– When is the right time
to assist feed a snake and what is the proper
technique to actually do it? That’s what I’m gonna
cover in today’s vlog while I’m tryin’ to get this
little bamboo ball python to eat it’s first meal. (upbeat music) And welcome to the vlog, I hope the start of your day has been
absolutely incredible. You guys may remember I talked
about my burmese python, Snazz, here the other day
and how he went eight months without eating. I mean, we were trying all kinds of stuff and he just was a stubborn little monkey, I tell you what. He did not want to eat
and then the other day, he ate a nice little
rabbit, it was so awesome. Just a frozen rabbit, I mean he decided to go off his hunger strike. And through that time,
he did lose some weight. Even now, he looks a little bit thin, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s probably gonna take several meals to
kinda get back to the weight that I’m happy with with him. But I know that now that he’s eating, he will typically continue to eat because once a snake is off their food strike, they typically go back onto food. So I am super excited about Snazz and the fact that he has
finally went back onto food. But you have to ask yourself,
why do snakes not eat? Like what is the mechanism that causes some snakes to not want to feed? The first thing that happens sometimes when snakes go off of food
is it’s just a normal fasting period, much like Snazz. I mean I wouldn’t say that was normal but he was just on a
fast for whatever reason. Now with ball pythons like Honey here, they typically do fast. An adult ball python often times will go off of food anywhere
from two months of the year all the way up to four
months, I’ve had them go 14 months without food to
be totally honest with you. Now 14 months is a long time but if your adult ball python decides not
to eat for a couple months during the winter months,
that’s actually pretty normal and nothing to be concerned with. As long as the animal seems to continue to look and act healthy. The next thing that can cause a reptile and a snake to stop
eating, believe it or not, is environment. You know, it’s cooling off
outside, it’s getting close to being winter, it’s
definitely 20, 30 degrees cooler outside and you may
think that your environment for your cage, ’cause it
has a heat ball, a hot rock, whatever, is exactly the same. But the fact is your house may
be five, six degrees cooler meaning the cage is five
or six degrees cooler which will cause the animal
to kinda go into a dormancy and that can sometimes cause the animals to go off of food. Just make sure you check and
keep a thermometer in your cage and if it does need to be
warmed up, just increase the wattage bulb,
whatever the case may be. That will get your animal back on food if it is just an environmental thing. Of course, when snakes
get older and mature, their metabolism slows down. Take for instance Daisy here. When she was a baby,
she used to crush food every seven days and even
sometimes more often than that. Now that she’s a full
grown adult, her metabolism is way slower so it takes
her longer to digest food and she’s not as hungry as often. So it’s not uncommon for
an animal like Daisy here to go 10 or 14 days without food. So if I offer her food once a week, which I typically do, every now and then she’ll just skip a meal. I’m not concerned about it at all because I know that as an adult, her metabolism is slow and that as long as she eats every 10 or 14 days,
I’m completely fine with that. Eric. – Yo! – [Brian] Why would you bring a- is this a real machete? – Yeah, no this is a real machete. I actually use this outside. It’s the perfect prop but be
careful with it, it’s sharp. You know, but- – [Brian] Why would you
bring a real machete to work? – It’s the real deal, it’s Halloween. Once a year, you know, it’s like Christmas but it’s Halloween. And no threat, no threat,
just it looks menacing. – [Brian] I think that in the workplace, you don’t bring machetes. – Yeah, do you know how worried I was bringing this machete, these black gloves, and this monkey mask? I mean, you know. See if I woulda got pulled over. (sirens) It woulda been the end of me man. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. Yeah from now on I’d say
leave the machete at home. – You got it, no problem. – [Brian] All right, thank you. – Yup. (both laugh) – You guys may remember
the emerald tree boa here, absolutely doing incredible now but a handful of months ago, it actually got sick a little bit. I’ll put a link in the
description to that video if you guys wanna take a look at it, but the fact was that during that time, it wasn’t feeding and we
had to get vet assistance because it had some kinda
bacterial thing in it’s gut. We ended up tubing it
some stuff, some medicine, turned out it turned around and did absolutely amazing afterwards. So sometimes your snake is not eating if it’s acting weird, maybe
it’s gaping its mouth, bubbling, something weird is going on, maybe the stool looks weird, then it’s time to take it to a vet. That definitely can be one of the reasons why a snake won’t eat. So when should you be worried
if your snake is off food? In particular, if you say
have an adult ball python like this, this animal has been off food for a few months now. And what we’ll do is a lot of times we’ll monitor their weight and see where they start to lose weight. I’ve had ’em go, again, 14 months and only lose about 15% body weight. So what I wanna do first
off is make sure that the animal looks happy and healthy, right? I want the eyes to be nice and clear, I want the tongue response,
I want the breathing, I wanna make sure that
there’s no immediate issues that I can see on the outside, right? That’s the first thing. The second thing we really want to do is make sure that you try
different things, you know? If you have a ball python or another snake that’s eating rats, try mice, try some other different things. You can even try scenting
and stuff like that because often times when
an animal is just on a self imposed fast, you
just need to trick it to get it back to eating
and then once it starts eating or go back to eating
everything like it always does. So I wouldn’t worry as long
as your snake looks healthy and looks happy and there’s no issues. You can always take it to
a vet just as a checkup but it’s something not
to really worry about. But when do you wanna
actually worry about, let’s say, assist feeding? Now you may be surprised to hear this, but I’m really not a big
proponent of assist feeding adult snakes, I’ll be honest with you. I just haven’t had any success with it. And even some species of
snakes, quite frankly, I haven’t had a lot of success with. Some work, some don’t, take
for instance blood pythons don’t typically assist feed well or at least I haven’t had success with it. Burmese pythons don’t. But a lot of snakes, you can assist feed and it’s all about like
training them to eat, right? Ball pythons are definitely
one that does really well but I like to only use assist
feeding on baby snakes, so hatchling neonates,
that have never fed before because I always feel like
if they’ve started to feed and then stopped feeding,
there’s something else that’s causing them not to feed, right? So the assist feeding, for me, is about getting a baby neonate ball python to feed for the first time
that won’t eat on its own. So I’m not a big fan of
assist feeding adults. That doesn’t mean that
there’s not times that animal might not need some assistance and a lot of times force
feeding is a better opportunity than assist feeding with adult snakes. Let’s get into, say, a force
feeding situation here. This is a Theryi that is starting to lose a little bit of body weight, he’s been off food for a little while and it is a potential
candidate for force feeding, not assist feeding. Now I’ll be honest with you, force feeding is when you push whatever
food down into their stomach so you don’t allow them
to eat it on their own, you’re literally pushing it
right down in the stomach. And I’m not a huge fan
of doing that with a full prey item, right? Because it’s kinda stressful, I mean you gotta really, really
tork it down there and push it down. So what I’ll do with
an animal like this is I’ll take something like
this prescription AD Science Diet that is actually really good, high in protein, it’s got
all the nutrients at once. And what I’ll do is I’ll
mix it up with some water to make it a little bit of a slurry and I’ll take a feeding tube like this. I’ll suck out whatever
amount I feel is same meat for a good meal and then
what we do is we’ll just literally go right down into the throat, close to the stomach,
we’ll slowly just kinda push that material into the stomach itself and then we’ll back it
up with another kinda half a syringe of water
because a lot of times when a snake isn’t eating
well, hydration is an issue. So we wanna get it really hydrated and we’ll do that two or
three times with the AD Science Diet and it really
seems to give them that body weight and that
energy and often times, they’ll go onto food. So animals like this and many
adult or sub adult animals really don’t take to assist feeding well ’cause they’ll just spit it
out, spit it out, spit it out, and then forcing a rodent down his throat I think is just too stressful for it. So this type of tube feeding
I think is really good. Now if you get a bigger
snake, obviously you’ll need a bigger syringe and
you get tubes that are as long as two or three feet
long to put it down his throat. Again, I would say talk
to a vet if you haven’t done it yourself, I don’t
want you guys shoving stuff down a snake’s throat
when you haven’t done it. But this is the option if
you want to go to a vet and they will actually tube feed an animal but only if you feel like
“Hey, we’re gettin’ to a point “where it’s lost so much
body weight that we’re “starting to get past
the point of no return.” And you really want to
get the body weight on it. But again, that’s kinda
a last ditch effort to be totally honest with you. So if you get to a point
where you feel like you have to assist feed, like I said, I personally only assist feed animals that haven’t fed and particularly ball pythons are pretty good about assist feeding. Sometimes it can take anywhere from like two to five times of assist feeding before the animal will take up. Sometimes it only takes one. And it’s just weird,
sometimes it seems like they don’t even know how to feed, right? They’re like “I don’t
know what I’m doing.” And that’s why the assist
feeding actually helps whereas a force feeding
really doesn’t help ’cause you’re just pushing
stuff down into its gullet. What you’re trying to
do is almost teach it how to eat and typically they’ll take off. Now the idea is to do
this where it’s the least amount of stress for the
animal, of course, right. So what I want to do is get a fuzzy mouse that’s about one to one
and a half times the size of the animal’s head itself, right? Because if it’s too big,
there’s too much hanging out of it’s mouth, it’s gonna
be easy for the animal to spit it out. What you want to basically
do is get it in the mouth to the point where the animal feels like “Oh, I might as well eat this
because I can’t spit it out.” if that makes any sense. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna support its body, and I’m gonna very
gently just kinda grab it behind the head, again
taking as much time as needed to not stress the animal out. Just get it into a good position here, again slowly figuring out the position that is gonna be the
least amount of stress for the actual animal itself. And then I’m gonna take the
actual point of the mouse and I’m just gonna
slowly increase to where I get it in its mouth like that. Then I’m gonna slowly just
push a little bit down. I’m not gonna push a lot
but I want it to be like in its gullet a little bit. And then, because they
have that recurve teeth, I’m gonna be able to just slightly pinch the mouth together to where
it actually catches on it. Then the important thing
is to kinda just let go and let it right itself, right? So you don’t wanna just set it down. See how it’s hanging on right now? That’s what you actually want. Then I’m gonna gently set it down and hopefully it’s gonna
just kinda relax in here and it’s gonna wanna eat for me. I’m gonna back up and
just see what happens. You can start to see that
it just opened its mouth where it kinda starts to
do that, that crawl thing. See right there? (whispering) Now the big
thing is to kinda keep quiet. Don’t make motion, leave
it alone a little bit and hopefully right now, see it’s trying to spit it out but
hopefully it will eventually give up and just say “It’s
easier for me to eat this “than it is to spit it out.” So let’s just sit back
and see what happens. You can see it starting
to move it down now. Slowly see it actually trying to eat it. And this is actually teaching
the animal how to eat. Still not 100% committed to eating it yet but it’s getting there. Those little movements
there are good movements because it’s actually
learning how to eat right now. That’s why assist feeding
is so much more successful than force feeding. You’re still getting the
nutrients into the animal but the animal is actually teaching itself how to take meals. I typically see that a first time animal sometimes the first time
you put it in its mouth, like this one, will take it. Other times it’ll take two or three times of continuing patience to get it down. But this little lemonblast
here is starting to take it down perfectly. This is really good and I’ve noticed that normally between two and five feedings they’ll start to feed on their own. Now I’ll tell you guys in a later vlog what happens if you assist
feed more than five times and it’s still not feeding. There’s still some other
tricks to get ’em to eat. But I’m super happy that
this particular animal has almost done with the fuzzy right now. Looks really good. So it’s all wrapped up,
guys, there’s no doubt. So what you wanna do now is
get it back into its rack or leave it in its cage,
whatever the case may be. You don’t want any regurgitation issues. And that’s the kind of start of success of getting a baby ball python that isn’t feeding, feeding. I’ve got to just continue
to insist on the fact that don’t assist feed animals when you don’t know what’s going on. And a ball python that’s
only a week or two old doesn’t need to be assist fed. We only assist feed a ball
python if it’s refused three weeks in a row as a baby. So it’s already about four
weeks, maybe five weeks old before we do our first assist feed. I never want people to
take what I’m saying and then think “Oh, my snake hasn’t eaten “for a week or two, I’m gonna
go ahead and assist feed.” That’s the worst thing you can do, it’s too much stress on the animal. This is to save the animals’
lives that aren’t eating because that animal may never eat and if I didn’t assist feed it and
eventually get it eating, it could potentially perish. So that is a great technique, I hope that you guys learn something from that. Let me know in the comments
what you guys think and if you’ve ever had that experience or if you ever would. And if you ever get into a position where you have to do something
like this and you can’t, find someone that has done
it and they can help you through it and kinda teach you and mentor you through the process. (upbeat heavy bass music) Time for my girl, Verdi, to eat. Come on girl, you want some food? There you go, sweetheart. There she goes! Hoo, hoo, hoo! (laughs) She’s gonna be big before you know it. Maybe not as big as Ivy anytime soon, but at least she’s well on her way. Look at her, she loves
to eat now, I love it. Remember, she was a really
hard animal to get going. It’s good to see her crushing food now. And again, it kinda goes
back to my point about not panicking, right? I didn’t really push food down her throat or do anything like that,
I just had to slowly figure out how to get her to eat. So, and now that she’s eating,
she’s just crushing it. (upbeat music) So I’ve figured out with Ben and Jerry that you either get Jerry
to take food right away or if Ben grabs it first,
you just have to wait til Ben’s about halfway
done and then Jerry typically takes it. It’s just weird how you
can learn that stuff. So I’m gonna try to
get Jerry to eat first, that way he’s going big time. See if I can get him over there. Oh, oh, oh! Nope, Ben got it. (laughing) Typical Ben. Ben is such a stingy little dude. So what happens now is typically Jerry won’t take it until Ben is well on his way to eating it but we’ll try. We’ll just see if Jerry wants something. But yeah, I didn’t think he would. What’s basically gonna
happen now is that Jerry’s gonna be just kinda
waitin’ for Ben to get done and then once Ben kinda gets things going, Jerry’ll typically take it. So I’ll just wait a few minutes here and hopefully Jerry will take something. There Jerry goes! Again, it’s really wild how
you learn your animals, right? And you don’t panic because remember when I first got Ben and
Jerry, Jerry didn’t eat for, gosh, about four months
or something like that. I didn’t really know
how to get him to eat. So I didn’t panic, I didn’t assist feed, I didn’t force feed, I
didn’t do anything like that. I just kinda figured out
how to get him going. And it’s so weird, again,
if Jerry doesn’t take it right off the rip, then Ben takes it and Ben has to be like halfway done before Jerry feels comfortable
enough to take the food. So bizarre but still pretty awesome So again, sometimes you know
when an animal isn’t eating, it’s just about getting
to know your animal. I hope that this helps you
if you’re keeping snakes or thinking about keeping snakes, when you should panic,
when you shouldn’t panic, what you should do if
those situations happen. Again, always reach out to
us if you have any questions, we’re always willing to help. If you like this video,
can you go ahead and check this other video out,
I think you’ll like it. Over here, you can run
through a whole playlist of cool feeding stuff,
over here you can hit that subscribe button. While you’re at it, can you turn those post notifications on. Remember to have an
absolutely beautiful day and you better be kind to someone. I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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