My Little Pony Custom Mistmane Unicorn and Dragon – Campfire Tales

My Little Pony Custom Mistmane Unicorn and Dragon – Campfire Tales

hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s Toy House
today we’re making a brand new My Little Pony custom we will be making Mistmane.
Mistmane is part of a question legend whose story was told by rarity in campfire tales to make her I’m gonna be using princess cadence and this is
because she has a very elegant body and also a longer horn so I can’t wait to
see what Mistmane is gonna look like let’s get started the first thing we’re
gonna do is cut off the main and this is because we’re going to redo the hair so
we’re going to cut off the original hair and we’re also going to cut off the tail
will also be cutting off the wings Mistmane is a unicorn and has no wings next using acetone I’m going to remove
the glitter on her feet we need to take out the remaining hair
to do this we’re going to take off her head and underneath her head you can see
there’s a little neck plug that we need to remove using an exacto knife we’re
going to carefully cut around this plug and take it out now we’re gonna reach in
with our long nose pliers and remove the remaining hairs the next thing I’m gonna
do is using some oven-baked clay and build her outfit so we’re gonna start
with her shirt I’m using a light shimmery blue and so using flat pieces
I’m just going to patch it over her body in the shape of her shirt then using a
lighter blue color we’re gonna add a collar taking a darker blue stacked with a
lighter blue we’re going to wrap this around her waist taking another flat
piece I’m going to fold it into the shape of a bow and place it on the front this is what she looks like right now
she looks really cute I also use some clay to make her horn a little bit
curved the next thing I’m gonna do is reshape the eyes I’m going to be using
white and draw over Cadence’s eyes and the reason why we’re doing this first is
because I want to make sure the eyes are balanced once we have the general shape
of the eyes and when paint the body a very light pinkish lavender color to add gradient colors to a hose and her
horn I’m going to be using a sponge so we’re gonna put a little bit of white
next to her pinkish lavender and we’re going to sponge it onto her horn and
also her feet now we’re ready to finish the eyes using black I’m going to line
her eyes give her some lashes using a darker lavender color we’re
gonna color in her eyeshadow then using a light green color we’re
going to color her irises now gonna give her black pupils now gun dot our eyes with white and
finally we’re going to paint in her cutie mark so I’m going to shades of
green for this Mistmane has flowy mane and tail very
similar to Princess Luna and Princess Celestia instead of using hair like I
usually do I’m gonna be making some hair wefts using a critic yarn I’ve used this
technique before for fluffle puff so if you have not seen how that’s done you
can go to that video to see how I do it this is the end result of brushing out
the a credit yarn I’m using white this time because I didn’t want to buy a
whole roll of green yarn just for one pony so this time we’re going to color
it using pastels before we straighten out a hair I’m going to take my pastels
in different colors are green and we’re going to just rub it into the hair so
we’ll start with a lighter green and then a darker green and even mix in a
little bit of blue with a hair colored I’m gonna take my flat iron I’m going to
turn it on and straighten out the hair and look at that is looking pretty
really nice now that the hair is nice and straight you’re gonna cut it off and
glue down the ends and again even let’s see a more detailed video of this you
can watch my fluff up up video which has it in a little bit more detail now we’re
gonna glue the hair on I’m going to start with the bangs and then we’re
gonna work our way down the head and then for the tail we’re going to
take a bit of his hair and roll it up and we’re going to roll it up again with
another bit of hair until we have it about the size of her tail and now we’re
going to attach it to her back the next thing I want to do for this custom is to
make the dragon miss Maine uses her magic to make a dragon to fight Sable
spirit and I just think that dragon is really cool I’ve already shaped the head
out of oven baked clay and now we’re going to add some whiskers to it and also lengthen the rest of the body and to make it more stable I’m going to
use a piece of wire so we’re going to stick this through the head and shape
the rest of the clay around the wire to make the belly of the Dragon I’m going
to use a flat piece of clay I’m going to notch it all the way down and then we’re
going to put this on the belly part of the dragon and here is a dragon all
baked and it’s looking really really cool so now we’re going to paint it I’m
going to be using pearl paint so go and start with a white one first to give it
a coat of white and then we’re going to go over it with green over there one so we are done with Mistmane what do you guys think I think it’s a really good idea to use the clay
for her outfit because that gives it a really nice dimensional look like she’s
actually wearing something and the other thing that I really like is the hair so
I always thought about the flowy hair that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna
had and wanted to mimic it and finally you after I did the puff I thought you
know what we can do this for hair too so I thought this would be a great way
to kind of show the mane and a tail flowing and another lesson that I
learned is that I don’t need to buy the yarn in the colors that I need instead I
just buy the white ones and then color it which turned out really great too
because now you can see different gradients of green in here there’s the
little bit of the lighter green and in here there’s that darker green inside so
I thought that turned out really cool and it kind of has that little flowy
effect because this hair is is really soft and it cost stands up on its own
little bit you’re kind of like troll hair so I think she turned out really
cool looking but of course I wanted to make this dragon she’s one of the
question legends and so I thought she needs to have a magical creature to go
with her so I made this dragon inside it and that’s holding it up is this piece
of wire which really helped in and shaping it and also baking it there is
not a lot of details on usually a part would put scales or something like that
but being that this is a mystical creature is more of them kind of an
energy I just thought you know I’ll paint it with a pearl color and we can
kind of just put it next to Mistmane here and she’ll look great so here she
is with the dragon right next to her so I thought it was kind of cool effect
the dragon kind of blends into her hair – all right so let me know down below in
the comment section what you think of my Mistmane custom and if you guys like this video
make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time

Randy Schultz

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