My Zombie Snake | A Halloween Story

My Zombie Snake | A Halloween Story

Hey guys. It’s Vanan Kesavan from Canadian
Ophidiophile and today we got a snake shipped to us. It’s minus 10, or minus 8. We’re going into the FedEx hub to pick up viper boas! These snakes are viper boas from Indonesia. They like hot, humid weather. Not cold Canadian
days. We went to go take it out and sadly, it was
dead. An hour passes by. We come back to check on it and it was alive! So the point of this video guys, is to show you that not every snake that looks dead is
dead. What I usually try to do is… when an animal shows up cold. If the box feels
cold. If I open up the box and I do a heat check. Always do a rough heat check. Check
the heat pack right? Let it sit at room temperature for at least an hour. Hey guys. Thanks for watching. We’re gonna go check on our ZOMBIE snake. Safe trick or

Randy Schultz

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1 thought on “My Zombie Snake | A Halloween Story

  1. Shayna Hamilton says:

    Awwe love the intro!

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