Muhammad’s War on Lizards (Fun Islamic Fact #17)

Muhammad’s War on Lizards (Fun Islamic Fact #17)

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where
I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an, whenever jihadis go on a killing spree. Do you like the adorable gecko from the Geico
commercials? If so, you’re going to hell, because Muhammad
hated lizards and ordered his followers to kill them. Sunan Abu Dawud, Number 5262: It was narrated from Amir bin Sa’d that
his father said: “The Messenger of Allah enjoined killing geckos, and he called them
noxious little creatures.” Muhammad even said that Muslims will be rewarded
in Paradise for killing geckos, with bonuses for efficiency. Sunan Abu Dawud, Number 5263: It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said: “The
Messenger of Allah said: ‘Whoever kills a gecko with the first blow, he will have
such and such of Hasanah (Hasanah here refers to good deeds for which you’ll be rewarded). Whoever kills it on the second blow, he will
have such and such of Hasanah, less than the first. Whoever kills it on the third blow, he will
have such and such of Hasanah, less than the second.’” But geckos are fairly harmless creatures,
and they help reduce the insect population, so we may be wondering why Muhammad would
want them killed. Fortunately for us, the prophet of Islam explained
his hatred for lizards. Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 3359: Narrated Umm Sharik: Allah’s Messenger ordered
that house-lizards should be killed and said, “It (i.e., the house-lizard) blew (the fire)
on Ibrahim (i.e., Abraham).” The commentator adds a note for clarification: “When Abraham was thrown into the fire,
it is said, all the animals tried to extinguish the fire except the house-lizard which blew
it.” So, when Abraham was thrown into the fire
(which never happened), various animals gathered around and tried to put out the fire. But lizards conspired to kill Abraham by blowing
on the fire and making it hotter. Hence, lizards are under a death sentence,
to be carried out by Muslims. As for you Muslims who don’t believe in
killing lizards for their attempted execution of Abraham, keep in mind that the prophet
who delivered this revelation about lizards is the same prophet who delivered the Qur’an.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Muhammad’s War on Lizards (Fun Islamic Fact #17)

  1. Nozir Ali says:

    Salim your going to hell because you insulted the messenger of Allah

  2. Ryan Krakinski says:

    Lizards reduce the insect population.

    Muhammad wants you to cure yourself of diseases via flies.

    No wonder he hates geckos so much.

  3. Blackberry Fan says:

    ship some lizards to isis so that they can kill them insted of humans

  4. vicky vicky says:

    lol Quran is full of shitttttty by Muhammad himself wrote Quran.

  5. Kliff Dragonsbane says:

    Fabricated shit that comes from hadiths.

  6. Walter Kerr says:

    More insanity from Muhammad, will it ever end?

  7. tiobenno says:

    How could a book containing this eternal wisdom not be called a holy book?

  8. the destroyer says:

    Fuck you christians

  9. Now We Are Free says:

    Omg it was dogs now it’s geckos???? Killing spree on geckos too (allahhu akbar)? If that happens who is going to do geico commercials then?? Oh not not mrlittlegeico.

  10. kadiru shirazu says:

    very funny

  11. abhi trusty says:

    I m a christian and i heard a way different story of garden lizards while playing with friends and one of them said a reason why to kill garden lizards ;once upon a time god( i don't know which god) asked for water and that every animal gave water to god except garden lizard which gave its urine,so it should be killed,and i developed hatred towards them and afterwards killed 2 or 3 of them because what they had done..poor lizards

  12. Joshua S. says:


  13. Shadowkiru says:

    I think you too funny war on dog now war on lizard wtf man XD

  14. abu bakar says:

    Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), instructed the believers to kill lizards as this is a sinful animal. These are harmful and countless incidents of food poisoning due to lizards have been reported.  I share two videos that just came up with google search. In one lizard is licking the truth bush and in other it is drinking tea from a cup. You want to friend lizards? You won't harm anyone but yourself.

  15. C Parker says:

    This series is comedy gold!

  16. rebel son says:

    They dont lyk pigs,they dont lyk dogs,they dont lyk any animals…even they also dont lyk human. .lol

  17. Abu 'Afak says:

    ROFLMAO Ah Man, This is awesome. I smoke pot and I almost busted a gut laughing at this.

  18. amirul hakeem says:

    please do some research before releasing any information thank you.

  19. najgauner says:

    this supports my theory that mankind was created 6000 yrars ago by god himself. You know, dinosaurs were killed off 1000 years ago, not cos of a meteorite but because of lizard-hating muslims.

  20. Kevin Jaworski says:

    Islam has devastated the world

  21. daylon boender says:

    You know it's bs when it says "such and such" lol love your work David.

  22. Heart to Heart says:

    Lizard is very harmful to us. If it falls in our food and we take it we may surely get death. We read a lot of information and news related to this small creature. It may create different kind of diseases. It may bitten us and harm us in our body. It is very dangerous if we take any kind of food in which a lizard has fallen and got rotten in it.

  23. zaxophne says:

    Such and such?

  24. Auto Generelized says:

    RIP Lizzard :'(

  25. Mr. Wiles says:

    I dont mind this particular law, I hate lizards so…. Amazing, so I should take up Islam for that ( Thsi is probably that most peple convert to Islam, for selfish personal gains)….

  26. Hisar Sibuea says:

    Lucu , Nabi takut sama cicak, bukan fitnah.

  27. Good Girl says:

    Christians don't love or respect the prophet Abraham and that's why they have hatred for the beautiful, good and kind prophet of Islam who truly whole heartedly loves the prophet Abraham. Prophet Abraham is the founder of the religion and we love him and support all the prophets that came after him.

  28. SeaSesh says:

    Putting cute little pictures of geekos in order to persuade the opinion of others? Really David?
    The geekos that exist in the middle East aren't as fuzzy as you make them seem.
    It's been shown that sometimes they attack sleeping humans for no reasons, and they ruin food by leaving it's saliva (which isn't venomous but poisonous) on the food stock so it becomes it's property, you have linked the story of the lizards blowing into the fire with these reason when it isn't, shameful act you did.

  29. Ibrahim Mohamed says:

    Yeah Humanoid Lizards, Reptilians living among us! Go research David Icke on Reptilians… The prophet knew about them its mind blowing..

  30. Ibrahim Mohamed says:

    Lizards meaning Reptilians Research David Icke on Reptilians…

  31. Dat Greedy Mouse says:

    But prophet!! It they are such annoying critters why did you even created th. "Stfu brother i am the word of allah!!!

  32. Brenda says:

    Well if he hates lizards he will hate the illumanati lizard people

  33. Alyssa says:

    clutches my pet lizard what the hell

  34. Hadrian Vetti says:

    Mohammed son of fitlth Satan Allah…

  35. pyroclasm cheeks says:


  36. Matir Manush says:

    You stupid should find out some real job to support yourself and your family. We bet you live on public support.

  37. neelesh agarwal says:

    Then why does he create them in first place. If he is God he need not create. Does God have hate

  38. Tuco The rat says:

    Why create them then idiots

  39. souparni says:

    We should not kill an animal .They also feel pain like us .

  40. Shehryar Arshad says:

    Straight denial of the fact that Ibrahim AS was thrown into fire is mere ignorance on your behalf. Respecting everyone’s beliefs is morality. So if we start mocking hinduism & cows, Christmas & Halloween we sure would get alot of Fun facts eh? This is not the way bruh. Respect & love & live 😇

  41. Happy Singh says:

    Islam Must Be Annihilated From Planet Earth

  42. Muna Karim says:

    Y’all uneducated people, there is a story about the lizard. Don’t talk without knowing the stories cuz y’all are truly uneducated, low minded people. ‏استغفر الله

  43. أبو طلال says:

    The one who made this vedio is real idiot you need to review the recent study from University of Georgia and published on science daily website which confirms that gecko lizards contain and carry a deadly bacteria the has no medicine or vaccination to cure it all please try to be logic and use science if you want to prove your point and update your information from time to another before you lunch such a stupid vedio.

  44. junayde says:

    Context please? What context was this said?
    If lizards run amok in your house or community what would you do? What would you do if any animal grow in number where u live? Rats? Snakes?skunks? Raccoons? Coyotes?
    People here saying why God created the lizard if he wanted it killed? At least it's a lizard..
    A PERSON is not even allowed in church if he suffers a certain injury..
    "He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord."(Deuteronomy 23:1)

  45. Ian says:

    Understand this lizard and snakes were satan animal if story about adam and eve and the tree and the dragon snake lizard w.e it is you never know I'm not even muslim I'm a Christian but even jews believe there was a 4 legged snake plus Mohammad told the Jews how does it feel to betrayed God even Jews worship evil

  46. Ian says:

    You people are so dumb adam and eve talk to a snake or lizard and ate the apple in Catholic religion 1841 bible said adam and eve ran from the tree and got caught up with a snake and snake made adam and eve ate it so why not a person who connect to god wouldn't happen to him it's make sense even jews and Christian hindus Buddhist many more religion have crazy story

  47. Youssef Osama says:

    Why you are saying abrahm without the word prphet
    Didn't you learn that in your religion you show respect for prphets
    Also which Bible out of 32 Bibles you learned that Abrahm prophet was never thrown in fire ????? Please don't make speech and you didn't not know anything!!!!!!!!,,

  48. Ahmad Alali says:

    Talk like that about prophet Muhammed in-front of me and I promise you that I will make you wish that your mama sucked you!!

  49. 2-D says:

    I'm a leVyan Satanist, this does not apply

  50. Ebtesam Ahmed says:

    Congratulation, all the narrations in your video are fake and most Muslims know that! Prophet Muhammad warned Muslims from keeping the lizards living inside houses because they can poison people foods and drinks, but he did not order to kill them.

  51. Deputy Fett says:

    Da fuck? I read the kuran but nothing like hatin dogs or fucking the little girls included(sry for my bad english bcs I m turkish) I mean who the fuck Says that

  52. Ahmad Alhashemi says:

    Poor thing

  53. Jim Rollins says:

    Because lizards are the only one who witnessed Muhammad doing his paedophile acts.

  54. Abubakr #Apostate says:


  55. Gange Gangio says:

    if i see one around my house definitely i will kill

  56. íԵ's ժícksօղ says:


  57. íԵ's ժícksօղ says:

    Stupid video

  58. মাহির ইমতিয়াজ says:

    house lizards perverts, they watched mo having sex with multiple wives 😉

  59. Mr White says:

    U r an atheist motherfucker

  60. Rajan Mishra says:

    mohammad was fool illetrate guy
    anyone who follows him he is fool
    his teaching are full of nonsense and shit

  61. Odin Konidin says:

    I don't believe it.. The reason behind it sounds too ridiculous. I think this hadith is definitely fake. Because basically, any religion doesn't teach its followers to kill some particular living things unless they're harmful.

  62. Ghost Askren's says:

    Muhammad is the equivalent to a modern day homeless man who mumbles to himself, and thinks elves live in his shorts.

  63. MUSIC LOVER says:

    Lizards spitting fire, was he talking about dragons?

  64. TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox says:

    Indians had joined the chat

  65. TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox says:

    Lizards are awesome

  66. JEJU S CLASS 600 says:

    thank you Heavenly Father GOD for The Greatest Man in history is Jesus. He had no servants, yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him.he never wrote a word, But is the hero of the most read book. Never baptized a soul, but has countless followers, He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today, He had no wife, yet He's the Bridegroom, his name is light even the shadow cannot deny. I love you Jesus with all my heart, strength, mind and soul.

  67. Fluminox5284 - says:

    I love lizards. Deal. With. It

  68. swojchwat says:

    Its so moronicits hard to believe anybody could be serious about this

  69. Chriss Preacherman says:

    The lizard was doing his best. It makes nonsense statements. Quote this and wrote by other people not Mohammed.

  70. T says:

    Well we should kill them because lizards and geckos are toxic and carry salmonella.

  71. Sebas Sanchez C-137 says:

    Nonsense never stops in the Quran 🤔😂😂😂👏

  72. FalconfromRF says:

    I think this is because of old Arab pre-islamic prejudices, which were too strong, so Muhammed decided don't fight against this. Some of lizards (monitors, for example) often eat carrion, so lizards may be were associated with death and so some decided to kill them, just because of fear of death. Crows and kites are recommended to be killed for same reason.

  73. Ramsha Imran says:

    Excuze me this is not fun fact , if you dont know the deepness then dont say like that , show reapect

  74. KAMIKAZE 619 says:

    What's with deez butthurts mah dude?

  75. stefanos tokatlidis says:

    Islam is against geckos. Islam is against pigs. Islam is against dogs. Islam is for camels, goats and sheep, and we know why. Surely Mo himself had great mental problems, but I think a lot of this nonsense would have come from pre-islamic superstitions incorporated into islam. For example geckos were considered poisonous in Ancient Egypt, they were unclean to eat according to the Old Testament laws, and in Zoroastrianism they were considered one of the Devil's animals and priests killed those animals. Islam just took those superstitions and strengthened them even more. In many islamic countries today, geckos are considered poisonous and even able to alter human skin if they fall on you or you touch them. They can make your skin bumpy, like their scales, or they can cause vitiligo and make your skin whitish as their own. You can also accidentally swallow one and get poisoned, or one can fall in boiling milk and poison it. Of course all those are silly superstitions, but many millions of illiterate people who don't know better in those places believe them and needlessly kill little harmless animals, which are also beneficial as they eat a lot of insects. I am from Greece and we have native house geckos here. I like hearing them at night in summer and I am putting bowls of mealworms to feed them. They actually come and eat. I also keep other pet lizards. I have some geckos which islam hates and a leopard gecko, which I have read they kill in Pakistan because they believe it is venomous. I sure wouldn't come to good terms with anyone that kills lizards from fear or superstition. Believing such nonsense in the modern age of science is just laughable, but also very sad because it leads to people killing completely harmless animals and getting panicked for no real reason.

  76. Galego Cossia says:

    Pedófilo, adúltero, assassino, psicopata que adorava garotos impúberes, gostava de beijar a boca ou sugar a língua de bebês, odiava porcos, cães e agora matador de lagartos. O quê mais esse degenerado nos reserva? Eu desconfio que o Maomé foi o primeiro esquerdista. Estranho, porém, é observar o silêncio das sociedades protetoras dos animais.

  77. 이광석 says:

    I also kill all lizards!

  78. Ketan Shah says:

    muhammad paigamber nice man (PBUH ……….. Pigs be upon him ) hahahahahhaaaaa

  79. Arfat Jan says:

    This msg not for All there is one kind of lizrede only for them. Mostly living in mountain!

  80. aircrash tupolov says:

    And the other creatures that rushed to Abrahams side carried fire extinguishers and hoses, but alas, there was no water, cuz we are in the frickin' desert!!

  81. Sky Stalker says:

    ohh i see the gecko became adorable because u realized that the muslims hate it

  82. Mackish Trump says:

    gosh I love the muslim replies because they are so embarrassed about their prophet.thanks David for exposing the most false and weirdest prophet ever known to mandkind with his weird alter ego alla

  83. Dizzy Derwish says:

    mohammed was an *sshole.
    I’ve seen geckos eating roaches in Thailand; in my mind these lizards are more useful than mohammed.

  84. guada71 says:

    Is that really in the Koran? Wow how trivial and shallow….I-slam=joke

  85. KHALIL AHMED says:

    May Allah guide you to Islam

  86. Washington London says:

    Stupid man get life you don’t know anything about Muslim sick old man.

  87. islam mel says:

    Again mr david trying to look knowing more about islam hahaha… We cant forget how hijab crush u .. Now i know who is the real david who doent know anything and just like to make others hate islam.. Congtarulations for ur ignorance ..

  88. Erfan Darwish says:

    In islam says that you cannot kill spiders. Because spider helps muhammad from evil people.

  89. Paul A says:

    LMAO at any religion that vilifies any species of animal.

    The global epidemic of crippling religious ignorance will be the downfall of mankind.

  90. Yolo Yolo says:

    All religions say Abraham was thrown into the fire, wtf are you tlkn about lol

  91. Eugene Onegin says:

    Would be pretty embarrassing if Christians used scripture as an excuse to hunt wolves to extinction in whole countries, wouldn't it?

  92. Tai Mir says:

    Nothing beats a good day of gecko killing with a pint of camel urine.

  93. Ankita Nandy says:

    Omg! Jihad on lizards!!!

  94. معارج حسن says:

    What kinda creature was Mohammed??? No mercy, no remorse, nothing.

  95. Morten X says:

    Not every lizard the lizards which spread diseases
    Oh by the way for the people who insulted The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did you win the lottery now or Not 😊

  96. mouno blm says:

    You are an idiot if you don't respect religions first … second lizard use for black magic
    ..third scientists Said that lizards share many viruses

  97. Musonda Mumba says:

    Who else keeps seeing Islamic Ad's when watching videos confronting the errors of Islam? Shariah Tube is trying to profit even from channels it censors for Islam.

  98. Musonda Mumba says:

    Another Islam ad before the video 📹

  99. Holly :D says:

    This religion is such a joke, so sad that people in the middle east and northern Africa been brainwashes to believe this crap. I usually respect all religion but the misogyny and cruel rules muslims have to follow.

  100. NBS28 says:

    Im pretty sure the lizard in arabia got extinct now because of their practice to over populate flies so that the flies fly in there tea for cure hahaha

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