My BIG FAT Green Tree Frog!

My BIG FAT Green Tree Frog!

– Right here, guys, right
on the end of this log, look at that, they will
hide inside of mailboxes and they will actually
use that echoey sound to help louden their call
to draw in the females. – [Cameraman] Oh no, no, no. – [Coyote] Oh-oh. (dynamic jungle music) Under the light and heat of
the scorching, Australian sun, the outback looks
nearly inhospitable
for living creatures. The parched landscape is dappled with sparse trees
and dense underbrush, this is the type of environment we’d expect to find reptiles
like snakes and lizards, certainly not a
menagerie of amphibians. However, as the sun sets
and darkness creeps in, the nighttime temperatures
begin to cool, this atmospheric change
creates a comfortable setting, that allows the more
fragile animal species to emerge from hiding, without the threat
of being scorched by the intense daytime heat. Tonight we are out
exploring the wild lands of Meandarra, a
remote town set far into the easternly
stretches of the outback nearly 250 miles from
any bustling city. This formula of time,
temperature and location equates to the
perfect conditions for encountering a variety
of Australian frog species, but first, we have to find the last and most
important element, a permanent body of water. Alright guys, we have made
it to our target location and as you can see,
it’s pretty dark out, which is the perfect time
to search for amphibians and if you listen, (frogs calling) there are a ton
of frogs calling, so I have a feeling we’re gonna
be getting various species up close for the
cameras tonight, so if you guys are ready,
let’s get into the water and see what we can find. (frogs calling) (light jungle music) Watch out for snakes
in this tall grass, where there are frogs, there will definitely
be snakes hunting. (frogs calling) (light jungle music) It’s like grass all totally
saturated with water, it smells like cow dung, I think I’m actually walking
in cow poop right now. Alright, let’s go around the
outside of this tree here and make our way
in this direction. (frogs calling) (suspenseful music) – [Cameraman] You’ve
gotta keep your eyes up as well, it turns out. – Yeah, that is a big spider
and one very elaborate web. Alright, let’s
just cleverly move around the outside of that. Oh, there’s a frog right
there, look at this. – [Cameraman] What have you got? Oh yeah.
– Right here, it’s tiny, it’s a
spotted marsh frog. Hold on, I gotta be really
delicate with this one. (frogs calling) Got it. Ooh, no, no, oh, come here, hold on. (light jungle music) Got it. Hey guy, that is a spotted
marsh frog right there. – [Cameraman] Just
a little fella. – Oh yeah, teeny tiny, actually it’s missing
this front hand, look at that, he’s
got a nub hand, poor little guy.
– What’s that, from predators? – Yeah, possibly so,
maybe even another frog. Alright, well, let’s let him
back down onto the ground and continue hunting,
alright, see you later, buddy. You’ve gotta watch
everywhere you step, this place is covered in frogs. – [Cameraman] You
know, I noticed that there’s a
lot of cow tracks? – [Coyote] Yes. – [Cameraman] They seem to make really good little
burrows for these frogs. – They really do and we’re actually in
a cow pasture right now and the frogs are able to hide
down in those little crevices and as you can hear, the
frogs are everywhere, it’s just a matter of
actually finding them, almost like needles in
a haystack out here, it’s a lot tougher
than you’d think. Let’s keep making our
way in this direction around the pond. (frogs calling) – [Cameraman] What have you got? – Two different frog species and actually I think I bumped
into a turtle out there, something bounced off my legs, but I had my hands full and in my left here is
the desert tree frog, Australia’s most
widespread frog species and in my right is the
emerald spotted tree frog and they get that name from
all the emerald speckling, that is scattered
across its back and I love this one’s
eyes, look at that, they have a star shape
right in the middle, almost looks like
the gray tree frogs, that we’re used
to seeing in Ohio. Side by side. Alright, well let’s
let these two go and see if we can find
something a little bigger. (squelching footsteps) (frogs calling) (light suspenseful music) Right here, guys, right
on the end of this log, look at that, that’s a white tree frog, can you see it in my
flashlight beam there? – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. – Oh, that’s the big one
we’ve been looking for. Hold on, let me
catch it real quick. You got a good shot on it?
– Yeah. – You’re not going
anywhere, buddy. – [Cameraman] Oh, so cool. – Hold on, let me get
my hands wet first. Ready, you got a shot of it?
– Yeah. (frogs calling) (light jungle music) Oh, look at that, that is one of the largest
frog species here in Australia, that is the white tree frog, also known as the
Australian green tree frog or as some people call
it, the dumpy frog, oh my gosh, he’s so cool,
look at how chubby he is. I’ve never seen
this frog before, oh, look at this,
she’s climbing. There you go, just
sit on my wrist there. Actually you know what? This is a female, the way
you can tell the difference between the females
and the males is that the females
are a bit larger and the underside of their
chin is completely white, the males have a pale gray
underside to their chin. – [Cameraman] Look how
chubby that frog is. – That is a super chubby frog. Now what they will do, why
they are sometimes so chubby, they can actually be
chubbier than this is they store water
underneath their skin, that water reserve works
in times of drought to keep these frogs hydrated. Wow, how cool looking
is that creature? Looks like a big, green booger. Now, it’s not real
distinct on this frog, but can you see all
that white speckling on the side of the body
and across the back there? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – That is one very distinct
feature about these frogs and their individual
little toe pads are so incredibly sticky,
like most tree frog species, they’re capable of hanging
on to almost anything and you see what it’s
doing right there? That’s sort of a defense pose, it’s curled itself
up into a ball and it’s thinking,
“Okay, if I don’t move, “maybe I will stay completely
camouflaged on Coyote’s arm.” This is about as well-behaved
as you can get for a frog, I thought it was gonna be
jumping all over the place and it is so squishy, look
at how big that frog is. – [Cameraman] Look
how green it is. – You know, the camera’s are
facing that direction, buddy, I mean, turn you
around here, let’s see. – [Cameraman] I think
that’s the dumpy shot. – Let’s see, how
about like that, does that work right there? It just wants to
crawl up on my elbow, oh, here we go, going up my arm, wow, look at that
ability to crawl, okay, guys, you got
a good shot there. Now it reminds me of
the lemur leaf frog, the way that it’s
just walking along, as opposed to hopping,
where you going? All the way on my back, we can’t film ya, if
you’re on my back. Is it still there, you guys
got an okay shot of it? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Okay, well, let’s
just keep talking, it seems to be comfortable, it’s clearly running
the show here. These frogs have
an incredible call, they’re very, very loud and
one thing they will actually do is hide inside of
hollow containers, like a mailbox for example, they will hide
inside of mailboxes and they will actually
use that echoey sound to help louden their call
to draw in the females. – Oh, no, no.
– Oh-oh. – Down into your bag.
– Oh-oh. – [Cameraman] Okay, alright,
slowly take off your pack. – [Coyote] Yeah, he’s
got a little place, – [Cameraman] Okay now,
yeah, he’s having a look. – good place to hide.
– very comfortable there. Careful, careful, okay. I got it. – Got him?
– Yep, there you go. – Okay. – Pass the frog.
– There we go, buddy. I’m gonna go ahead and
dip my hands again, make sure that we
keep its body moist. (splashing water) At any time that you
handle any amphibian, you wanna make sure that
your hands are moist, because our dry skin actually
draws a lot of the moisture from their skin,
out of their skin and while it is here
in this body of water, we do wanna make sure the frog
is kept moist at all times. This may be one of
the coolest tree frogs I have ever caught, it’s amazing how uniform
in design its skin is, very smooth, very
sleek, very shiny, look at those little
tiny eardrums, you see those just under
those folds of skin? And these frogs can
retain so much water that at points in time,
those flaps of skin will actually fold
down over the ears and sometimes over their eyes. There you go, just get
comfortable right there, perfect, that’s an awesome shot. – [Cameraman] So Coyote,
what do these frogs eat? – Well, they are opportunistic, which means they will
eat pretty much anything they can fit in their
mouths, from insects to possibly even other
frogs and small snakes. – [Cameraman] Now, is
this one full grown, is that a large frog? – For a female, yeah,
this is about full grown and the females do grow
larger than the males. This frog is pretty comfortable perched upon my finger there, but I think it is time to let
it back off into the pond. Now we came to Australia
expecting to find reptiles and I was thinking to
myself, well, it’s so dry, we probably won’t come
across any amphibians, but lo and behold, tonight
here, by this body of water, we’ve come across
several frog species, including the dumpy tree frog. I’m Coyote Peterson be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Working within special permits and alongside the
renowned experts from Australian
Wildlife Encounters, we were pleasantly
surprised to learn that aside from the
reptilian species, a wide variety of amphibian also call this rugged
landscape home. Who would have ever imagined
that a stinky old cow pond could also double as
an aquatic paradise for some of the outback’s
most incredible frogs? Hey Coyote Pack, I have
some exciting news. I’m proud to announce
that the crew and I will be back on tour in 2018
with Brave Wilderness Live, visiting cities all
across North America. Our first shows are in Anaheim
and San Diego, California, from there we head
to Phoenix, Arizona, beyond that, we will be visiting
San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon, Seattle,
Washington and Boulder, Colorado with many more shows to be
announced in the coming months. Tickets can be purchased at
the Brave Wilderness website, so make sure to reserve
your seats today and don’t forget, subscribe,
so you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave. – [Audience] Stay wild! (dynamic jungle music)

Randy Schultz

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