– Good job, Casper, yeah that is awesome, I’m so excited, he finally ate! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon bud. (upbeat music) Hey, good morning everybody,
welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day
is absolutely incredible, I’m pretty excited, I mean,
it’s not like a huge triumph, but look at this little monkey right here. This is actually the
first Stimson’s python that we ever produced. Now the bad side is there were three eggs, and you can see that two
of the three went bad and only one little baby hatched out, but what a cute little monkey it is! I am just so excited to finally produce Stimson’s pythons, one
of my favorite little pythons from Australia,
so that is so cool. Hey, maybe next year we’ll
produce more than just one. Regardless, let’s head over to the shop. We have a busy feed day
over here at the Reptarium, but I’m still trying to
get Toothless to get going. I mean, again, it seems
hydrated, seems okay, but I still haven’t seen it eat. I’ve heard that fish really works well, so I’ve got a little piece of fish here, and I’m hoping this will
maybe entice him to eat. Toothless, you wanna try? (upbeat music) Not interested in taking it off the tongs. I’ll leave a little dish in
here with a bunch of fish and just hope, but I tell
you what, I am really starting to stress out about Toothless. I talked to Kevin, I think
there’s a good chance I might send Toothless
back and see if Kevin can get him going and then send him back when it’s maybe a little
bit more established. I’m not sure what else to do. Toothless certainly has me stressed out, but we have a lot of snakes to feed today, so let’s just go ahead
and get right to it. Starting with my girl, Sunrise. Here you go girl, here you go. Oh, yeah, woohoo! That was a strike, she was ready to eat. (upbeat music) I love feeding Lucky, the Amazon tree boa. What’s up bud, you ready to eat? Ready to eat? C’mon, din din. Din din. (growls) Ah, there you go, guy. (laughs) For such an active striker
when you have him out, he doesn’t really strike
a whole lot for eating, but he absolutely is amazing! My girl Sunny, she’s
usually pretty energetic about feeding, so let’s see
if she wants to eat today. Here you go girl. (crunches) Yes, there you go girl, up you go. Yep, as always, she eats well. (relaxed music) I am super happy that the
mangroves snake way back there has really settled into
it’s cage really well and eats really good. We actually feed it frozen chicks. It doesn’t take ’em off of
tongs, it doesn’t eat ’em, it eats ’em overnight. So basically all we do,
just set it down right here and the last four or
five weeks we come back, and it’s gone in the morning. This strawberry pineapple horned frog always seems like she’s hungry. You gonna eat, girl? (laid-back music) And that’s pretty much
it, I’ve got a few other horned frogs to feed,
including Snoop Frog. I am getting such a
kick out of these frogs. Oh my gosh are they cool. There’s something wrong with
me, I’ve become a frog addict. (laughs) Snoop frog is amazing, remember, he was this big, now look
at this chunky monkey. You never get to see this, check this out. – Let me see what, oh my God, holy crap, that happened really fast. – I know, so our friends
that came from Texas to visit us brought us a monarch cocoon, just literally like three days ago– – That is crazy! – And it’s already hatched. – Wow. – Isn’t that awesome? – Yeah, that is shocking. (laughing) – I don’t know what we’re
gonna do with it now. – Well, I mean, we’re
gonna let it loose, right? What are we gonna– – I don’t know, is that what you do? – Well, I don’t think
you keep a butterfly– – Let me know in the comments. I mean, can we just let it loose? I mean, it’s cold outside,
I gotta make sure, I wanna make sure, or do I set it up? Let me know in the comments
what I do with a monarch. – Well, I guess we could just let it free in the (inaudible). (laughs) – Isn’t that thing awesome? – Wow, yeah, that’s really cool. – I didn’t even think it was gonna hatch. (laughs) Oh my god, that is out there. – Three days later, there you go. – Oh my gosh. Casper’s only been with us a couple weeks, but he’s yet to take a rat so
let’s hope he eats this time. Casper you want to try to eat, bud? Wanna try to eat? (crunch) Oh yeah, good job Caspar. That is awesome! I’m so
excited he finally ate. Oh my god, well at least he took a rat, let’s hope he eats now, but oh my gosh, that means he’s settling in great. I’m so excited about this! (chill music) I am so happy that
Casper actually did eat. You have no idea what a relief that is because it’s such an amazing animal and I knew that Kevin
said it was a great animal but until it gets here, settles in completely different
environment, now it’s eating, now I know that he loves it here. Oh my god, I’m so happy for Casper. This’ll be the first time
that we’re offering food to the blood python over here at the zoo. She was eating over at BHB,
but I don’t know what’s gonna happen with this one,
so let’s see if she’ll eat. Wanna eat girl, wanna eat? (upbeat music) She doesn’t seem interested in striking, but I’m gonna go ahead an
leave the rodent in there and just see if she’ll eat it overnight. Some of these animals do
take two, three, four weeks of adjusting before they
get ready to eat over here. We’ve seen this with so many animals, so I’m not worried about her, but for now ill just leave it in there
and check back later. That’s the thing, you
know, some of these animals adjust really quickly. Remember, they’re used to
kinda living in a rack, which is a closed environment. They don’t have a lot of hustle
and bustle, now they’ve got big glass windows, they’ve
got people walking around. All this stuff, some
animals adjust really quick, others take a while. We’ve been really lucky
and only had to pull a couple animals off exhibit, like Rico, and as soon as Rico got next door, he started eating and acting his old self. So, hopefully the blood python
will turn out pretty soon. I’m imagining she will. Here’s another one of my cool fat frogs. (upbeat music) C’mon, let go, let go. Oh, you chunky monkey (laughs). It tried to eat my tweezers. It is important when you’re
feeding frogs like that to not just feed rodents, you
have to vary their diet up, because they could be unhealthy for them just to eat rodents. What do you say we feed Elvis? He’s still beefing up
and he is doing so good, so we’ll let him come out
and get a little food. C’mon Elvis, c’mon, bud. C’mon, over here. Hey, over here. Elvis, c’mon, down here. Good job, buddy, good job. Whoa, whoa, that was quick! My goodness gracious, buddy. There you go, bud. Good job, Elvis, oh my gosh. Literally my little dinosaur,
and this is what’s amazing about him is then afterwards you can just pet him on the head like nothin’. He’s not aggressive, he’s
not tryin’ to eat me, I mean you gotta be smart, you know, don’t just put your finger in his mouth or something like that but he
is such a beautiful animal. You’re such a good boy, Elvis. Thank you so much for comin’ out. I absolutely love the way this
snake looks, the way it eats, the way it acts. I mean, its just such a beautiful snake. There you go girl, c’mon. There you go. Ooo, doggy how amazing is that! Look at how gorgeous that is. Again, that’s one of the
things I’ve been saying I love about these cages. Look at how she’s up on
that rock ledge right there, she’s hanging down. This is really what they
would be doing in the wild, just something like this. Oh my god, I get excited
every time I see this. (chill music) This black-headed python,
Crackle, is so amazing. Look at this thing right now, oh my gosh. C’mon now bud. Oh my gosh, how amazing is that. Oh my gosh. Course this is Crackle, Pop and Snap are next door,
the black-headed pythons, but what a gorgeous snake. (chill music) This mexican black king is
usually a pretty good eater. Let’s see what he’s got
going on, he’s hiding in the back though so I don’t
even know where his head is. Where you at, bud, where you at? Oh there you are, there you come. There you go, there it is. (chill music) I’ll be honest, this corn
snake here is probably one of the most underrated snakes here. Every time we bring him
out people love him. His name is Mazy, and
he’s just a great snake and always happy to eat. You ready to eat, bud, ready to eat? Oh there you go, there you go. There you go, buddy. (chill music) I’ve mentioned it a bunch
of times in the past that we wanna have the zoo not
only a place you can come, and visit, and do tours
and birthday parties, and all kind of events like this, but we also want to give
back to the community as much as we can too, so tonight
we’re actually opening up from five to seven for trick-or-treaters. They can come in if they have a costume. It’s completely free, no cost to anyone. The parents get in free,
everything like that, we pass out candy. I don’t know if two
people are gonna show up or 100 people are gonna
show up, I have no idea. I’m thinking probably
realistically 20 or 30 people cause we haven’t had like this big thing and it’s only local people,
and so unless you follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, or
Instagram, which I suggest you do, you wouldn’t have
know the event was tonight. We’re gonna go ahead and
open up here in a minute and just have fun for a
couple hours and hopefully there will be a bunch of kids
that come in with a bunch of really cool costumes and we
can show ’em some cool animals. Alright, so we are ready for
the trick-or-treaters to come. Hopefully they will. We’ve got fog machines over here, we got lightning over here, screams. We’ve actually have some
spooky stuff over on here when it gets a little darker. So hopefully we’ll get some
kids, again we might get five kids, we might get
no kids, I have no idea what’s gonna happen, but
we are ready if they come. We have our first people here. Oh my gosh you’re a crocodile– – No, I’m a raptor. – [Narrator] You’re a raptor? (parents laughing) Oh my god, you’re a raptor.
We got a spooky spider. (inaudible) – Why would I be a crocodile? – [Narrator] Because I love crocodiles. Iron Man! – [Mother] No, Hulkbuster. – [Narrator] What is it? – [Mother] Hulkbuster. – [Narrator] What? A Hulbuster. – [Mother] I don’t know
how to turn him on. – [Narrator] It’s a Hulkbuster Iron Man. We’ve been having a good time so far. Not a ton of kids have come,
maybe 15 or 20 kids have come, but it’s kinda cool in here because we’re just having a good time. I think Lauren’s gonna eat all the candy if we don’t give it away. So I hope more kids come so we
don’t take any of that home, but its been a fun event, I
love Halloween, I love it. That concludes our Halloween
here at the Reptarium, and again it wasn’t a ton
of kids that showed up, but the ones that did had great costumes. We had a great time and I
just love the fact that we can be part of the community. Again, I love the night,
it was so much fun. I loved it with the dark in here, we had the fog machine
goin’, the scary music, everything like that. So regardless, I am ending
the vlog and I am gonna wish you guys an absolutely
amazing day/evening, whenever you happen to be watching. As I say every single day your support means the world to me. Honestly, I do love you guys. Can you do me a couple favors
before you get outta here? Can you smash that like button, let’s get this video over 10,000 likes. Leave a comment down below
so I can read about you guys. You better turn those
post notifications on. I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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