Hello everyone it’s David here, today I’m gonna do “My First Time Tag” Let’s Start! First youtube video you ever watched. I think a video from Smosh, the Pokemon theme song… I think that was the first video I saw on youtube. First person you subscribed to on youtube. I don’t really know… I discovered the subscribe button after ages… So yeah… First Kiss Is with Mads, February 2014 First alcoholic drink Was when I was 5 years old… I don’t know how but someone was giving this glass of champagne to my dad and I was like “No, give it to me…I’m gonna bring it to my daddy, don’t worry” and this person gave it to me instead of bringing it to my dad I just drank it… Yeah, I was a pretty wild kid back then… First car Was when I was like 3 years old… and it was a plastic toy car or something and it was really big so I could drive it and stuff It was black…as my soul. no I’m joking…No, my soul is not black… First pet My first pet was a hamster First celebrity crush Must be Britney Spears guys… I remember listening to “Overprotected” and trying to dance to the song… I’m a 90’s kid! First real boyfriend My first real boyfriend is Mads and it’s the only boyfriend I ever had… The 10th of January 2014 I got together with Mads. Who was the first person to text you today? My mom was the first person to text me today… and she told me “Good morning, have a nice day. God bless you.” something in those lines… First movie you remember seeing It’s probably “Home Alone” and that’s why it’s one of my favorite movies… First sport you were involved in? Was basketball! I was 7 years old or something… It was my first year of elementary school and I was in the yellow team. First piearcing? Side labret…here I guess or here? and then I got a central and then I got a smiley But I removed them all because I got bored of them. That’s it for this week! Thank you so much for watching! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up Question of the week is : Who was your first celebrity crush? Let me know in the comments down below… I’ll see you next week! Stay cool and NyeFamily forever! Love you so much! Bye Bye…

Randy Schultz

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61 thoughts on “MY FIRST KISS…

  1. NyeDav says:

    In this video I'll tell you about my first time…
    (share this video if you want a to help me :3) 
    #NyeFamily forever ever ≡♥≡

  2. Antisocial Skeleton says:

    My first celebrity crush was Gerard Way or Oli Sykes :3 Great video, i love you! Nye family forever ever ever and ever ♡ ?❤

  3. Shyrin says:

    First celebrity crush was probably Daniel Radcliffe, just because I've always been a huge Harry Potter fan cx

  4. It'sLejla yayyy says:

    My celebtity crush was dylan from suite life with zack and cody

  5. Stiggy333 says:

    Mine was Tootie from The Facts of Life.

  6. Ilikewarmhugs says:

    Loved the video ❤ I'm not sure who was my first celebrity crush I've had so many ? but the first band that I liked (it was when I was eight) was The Baseballs so maybe them?

  7. sunny walters says:

    Your hair look awesome and I love this video ? my first crush was demi lovato she's my fav crush of all time ?

  8. Jana Hatake says:

    You're hair so beautiful ? and this Video was so amazing ? NyeFamily <3

  9. Bethany Jayne says:

    First celebrity crush was David Tennant in 2006 (I was about 6 or 7) When I saw him on Doctor Who :3

  10. Megan Mi says:

    I can't stop thinking of how your eyes match your hair. It's really awesome!

  11. Aries Nighthex says:

    My first crush was lance bass of Nsync I knew then that I was gay 😀 hehe

  12. Nadss says:

    my first celebrity crush was hayley williams .-.

  13. Roger Rabbit says:

    "Yah i was a pretty wild kid back then" haha ur so cute ^v^

  14. Ltheartist says:

    My celebrity crush is Niall horan

  15. Little Owl says:

    I never had a celebrity crush O.o I'm not normal ;-; but the video was perfect <3 you're perfect u.u' I love you ^^
    You're my…bæ '-' :3

    Byeee ^-^

  16. Faith Jones says:

    Lol "my car was black like my soul" I love you so much! And my first celebrity crush was Nick Jonas ? yeah I don't know why

  17. Dip_Dab says:

    Adam lambert ??

  18. Isaac T says:


  19. Andy Coffey says:

    My first was Elijah wood from lord of the rings

  20. Wortee Flex says:

    My first and still lasting celebrity crash was for John Barrowman.I just love him♥

  21. keith colby says:

    My first celebrity crush was Daniel Radcliffe , Dav I love your hair color it's amazing and the video today was awesome.

  22. Giulia Albanese says:

    Your eyes are the same color of your hair what a cutie ?

  23. Lee says:

    love it my first cleb crush was justin beiber aww this so embaresing but i hate him now

  24. Mel Esparza says:

    Oww, cute 😀 I love your blue hair 😀 my first celebrity crush was Demi Lovato when i was 9 years old <3

  25. Katerine Ortiz says:

    I love all ur videos, OMG
    You look very good with that color <3 it fits with you <3
    I love that ur first kiss was with mads OMGGGG KAJDHSKSNDJ
    I think that my first crush was Michael Jackson and I still love him, he's special for me…
    Keep doing videos! Love you

  26. Caliente Chinito says:

    My first celebrity crush was Jennifer Love Hewitt!

  27. Lissette Mendoza says:

    My first celebrity crush was Joe Jonas! I remember fighting over him with my best friend saying who loved him more lol! :3

  28. CHIN CHIN says:

    i think my first celebrity crush was Zac Efron 

  29. kat mcdavid says:

    First celeb crush…..Zac efron

  30. Frankie Iero says:

    Awww my boyfriend is the same for me, my first real boyfriend <3

  31. Grace Onofre says:

    My firsh celeb crush oh gahh ??? um i believe it was Andy Biersack ✌

  32. Angie Correa says:

    I think it was zac efron after watching high school musical I don't really remember

  33. David Dust says:

    My first celeb crush was Britney Spears too!!!! I got really obsessed with her right before she "freaked out" and started getting less "kid friendly" and my mother made me stop listening to her :p

  34. mels donut says:

    I think my first celebrity crush was either brendon urie or jared leto when I was about 7 hahahaha, something like that.

  35. Kyle Hoggard says:

    My first celebrity crush…….. I believe…. I think it was Tom Cruise. Cuz I watched a lot of Mission Impossible movies. 🙂 love the hair by the way

  36. Bri Hoffman says:

    Niall Horan from One Direction

  37. 눈에 넣어도 아프지 않다 says:

    my favorite part of the video was 
    "it was black…like my soul no i'm soul is not black" 
    omfg David 

  38. Dakota Husky says:

    Celebrity Crush: Andy Biersack

  39. That Chrissy Girl says:

    Frankie Muniz from Malcome in the Middle :')

  40. Bread Lover says:

    You are awesome <33
    I think my first celebrity  crush was Ariana Grande. Rlly. I love her so freaking much.

  41. Anonymous Fandom says:

    My first celebrity crush was Emma Watson I saw her in Harry Potter and I loved her intelligence.

  42. Dom says:

    my first celebrity crush was Zach Eforn

  43. Shween Bean says:

    My first celebrity crush was Dwayne Johnson back in like 2009 when he wasn't all big and scary cx

  44. Upsidedown Llama says:

                 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
                ⊂  つ 
                 (つ ノ 
         \      ☆ 
                 |     ☆ 
              (⌒ ⌒ヽ   / 
        \  (´⌒  ⌒  ⌒ヾ   / 
          (’⌒ ; ⌒   ::⌒  ) 
         (´     )     ::: ) / 
      ☆─ (´⌒;:    ::⌒`) :;  ) 
         (⌒::   ::     ::⌒ ) 
        / (    ゝ  ヾ 丶  ソ ─

  45. Lyric Love says:

    I love your hair so much, sweetheart, it looks great c:
    And my first celebrity crush was probably Ariel from the Little Mermaid cx

  46. GoshiBurton says:

    Your hair is so cute ! x) And my first celebrity crush it's Bill the singer of Tokyo Hotel ._.""

  47. Levi Gerez says:

    I love your hair looks great :3  ≡♥≡
    And my first favorite celebrity was probably Zac Efron♥

  48. Miepjuh Zerosis says:

    one year annaversary <3 cuteee ^*^

  49. Kala benson says:

    my first celeberty crush was either high school musical zac efron or cry baby jhonny depp xD idk i liked both (still do…)

  50. Do u know De way says:

    Youre a brony? 😀

  51. Juanito Salinas says:

    It was robert patison

  52. Madaline says:

    You're just so adorable ouo

    I think my first celebrity crush was like Max Green, TJ Bell, Craig Mabbitt, Monte/Michael Money, Davey Hovok (the vocalist for AFI).. it's either one of those, I don't remember, don't judge meh ;-; o-o

  53. Ollie Pop says:

    Didn't know your accent

    Clicks on video

    Taken aback by your accent

    Enjoys accent

  54. zNayNayx _Burgos says:

    Haha like every other fan girl my celebrity crush was Andy Biersack and then it was you (you might not consider yourself as a celebrity but you are in my book haha) . I love your videos David especially when mads is in it , you two are just so cute together cx

  55. Samir Stylinson says:

    My first Celebrity crush was probably Bart Baker Yeah kind of weird I know 😛 Love you <3 :3

  56. Piink Fan says:

    My first celebrity crush was Zac Efron when High School Musical had just came out. I was really young (compared to me being 13 now) but I was convinced that I was going to be Mrs. Efron

  57. Georgie Thomas says:

    My first Crush was Cole Sprouse, from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody… I was a weird little boy.

  58. Megan Pierce says:

    I don't know why you have so little likes on vids… You should have millions! Love ya. <3

  59. Silver Melon says:

    My first celebrity crush was Serena Gomez back when I was around 8 or 9.

  60. That One Kpop Trash That Loves Baekhyun says:

    My first celebrity crush was Andy Biersack

  61. liv • says:

    My first celebrity crush was. Danisnotonfire..? I think but then Amazingphil and Josh Dun

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