My Pet Gecko Bimbling Around The Garden (LIZARD RUN)

My Pet Gecko Bimbling Around The Garden (LIZARD RUN)

Robo 500 , wait , are you bimbling? Woah , you should be enjoying that! I bet one day you’ll be one of a kind! You little one probably love the Sabbath cause ya get to bimble. Wanna sing a song? Let’s do da gecko dance! Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!!! Oh my gecko , you sure are such a good gecko! I wonder where Robo 499 has gone , eh? Nah , he probably likes it lonely , poor thing Maybe you could play with him later on. Erm… Robo 500 where are you even hell goin’? Erm.. watch out Robo 500 you have crashed! It’s OK , you can still carry on bimbling! let’s just hold you there you go! you bimble while I get food ready Bye! See you in 5 minutes. No Robo 500 , don’t get Tony Chesnut! Ouch Tony Chestnut , I’ll give you da aid! Robo 500 , never do that to Tony Chestnut again , OK! Thank you for watching! Please note that this video has age verification and Subtitles/VS

Randy Schultz

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3 thoughts on “My Pet Gecko Bimbling Around The Garden (LIZARD RUN)

  1. T Bone says:

    That Crazy lizard bites lol

  2. Pixie Pop says:


  3. Isabelle Asher says:

    Hi zac good video I have subscribed liked and pressed the notification bell have a good day xxxxxxxxx

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