

    You're a good man, Brian.

  20. god arziel says:

    Brian man we need some thing in every state to bring people that are scared of snakes and really show them how the snake can be to a person they want to be around I was scared of snakes till a year and 2 months ago I got my great nephew a ball python my mother his grand mother passed away getting stents out in her legs so him and his sister mover in with me it’s been hard but it’s a new learning curve but back to snakes the snake has always chosen me it was crazy at first I would talk and he would watch me so they made me hold him now I spend a lot of time trying to make his tank cool me and Slitheriss the snake spend a lot of time together I got him to help my nephew but he has helped me tho this last year a lot. So much that I want to be able to get other people in to snakes it has opened my eyes that any thing can be loved and love you back I watch you vids every day one day I would love to meet you what would be a great snake to breed with my normal ball python my local pet store said they would love to help out so what should I do

  21. Janine Pienaar says:

    Love watching your vlog. Especially here in New Zealand as we don’t have snakes. Keep up the great work.

  22. Hannah Hopkins says:

    I am looking forward for your podcast tonight

  23. J&J 81 says:

    What a tragic outcome!!!!!

    Many banks due savings accounts with restrictions for children. I hope the kids have a wonderful life.

  24. Virginia Metzler says:

    I'm sorry for ur loss. No child should have to go through it

  25. Sam Mayhew says:

    Brain ur truly a nice guy with a good heart

  26. creeper MAN says:

    I have to agree with everyone plz donate it to the children

  27. Voon Chile says:

    So sad a person would end a life rather than start over. So tragic.

  28. Charles Long says:

    It's always sad when someone passes away prayers for his family

  29. Tracy Prochnow says:

    I am super heroes sett!!!…..ok…no one told my ball python that he's a ball python….lol…they are supposed to be like let rocks….or not moving a whole lot ECT….mine is all over the place…constantly moving…does anyone have an idea as to why…I mean this is fine with me….it's more interesting and inquisitive for sure…but…I also don't want to think that he hates being out and handled….I think it might be that…right now…with the cold cold whether I'm having to battle a mouse problem in my house…doing a pretty good job but everyone and then get a mouse in a trap…so I'm wondering if it's cause he's enrolling them and is trying to hunt them down..or if it's cause he's trying to get away cause he doesn't like the human touch or if there's something else it could be….does anyone have any ideas….o also he's still very young….not even six months….never tryed to bite or even strike.

  30. Amanda Stephens says:

    Your proceeds should go to his kids!!!!🙋🏼‍♀️

  31. Amanda Stephens says:

    I love Lori BUT she really acts like she CANT STAND BRIAN…🤭🥺

  32. CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife says:

    The children who would be suffering so much rite now.

  33. Gerson M says:

    I would buy my kids snake jewelry I think they would love it

  34. GERALD CONNER says:

    As stated by many already, make sure any money donated directly benefit's the kids. This tragedy has cost them both of their parents. Their lives will always be changed.

  35. suo mynona says:

    What a loser of a wife to do that so selfish to kill to get what you want

  36. Cody Ayers says:

    Shat part of Michigan are you from??

  37. Lisa's life blogging channel says:

    I’m getting ready to do some bio actives for all five snakes I have. I’m doing research first so I’m excited

  38. Grodz R. says:

    Off topic but Would it be ok to put a 160w bulb into a 150w Dome lamp?

  39. Shirley Leaton says:

    Sorry Brian what a tragic ending to your story. Yourock

  40. Robert Lopez says:

    Its sad that wife killed him. Why do we do bad things. R.I.P Ben fly high my brother in Christ.

  41. Xdinked says:

    Imo to his children, after all they've now lost both their father and possibly their mother now its not their fault. Sadly they will be caught up in the middle of this or involve them in which charity to donate to?

  42. Peter Griffin says:

    Give the money to australian animal rescue org..or to the kids of ben..

  43. Debbie Mendenhall says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend 🙏🏻🙏🏻🦎🦎

  44. Debbie J says:

    Definitely to his children.

  45. 11c airsoft says:

    I've never understood how people would rather murder someone instead of just divorce. Its very heart breaking. Hopefully those poor little ones can find some kind of peace.

  46. Dean Waines says:

    If the money can't go directly to the children, I would say donate it to a domestic abuse organization of sorts. The reptile community second.

  47. Kylan Gamell says:

    Donate the proceeds to his kids 😢😭

  48. Stefan Jensen says:

    my thoughts and prayer's goes out to Ben's children, i hope of all my heart that they can live the rest of their lives safely and happily, no child deserves this amount of frustration, loss and pain.

  49. 1softkiss says:

    OMG !~! I've asked over and over if there have been any updates on Ben's murder/death so finally glad to get the facts about that because he sure was one amazing guy and tops in the reptile community !! Thank you tons for sharing this information Brian because it has haunted me from day one not knowing the truth !!!

  50. Jay Robles says:

    Wow how she took the father of her children. The world is just a crazy place.

  51. Teal Kucura says:

    I can’t find the link to the story of the killing and the solving of your reptile friend

  52. Cindy Dew says:

    Definitely these babies should be taken care of. Such a tragedy for sure! Will pray for this family!🙏🙏

  53. GamerX12 says:

    Donate the money to the kids

  54. Shayna Davis says:

    I think the money should go to the children

  55. KillSpawn47 says:

    Her and her ex-bf were arrested so I believe he caught her cheating and doing drugs and was gonna leave her and of course get the kids. By the looks of the mugshot her ex looks like a junkie and she doesn’t look so good either. You couldn’t stand to loose her income idk just my theory bc of her ex being arrested too. And she was having an affair with another dude damn that woman is straight garbage and should never see the light of day again.

  56. damien spengler says:

    use funds for his kids

  57. mlm1180 says:

    You are opening the other side around my birthday 😱😍 now I really wish we could make the trip there


    The children

  59. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Brian , how about for domestic victims or for his kids. Such a tragedy. So sorry for your loss. 😔 Thoughts & prayers for his family.🙏🕊🌹

  60. LiquidSm0ke says:

    The money made from the video should be sent to the family of the breeder

  61. All things with Ragnar says:

    Hi Brian i really want to come and visit but I'm from South Africa so financially it's difficult keep up the awesome work love your channel

  62. dyllenger says:

    poor kids lost there dad because there mother n they didnt know , now they have no mother what a sin man.. no parents

  63. Virginia Schofield says:

    This is the first time ii heard about ben i caant believe his wife would do. That you. Should start a thing for his kids im sure they didnt know about their mother and they need all the support they can get cause they have neither parent now

  64. Garrett Rose says:

    Man. That stuck with me. I didnt know anything about Ben, but I hope his family can heal and get the help they need. I definitely think his kids should get the money if possible. They need all the support they can get. RIP Ben.

  65. Ochuko Caleb says:

    I thought there was an episode you discovered Maltida is a boy?

  66. Shona Osmond says:

    That’s so awful, their poor sweet children. They’re going to need a lot of support to get through this. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend Brian, it’s unimaginable 😢

  67. Thornwild says:

    Maybe you could donate th $ to the kid's college fund. Those children won't have their parents to be there for them.

  68. matt garrett says:

    Sorry about your friend dude.

  69. Mona Sommerfeld says:

    You should a go fund me account for his kids futures.

  70. RudeDoggReptiles says:

    I definitely saw that podcast. It was awesome

  71. Milky 707 says:

    If ben and geiry got mated with another snake who would have been the dominant one?

  72. Sam Dilworth says:

    I would donate the money to a reptile charity in his childrens name. Its terrible that they would have to go through this. First they loose their Father, then they loose their Mother for taking their Fathers life. Im not sure how old they are but I would try to help them through this. Im sure whatever you decide to do will be correct decision.

  73. TANYA S says:

    So sry to hear about your friend BRIAN Donate the money to his children ❤️

  74. Живко Яннкулоски says:

    Thank you for mentioning Ben. I was a big fan of his work on anacondas. He was the only guy who made serious efforts on breeding anacondas to create new morphs. His T+ albino greens, and patternless yellows were awesome. It would be great if you could visit his collection someday if it still exists. Even better if you could get a hand on one of them.

  75. Steve Simpson says:

    Give it to his kids, after all they are going to lose their mum as well

  76. TANYA S says:

    Have a safe trip❤️

  77. Tina M Wright Beauty Babe says:

    So Sad

  78. Tina M Wright Beauty Babe says:

    What about donating it to his Children

  79. Amanda Duhhh says:

    That’s so sad that happened to him. She should have let him go if he didn’t love her.

  80. xXRetroTheKillerXx xXGatchaXx says:

    Shnake shead

  81. TheSephradragon says:

    You know I have thought about having a charity snake. One that breeds to raise money for some organization. Maybe the snake can be sponsored to help cover costs or for direct donations or something. Idk just ideas I have had. Still might look into it if my stuff goes well.

  82. Cekybo says:

    USARK for sure! They protect our rights as reptile owners, and the activists and politicians are coming for them.

  83. Katie Mcloughlin says:

    Were always here for you

  84. Charles Long says:

    How did the snake morph start

  85. Bobby Goodwin says:

    My condolences…if he was so close with the animal community you should donte the funds to a donation to help the wildlife in the Australia wild fires

  86. Mars On Earth says:

    Wow, that’s horrible. She needs a new life… in prison

  87. Nicky Rialb says:

    You can donate to help the animals in Australia!

  88. James Flanders says:

    So sorry for the loss. Hope you go through it well and stay strong while doing it. Love the vlogs. And once again sorry for the loss.

  89. Shonie Englehart says:

    i would give a part of the money to the kids. cause if the mother killed their dad they are gonna be going to next of kin or going into the system

  90. billys creatures says:

    It's so sad I was nearly crying 😭

  91. Sonia Hanley says:

    Loved the vlog Brian how sad was that losin ur friend and then findin our who may have done it 🙁 greed really does make people do silly things so many people r killed this way

  92. Randi Kinton says:

    Have a safe trip and enjoy!

  93. Edgar says:

    According to news reports, she was having an affair, he then found out and planned to end their marriage. His wife was struggling financially as a spa owner, she then fed him a drink filled with narcotics to kill him, but he didn’t die.

    She then constructed another plan to kill him because she was afraid that he might take their children.

  94. Gage Arp says:

    If possible I would personally donate it to whom ever is now raising the children. They have lost the most in this situation.

  95. Tyler Bumpass says:

    Hi Brian i would love to donate some money if you can get in touch with me i would love to send some money over.

  96. Tammy Moor says:

    Donate to Australia!

  97. todd moore says:

    Ben's death was a terrible trajedy. He was a rising star that had so much left to offer the industry/hobby, and to humanity in general. I recall him having some incredible animals he was working with and haven't heard much about them since his death. The Renick Ghost retic is fantastic, and I believe I recall a t+ albino anaconda also. I know at least one breeder is working with the ghost retic, but do you know anything about the anacondas? Just curious, you're closer to the heart of the industry than I am .

  98. Spill Your blood Promotions says:

    Give the money to his kids

  99. Janice Simms says:

    Donate it to his children..

  100. Lynnette Scroggie says:

    I am sorry for the loss of life especially for the children. Brian you mentioned back stabbing. I tell you the politics of every day life can destroy or take away from anything. I was a musician and truthfully in the end it was not worth my happiness as the politics were so ugly. We have also seen this in the desert racing community also. Prayers for all & try to keep the fun things fun. Let's let all live & let live or go away.

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