My First Reptile!!

My First Reptile!!

Hi guys, so today I am going to be doing a vlog of getting my new chameleon If you have been watching my channel If you have been watching my channel for a while or seen any other of my vlogs, you would know that I kind of like to vlog Getting my pets and I think it’s really fun. And I love watching those videos on YouTube when they’re giving the animals Correct care because a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing, but that’s a completely different video in this video I’m gonna show you guys me getting my chameleon. So today is Saturday I don’t know the actual date but on Tuesday, that is when I am going to go pick up my chameleon So I actually ordered him from an amazing breeder called kammerflage kreations and I will have their website linked down below because I love it and they take wonderful care of their Chameleons and some people may find it weird that they’re gonna ship a chameleon, but it is done correctly and it is fine In fact, it was even like too hot over in their area where they are located and it was pretty hot over here, too So they decided to delay the shipping to a week later So that is why the chameleon is coming on Tuesday and not like earlier. So I actually purchased the chameleon a few weeks ago I don’t know the exact date. I’ll put it right here (july 14), but I kind of have mostly everything set up I think I need a few more things, but I can get those later I am ready and I’m so excited to get the chameleon which I will be vlogging for you guys I apologize for the spotty lighting right now because the sun is shining through and going through a window So there’s really nothing I could do about that. But I am going to begin this video by just Showing you its setup and the cage and all of its stuff that I have for it so far I’ll try to keep it interesting because I know a lot of people will probably just skip to the part in the video where I Actually get the chameleon and I can’t blame them because I would do the same thing But I’ll just try my best because I want to show you everything in case some of you guys are actually curious about it so anyway We’ll just get started with that and then I will show you guys me getting the chameleon That’s so weird All right, so this is its little corner at the moment it’s kind of messy thank you sun for this little area it’s just Just the greatest thing, but I am going to be getting a big plastic tub so I can put all the Extra things in it because obviously it’s all across the floor and that’s not how it’s going to be The cage is a 2 by 2 by 4 dragon strand cage Which I know that reptibreeze has a cage like this and it’s the same size and I’m pretty sure it’s a little bit Cheaper, so I have some stuff on two sides of the cage obviously chameleons need ventilation So I’m not going to block off all of it But these are the size of the cage that are kind of against the wall anyway, so it should be fine I just don’t want to spray the Water through the mesh and then it gets on the wall or gets on the carpet and becomes moldy So and then on the ground, this is just one of those mats that you put under rolling chairs This is the cricket keeper and it’s like right here because I need to get crickets at some point in time We went to go get some but they were sold out of the small crickets. So we’re going to wait and get some of those I have this cricket quencher, and I don’t know how I feel about this because It just doesn’t seem like something I want to be putting into my chameleon Obviously through the feeder insects. That’s the ingredients in case you’re wondering let me know what you guys think about this I’ve seen other people use this and don’t really have a problem with it But I don’t know why I just feel kind of skeptical about it. I’ve gotten zip-ties because you gotta have zip ties Most of the things in this cage are held up with zip ties if those didn’t exist I don’t think chameleons would exist as pets I’ve got some junk on the table So I ended up not using the reptile carpet I just didn’t like it and it wasn’t really working with the dimensions in the cage then I have just like extra pieces and stuff. We used to set up the cage Here is my automatic misting system the monsoon multi. I also don’t know how I feel about this I kind of didn’t know about the mist King because I know that’s a commonly used Mister for reptiles but the nozzle over here in this corner I don’t know if you can see it, but that one over there does work so it comes with two nozzles But this one over here doesn’t so I need to get another nozzle so that the chameleon actually gets some misting I’ve got just some extra things over here that I have been using for the setup. They’re not really important to this video So we’re not gonna focus on this area at the moment, but we’ve got my little timer back here So here’s my zoo Med timer I did not realize that this thing had a day and a nighttime setting so I had to get another one which is this one Right here, but this one is broken. I don’t know if it’s broken or if I just don’t know how to use it But we tried basically Everything so the only way that I can really get the timer to work is to plug this one Into this one and the timer works fine, it’s good So that’s how I’ve solved the problem and that’s how the timing system works or the lights. *Bug Warning* #1 ooh YUM, okay, I’m gonna show you the feeders that I have at the moment. Oh Can you hear that? Oh. my. gosh. So if you can’t tell these are super worms, I don’t remember how many I got it’s not a lot Oh my gosh, it sounds like fizz. So I kind of need to clean this out or Redo their little area cuz it’s my thing would focus, that’d be great cuz it’s a little bit messy I need to clean everything out in here. But at the moment these are my feeders and they are being gut loaded with kale blackberries and carrots I Really hate bugs. So if you guys want to see my journey of owning an insectivore pet with a traumatic fear of bugs continue watching This channe (subscribe plz!) l. So yeah, I really don’t like these I have a really horrible fear of bugs But it’s kind of weird because if it was a pet pet type of bug that’s like a tarantula or a scorpion I’m fine with that. But if it’s like a feeder insect or any other kind of bug outside, I cannot deal with that Oh, yeah. Okay. I also didn’t show you the spray bottle, but this has been my Temporary thing if I didn’t own this, I think I would literally have no alive plants in here. Okay. So here’s the overview So you have the linear UVB on the top and then a 100 watt Basking bulb the 50 watt that I showed you guys in the chameleon hall. That one just didn’t really work as well for me So we upgraded to a 100 watt I’m not going to have the basking bulb directly over any of the Branches in here just because I don’t want the chameleon to be burned But I’ll keep an eye on this and I’m just trying to find the correct placement for that but this is the temperature for the top of the cage and then there’s the little thing and this is the bottom of the cage and there’s the little measurement thing there ahaha i don’t Know what I’m doing. So the first plant I happen to be filming this on a day where I don’t have any blooms But this is the hibiscus and this is a yellow hibiscus I don’t really know exactly the name of it or anything like that But it has a few blooms that are about to bloom. I guess then I have my air plant I don’t know exactly what all these are called. I think it’s a bromeliad, but it’s so pretty and I love it And then I have a boh-gen-veel-uh bougainvillea bougainvilleabougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvillea bougainvilleahuaghishvihreihgnsjdcihgwonv uh i don’t really know how to say any of these plants bougainvillea, but I didn’t know this when I got it but apparently there’s thorns on it I looked up if anyone had trouble with thorns being on their plants and a lot of people said that they’re chameleons are smart enough to not prick themselves so hopefully that will be okay and then I have Pothos which is a pretty common plant to be in chameleon cages It’s grown so much since I’ve got it Obviously because it’s a vine you can kind of see this leaf is so big you will notice inside of the pots of all of these plants that there are rocks and that’s just so that the chameleon will not Accidentally ingest any soil because that can be bad for them. So I also have a mug because I’m not planning on having any free roaming insects that just kind of scares me So they’re gonna be in a cup for cup feeding. That’s just how I’m gonna do it You can do it differently, but that’s what I’m gonna do And we’ve also got a little dripper up at the top it’s there and it’s pretty cool so at this point there is quite a lot of foliage in the Back, but not a lot in the front And also I feel like I could add quite a few more branches and stuff in here So as I own the chameleon, I would probably be acquiring more things for it to rest on but for now This is what it looks like and I’m very very happy with it. And it’s like my favorite cage out of all my pets So far, okay, the Sun literally moved on to my face. Oh my gosh I am so happy with the cage setup that I have right now. I am just really excited to get my capeleon dhshdt-chameleon I’m just really excited to get my chameleon So I guess I’ll update you on whatever happens next if that is getting my chameleon or if I have some other stupid thing that I need to talk about and then We will both be able to meet my new chameleon name’s Rango hey captain look at the camera Are you excited about getting a? new friend That’s so exciting. I’m really glad that you’re excited about it How are you enjoying sleeping on this chair right now? That’s pretty cool, too In all seriousness though. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to let you hang out with my chameleon I just don’t think I trust you that well Like, how do you how do you think that you would do with a chameleon would you try to eat it? He wants me to go away, okay, bye captain So I said that if I had an update and it was stupid I would show you guys and I have a stupid update for you guys. So I’m gonna show you it Okay so I ordered this in the mail like a long time ago and I don’t even know if I’m gonna include this clip in the Video because it has no point at all, but look at this It’s a little chameleon and what you do is you put it on your little cables and then you can Use the cables As normal and it like I guess protects it and just act really cute. So it’s a veiled chameleon It’s so cute. So that’s my little stupid update So it is Sunday right now, and we actually just got the crickets that I will be feeding that’s also an exciting update and I guess I just have to wait two more days. And then I will show you the actual chameleon Getting I’m gonna get the chameleon on Tuesday Hello, everyone So it is 8:30 in the morning and we are about to go pick up the chameleon I do have two hibiscus blooms at the moment Which is really pretty and also I have a tub To put all of the chameleon stuff in so it’s not all over floor in case you wanted to see some crickets There’s some in these little tubes. So that’s where we are right now. And so I’m about to go pick up the chameleon pumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppu spray spray spray spray yay water stay hydrated everyone yay woo spritz cool music while driving is a cool addition to the video.. what do you think?! (EXCEPT FOR WHEN THE VIDEO GETS A COPYRIGHT CLAIM BC I USED A SONG THAT I HAD RIGHTS TO!!!!!! !) you guys reading subtitles get some inside scoop on behind the scenes of videos: for example: i spent 2 hours trying to blur only a portion of the screen so you couldn’t see street signs, however, i couldn’t figure out how to blur two different things at once, so i just blurred the whole screen and i think it worked well lol mmk continue with the video w-h-a-t-is-th-a-a-a-a-t? wait theres something in this thing. mom- it’s an icepack oh awww baby! ohmygooooshhhh hes soooo cute ahhhhh [we hope you enjoy ur] first creation so cute look at the smiley face (its iconic) captain’s looking at him oep I wasn’t sure if he was going to be smaller than that because sometimes they come and they like fit on ur finger a snazzy bop in the background chameleon eating with his tongue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bop! crunchy cricks barnacle brain loser face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So as you can see, I’ve got my chameleon and I love him I think our whole family has fallen in love with him. There. He is I Can’t wait until he gets older and then his colors will start to show up a little bit more and Also, I just can’t wait till he’s bigger because I really want a big lizard. We actually ran out of crickets So we had to go Get some more at first. I wasn’t sure how many he would need so we started with 24, but we just went back and got a hundred more because he’s been Eating them and I don’t know how long they’re gonna last spontaneous pet store adventure with cool music! (don’t get too excited its pretty short) a bop!! He’s been eating a lot which is actually really good Because obviously he’s been in a box so I wasn’t sure if he would be like too stressed out to eat But he did which is really cool So at the end of this video, I’ll put a lot of his good pictures and I’ve gotten of him I haven’t had him for long, but I’ve gotten a few good pictures of him So I’ll show you guys those at the end of this video Also, ahh, okay. So while we were at the pet store getting more crickets I did get this little branch So I’m going to put this in the cage for him But yeah, that’s basically my little chameleon vlog in the next video I will be kind of showing you where I’m at and giving you some updates on him and also probably doing a little review of the breeder that I got him from so I hope you guys Will stick around for that video because you’ll probably learn a lot. Let’s play spot the chameleon. Where do you find him? i dunno how much information I’ve really said about him yet So he is a boy and he is four months old and his name is ditto obviously the word ditto means same and obviously there’s that stereotype that chameleons change color based on their Environment or like what’s behind them? That’s not true but I still think it’s a fun kind of play on words because it means same and Chameleons are the same as their background. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but that’s the story behind his name I thought it was a good idea Also ditto is a very unique Pokemon and he’s very funny (rango) so anyway, um, his coloring is an ambilobe panther chameleon, obviously and his more defined color is a yellow bodied blue bar panther chameleon I’ll put like pictures of his family up because his family is just gorgeous and I love his dad so much He has the prettiest most vibrant yellows the breeder did say that There is a lot of yellow potential in this boy Which I definitely see he has quite a lot of yellow yellows pretty much the best color in my opinion so I’m very excited about him and Can’t wait to see his colors develop and how big he gets Okay, so I’m gonna end the video now and stop rambling because I could probably talk about him for an eternity but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video and hopefully you guys love my new chameleon and I will be making more videos with him So I hope that you stick around for that. So anyways, I will see you guys all in my next video Oh, wait, where did he go? Oh, he’s right there. Okay. Bye a bop! also cute pictures! :>rango

Randy Schultz

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17 thoughts on “My First Reptile!!

  1. Artsy Animals says:

    Loved the vlog! Congrats on your chameleon; can’t wait to see more videos on your new pet! He’s so adorable and pretty aha. Hopefully you do get a yellow betta sometime- bettas are great fish :pp

  2. Gilianice Pulliza says:

    Love your videos new subscriber,can you do your daily pet routine with all your pets

  3. Victoria Raechel says:

    Ahhh!! I love chameleons so much!! I wish I could own one but my fear of bugs just wrecks that dream haha! But I’m happy to just be able to watch and see yours!

  4. Family Gliders says:

    What a great video

  5. Family Gliders says:

    Can you make what you feed your sugar gliders videos please I love sugar gliders and I actually have 2

  6. Pongowl says:

    Dawww, what a cute chameleon ( ´ ▽ ` )b


    Aww congratulations on getting him, he is so cute and very pretty! That long tongue of his makes me laugh ;D Interesting name and his family are gorgeous and so vibrant! I can't wait to see more of him! 😀 I also loved your little edits, they were hilarious! ;D Such a fun video!

  8. StormyRabbits says:


  9. JustMe 101 says:

    Congrats! Have fun with the cutie! ❤️💙 I quite like Komodo jelly pots sometimes, but just veg works fine for feeding crickets as long as you dust them

  10. Stevexotics 123 says:

    Please don’t do what she did a panther chameleon is very hard to care for being her first reptile. lot of her stuff is right but a lot of other stuff is wrong. if you are going to get a chameleon get a vaild chameleon. they are more forgiving then panther chameleon

  11. Noah Ashton says:

    I have a chameleon I named her sydney

  12. Maddi Lynn says:

    I would suggest feeding him by hand it really helps them bond with you more!😍😘

  13. Maddi Lynn says:

    You feed him 24 crickets 😂😭😭 nooo lmaooo only feed him like 4-6 daily hahah and when he is around a year around 10 maybe every 3 days

  14. Team Genesis Paintball says:

    Make sure you dust them and give your cham a good good soak every day they need it to clean their eyes. 4 minutes is good and I also don’t see a linear uvb bulb. I highly suggest them and they are a must when is comes to chameleons! Good luck with your new pet!

  15. Dawson McGee says:

    Do they have a live animal guarantee, or are they so good I won’t have to worry about that

  16. MysticDayGecko says:

    Chameleons don’t make good first reptiles, but then again if you know what you are doing then they can be great reptiles to keep.

  17. Butterfly Runaway says:

    Why is his name dildo??

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