Mr. Dinosaur’s Adventure Episode 14: Dinosaur’s Dreams and Prediction

Mr. Dinosaur’s Adventure Episode 14: Dinosaur’s Dreams and Prediction

Title: Mr. Dinosaur’s Adventure Episode 14 Dinosaur’s Dreams and Prediction Mr. Dinosaur: Why am I being sent to the airport? Do I finally get to go back to the UK? Goldie: Not right now. I will however experiment on you. You’ll love it. Mr. Dinosaur: What is going on? Mr. Dinosaur: Where is this place? This is such a bad place to be in right now. It’s hot right now. Wait. Why is it all cold all of the sudden. Goldie: You can’t see me. You are in a dream. You have to be able to explore the fate for yourself. Mr. Dinosaur: Dreams are just something that citizens are placed in order to see the future, but are they always accurate? Goldie: No. There’s a cat. You should try and beat him up. Cat: Meow! You are so evil. I will bite you dinosaur meat. Mr. Dinosaur: There is something controlling me right now. I see a bad fate for dogs in the entirety of Dogland. Watch will fail his race for governor of Budland as angry non-dog citizens take him over. What can I do? Cat: Ha. You are seeing the truth. Get me out of here. Goldie: Yes, I am now here. Don’t panic. This is a dream. Mr. Dinosaur: Do I get anything back for this? I want to forget this dream. Goldie: This dream will last in your head for a long time, but I have a gift for you.

Randy Schultz

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