Hi YouTube friends! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and today this video is about the snake diet. If you’re new to my channel, hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. So as many of you guys know I did a four day dry fast and I was able to lose 14 point four pounds. I’m sure that many of you guys are wondering if I was able to keep the weight off. And yes I was able to keep the weight off. When I did my reef eating, I did gain two pounds. But I managed to lose the two pounds by sticking strictly to a carnivore style of eating with no carbs. However, as I mentioned to you guys before I don’t want to have that type of eating lifestyle. I want to have carbs now it again. However carbs are not my friends. I seem to eat the wrong carbs…or I overeat or whatever. So I decided that I’m going to give the snake diet a try which means what I’m gonna be doing is I’m going to be alternating between 48-hour fasts and 24-hour fasts, but it’s going to be dry fasting and I feel like dry fasting seems to work better for me. I don’t know why but it does and I’m gonna be doing daily updates to let you guys know, um What’s going on? So I know you guys like receipts and you guys like the before and after. So I’m gonna go up now and show you guys what I look like now. I am wearing a tight pair of jeans. So that if there is any weight loss, it will be seen because for some reason my body seems to like to hold water. So I seem to weigh more than I actually look. That’s what I’m hearing in the comments. Okay? [Music] Okay, you’ve seen my starting weight, so I’ll see you tomorrow bye. Hello everyone, my apologies I said that I would come back after a day to give an update. However, things have been really hectic at home. So I am now back at the end of the week. To give you an update. So what I’ve been doing is I’ve been doing. I actually did a 48-hour fast at the beginning of the week. 48-hour dry soft fast meaning I haven’t had anything to drink in that 48 hours and also a soft fast means that I took a shower… brushed my teeth… all that great stuff… all that wonderful stuff that is needed. We are going to be around people. So and then the rest of the week what I did was a 22-hour dry soft fast and I had eaten window of two hours and in that two-hour window. I ate zero carbs. I have experienced a tremendous weight loss. I have surpassed my weight loss goal. And I’m actually wondering why didn’t I do this snake diet from the very beginning. I did all these other diets and I’m just wondering why did I not listen to those comments that told me if I wanted to lose my weight fast. Try the snake diet. So I want to say thank you to those people right now that recommended to snake diet to me. Thank you to the mentor of the snake diet Cole Robinson for coming up with such a fantastic way to lose weight. Alright, so I’m going to show you guys my before and after shot. [Music] As you guys can see there. I’m down 5.2 pounds I think that’s pretty tremendous. Moving forward….What I want to do is maintain this weight loss. I’m going to be doing twenty two hour dry fasts with a 2 hour eating window and I want to keep it a low carb. Once in a while I will have some carbs but I’m gonna have to be very choosy as to the types of carbs. I will do another update in a week. So I’ll see then. Bye! Hi YouTube friends. Alright, so I’m at the end of my two weeks. So I’m here to give an update. So this week I continued with snake diet. I dry fasted for 22 hours of the day and I had an eating window up two hours. I kept my meals zero carb with the exception of one day where I did have some berries with my dinner. Alright guys, I am really impressed with this new diet. I have no idea why I didn’t do this diet two years ago when I started this journey. I’m I am just so surprised at the results, but what I had wanted for my last update. I pretty much just wanted to maintain my weight loss but the snake diet has actually helped me to surpass that and I’ve actually dropped a little bit more weight this week. [Music] So moving forward I would like to just maintain my weight loss. I don’t want to get back into the 130s, but if I could just stay in the 120s More… around 125. I would be really really happy about that. So already I’ll be back. Week 3 I’ll be back at the end a week 3 to it. You guys know how I am doing. Alright…Bye! Hello everyone, it is the end of week three doing the snake diet and all that I had hoped for…my Expectations were… just to maintain the weight that I had lost and I wanted to stay at around 125! But surprisingly my weight has gone down a bit more. Um, what can I say about the snake diet. It’s absolutely working for me. I’m going to put the link or a link to the founder of the snake diet. His name is Cole Robinson and his channel is called the snake diet. Now I am NOT a doctor. I’m not a fitness professional. I’m not a healthcare professional. I’m just a mom that wanted to lose weight and found a way to do it. So by all means I’m not telling you guys to do what I did, but I’m going to put the link down below to Cole Robinson and I pretty much binge watched all of his videos. I would definitely recommend that you guys go and check out his channel. He also has a Facebook group. So go ahead and check out his Facebook. I will say that with Cole Robinson he kind of comes across as a bit of a drill sergeant. So I kind of want to warn you guys about that. However, I really feel like he knows what he’s talking about. He knows his stuff absolutely. I also have a Facebook group and it’s called Lola’s life lessons fasting friends. I’m also going to put that in a link down below and I hope you guys will come on down to the Facebook group, and we’re just a bunch of fun people in there. Don’t be shy. Don’t be shy to comment if you’re looking for support and dry fasting and losing weight. Please come down and come to my group. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and please share this video with everyone, you know. Alright.. well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe. Please like. Please share, and I want all of you guys to stay. Happy and healthy Bye

Randy Schultz

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  1. Bon.Vivant says:

    Bravo!! πŸ‘

  2. Ayisha Farhana says:

    Did u drink snake juice?

  3. Zephyr OnFire says:

    Hi Lola! It’s Mary here! You are so tiny! I’m so thrilled for you and guess what? You are completely inspiring me. I have had some carbs, that’s for sure…pizza/beer…just a lot of bloat and over indulgence. I had done the snake diet for 21 days last year. Lola, I am strongly considering a 10 day fast (if I can) starting Monday. I have a goal to lose fat and of course, summer is coming. Anyway, my goal is to get down to the 150’s-60’s but I’m in the 180’s now. Wish me luck girl! πŸ™‚ Your Canadian friend! Ps…thinking of 10 day fasts for April, May & June.

  4. Duncan Duncan says:

    Great job Lola. I just woke up and my last meal was Saturday night at 11pm. I'm going to do this 22 hour dry fast starting now.

  5. kbd85lw3 says:

    Your results are amazing! Curious about how much water you drink each day. Also, are you making the snake juice recipe? If so, do you drink it during the refueling time only?

  6. sparklermp70 says:

    Good job. What are you eating during your 2 hour window? Are you counting calories or macros or are you just eating until you are satisfied?

  7. Veronica Spencer says:

    How tall are you?

  8. Cheyenne So says:

    Congratulations Lola ! I already had a dry fast of 5 days and then intermittent fasting 16/8. I will also try what you did and see the effects it will have on me. Thank you for your video. A little question, what is the music in your video that starts at 5.04 please?

  9. none given says:

    You are killing it Lola! Ps Nu Salt instead of sea/pink salt help you not retain water. Sip water don't chug it..monitor your daily fluid intake 8 cups a day was desired when we all worked outside.

  10. none given says:

    Nu Salt is salt substitute..its potassium

  11. Dani Alex says:

    I’m 5’5” too, but I weigh like 175lbs. 😩😒 I have so far to go. I’m a beginner and I’ve only made it 24 hours.
    How do you stay committed without giving in?
    How do you have a headache all day, but keep going?
    Do I need a coach or something?
    Why is this SO hard? 😩

  12. Dani Alex says:

    Around 130 and 124lbs, it’s hard to see the weight loss by just looking your stomach. It seems like you had some weight loss in your legs but I can’t tell with black jeans and your leg stance. πŸ€”

  13. not a pick me chic says:

    Dry fasting is not snake diet. Its dry fasting. However you look great!

  14. IsItThatGame? says:

    Hey there! I just have one qn…Does fasting to this level cause muscle loss??

  15. quietstormaps says:

    I eat one meal a day, and have a 1-2 hr eating window. I haven't tried consecutive dry fasts, but you've inspired me to give it a try for a week to see what happens. Your results are amazing….only difference, I will be eating high carb low fat. Thanks for posting your results.

  16. Ildiko Brunner says:

    Great video, thank you so much for posting this. I have been on the snake juice diet now for about 1 1/2 months and love, love it. I am a bit scared to do the dry fasting, so I was wondering what you break your dry fast with? Do you drink before you eat? I just started working out as well and was wondering if you would be doing exercise, would you add some carbs?

  17. Cecilia Mitchell says:


  18. psychicoutlaw Chanel says:

    I now do IDF, intermittent dry, on the daily for as many hrs as I can, Cole does that now and goes to the gym as you know for his full body workout. I have seen my gray hair turn dark again after doing the IDF, heard others say the same thing, so it is part of my daily routine. I am lean as hell at 5'3" 106 lbs so I need to gain a little to be able to do a longer fast for more autophagy. Carnivore here. You look great, keep going Lola! Yay, another Snaker!!

  19. Lady YaYa says:

    Love this video! I love fasting with snake juice, just might try your 22 hr protocol! Thanks for putting it out there!

  20. Aishwarya Janardanan says:

    Hi Lola.. grt job! I'm on day 4 of my snake diet. So far so good.. I've lost 5.7 lbs. I hope to continue as long as I can.. day 4 has been a little difficult but u have just motivated me to go on with it.. thanks

  21. Get Money says:

    Are you ,exercising?

  22. Queenie ZL says:

    So is it the real snake extract?πŸ™„

  23. quotejoss says:

    Is that a fire place next to ya bath tub? If so, awesome

  24. Lola's Life Lessons says:

    Hi there: There has been a lot of interest in dry fasting. So I thought I'd create a facebook support group. Thank you so much for watching! Thank you to those that joined me in the chat!
    4 DAY DRY FAST (INSANE RESULTS) – Watch me shrink! – 14.4 POUNDS | NO EXERCISE!


    Please follow me here:

  25. Angel V says:

    Hi Lola, just curious, did you notice a big weight gain over the month since you departed from a full-time carnivore diet? I've lost weight on carnivore but only have small 1-2 lbs weight fluctuation when I eat carbs but I only do a small amount of carb, single serving type of food so nothing too crazy and almost never dessert like foods. After a day or so I go back to my low weight again. Interested in your experience before you started Snake dieting.

  26. special special says:

    Its so hard to fast and snake juice at work. Everyone thinks im embarrassed to eat lol

  27. Adrianne Holyfield says:

    Love your results! Subscribed!

  28. Voice Ninja says:

    Ideally you should have lost a lot more. Why didn’t you do a snake juice fast instead of doing an OMAD? That way you would have easily lost a hell lot more.

  29. Well Favoured says:

    What is this snake juice? Of all the reptiles, why snake?

  30. laura cristina matei says:

    You are beautiful and you inspire me!

  31. S Eld says:

    What do you mean by dry fast? So I’m confused. Do you only drink snake juice for 24-72 hours and then eat within a 2 hour window afterwards? For how many days? At what point do you start eating meals?

  32. GOD ShallSmiteYou says:

    Oh…. I didn't know you follow Cole!! I know you from the NatureNut video you made. 😎😎

  33. Zachary Hill says:

    You’re already in fine shape. Relax you ego but

  34. Myla G says:

    Literal queen

  35. Donna Self says:

    well done….I'm starting the snake diet this weekend….have lots of fat to lose

  36. paul muldoon says:

    Fasting is much more than weightloss

  37. madyson nichole says:

    after the 48 hours are u suppose to eat breakfast and dinner or just eat a little bit for that day and what did u eat ?

  38. tho shi says:

    Just becareful not to disappear. I lost 27lbs in 6 weeks on the snake diet. I feel great. I have 23lbs to go.

  39. LEANNE GOLIATH says:

    Hi, so do you drink water during your dry fast?

  40. Bia Gomes says:

    Hi Lola. Fist congratulations on your huge achievements, you look amazing.
    I really wondering if you could guide me thru on my journey too.
    I have kidney stones (2 surgeries in the last 10 years) still have more on the right one πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. I am used to fasting for long hours (20/21 hours) ODM. But I've tried the snake juice and successfully 39 hours fast. Looking forward to 48. Cant leave without my coffee plus temptations at home. Could you help me with your schedule/hours of fasting and food like please. Thank you in advance πŸ’‹

  41. Helena Cox says:

    How have you maintained your weight loss?

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