Mucky Secrets – Part 5 – Snake Eels & Moray Eels – Lembeh Strait

Mucky Secrets – Part 5 – Snake Eels & Moray Eels – Lembeh Strait

Randy Schultz

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17 thoughts on “Mucky Secrets – Part 5 – Snake Eels & Moray Eels – Lembeh Strait

  1. Bubble Vision says:

    The narration, the names of the dive sites, and the common and scientific names of the marine life are available in captions by clicking the button under the bottom right of the video.

  2. Bubble Vision says:

    Part 5 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine life of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.

    This week I'm looking at Lembeh's snake eels and moray eels, including ribbon eels.

    Shot with @Two Fish Divers.

    #underwaterthursday #snakeeel #morayeel #ribboneel #lembehstrait #muckdiving  

  3. Gtran405 says:

    Wonderful footage. Just astounding.

  4. Enrique Aparicio says:

    Very good! impressive macros .. if not secrecy with which camera and lenses did you get this video? 
    Thanks for sharing. 
    A greeting. Enrique

  5. cuppajoe1 says:

    The blue ribbon eels have always reminded me of the muppets.
    I look forward t your weekly vides. Thanks.

  6. Vito Bertaudeau says:

    muchas gracias

  7. Jon Jones says:

    These videos (from the shooting, to the editing, to the narration, and all around) are truly fantastic.

  8. JackieODiving says:

    Verry nice, greatings from Holland.

  9. Bubble Vision says:

    Part 6 is here: Mucky Secrets – Part 6 – Cardinalfishes & Trumpetfish – Lembeh Strait

  10. susan chow says:

    Fascinating video , the close up footage of Pale chin Moray Eels is adorable !!!

  11. Begoña Garcia Romo says:


  12. Ronald FlobJobbin says:

    ribbon eels are cute

  13. charmixy says:

    So how do ribbon eels mate?

  14. Bubble Vision says:

    The full 90-minute documentary is now online: Mucky Secrets (full) – The Marine Creatures of the Lembeh Strait

  15. Ann Nuthanun says:

    I like Snake Eels. 🙂 

  16. Prethesh P says:

    Super video

  17. Jadhav Akash says:


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