More advice from Lizard Dad (Advice #2)

More advice from Lizard Dad (Advice #2)

– Look at this. Look what I did. I think I dropped it on the floor. And you see, it’s not like
a crack in the screen, it’s a crack in the LCD. Oh sh, no! Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m going to do another
advice video today. I have quite a low v-neck
shirt, looks kinda gay. But that’s all right. Since I’m going away on
Monday, 16th of August, I might not be able to make
videos for a little while, unless I think of something to
do in the place I’m going to. I don’t really want to say
where ’cause I’m a bit scared people will be like, “Oh, do a meet-up!”. And I don’t, no, no. From what I can see so far
this video might get a bit deep so true warning, deepness. Do you have any wise words
to the youngins out there? If I have pre-teens like 12, 11, whatever, year olds watching me. You’re young, okay? If you don’t realize it,
’cause when I was about twelve, I thought I’m a big boy now, I need to be mature, I can’t embarrass myself
in front of people. I need to man up. I hate that phrase. Now I look at 12 year olds
and they’re little babies. Not that you’re like an immature baby, but like they’re so young. And people aren’t gonna judge
you for being child-like, being naive, and innocent,
and just enjoy yourself while you still can. When you get older, people
won’t tolerate that as much. Do you have any advice to
stay motivated and do things you usually love when you’re
dealing with depression? Use those feelings to make something. Something creative is good, and it gets that out of your head and into something physical. And I think, at least for me, that makes it easier to understand. Use the bad things to make good things. How do I stay organized
with things from my room to my locker at school
slash school work? Help. How do I stay organized… Pumba. Pumba. Pumba. ♪And can you feel the love tonight?♪ I don’t understand that question. ♪And can♪ How do I make good dank memes? You’ve come to the right place. Silly looking animals
make excellent memes, in my experience with the memes. Such as recently on my Twitter
we had a fun time with the silly looking little frog meme. He was sitting on a log like just smiling with his little hands crossed. But I told everyone to send
the picture of the frog to their dads with no context and tell me what you said
and it was quite funny. Advice on how to expand your audience or get your music out
there to more people? Interaction with your
audience is quite important, it’s very important actually. The more you interact with
them, more they learn about you, the more you learn about them. You create a bond. You create special memes together. Share your music on every
single social media you have. Hype it up before it’s released. Be like, “Guys it’s coming out soon, “and I won’t tell you when
but it’s coming soon.” And then people will get excited, and then when people are excited
they talk to their friends. Like, “Hey I’m excited about
this thing, it’s coming soon.” Also it’s good to like
ask for gigs, as often, like small local things that might hold showcases of lots of small artists, and you can ask, you can find connections, and you could contact them and
say, “Hey I’m a new artist, “can I come and play at your thingy?” And eventually somebody
will be in the audience and then invite you to something. Always take any opportunity
that’s legitimate, sometimes you get emails, I got an email saying I was
invited to a festival in London. That’s actually, it
starts, oh, it’s today. It started today. Today and tomorrow. And I was like, “Hell
yeah, I wanna go to that.” And then they just didn’t reply to me so I don’t feel like that was legitimate. Either that or they changed their mind. They realized I was problematic
on Twitter sometimes. Advice on how to deal
with performance nerves? Try your best to imagine
you’re just in your room singing to yourself. It’s always harder when you
can actually see the people like watching you as you
sing or as you perform. But if you happen to be in a gig situation where there’s lights and so you can’t really see the audience, it’s pitch black if you just put yourself
in the state of mind I’m in my bedroom, I’m
just singing to myself, there’s no one here. Then often that helps you relax. Try not to keep your knees locked. Have a bit of a move around
the stage occasionally, if you can. Focus on the chords, well if you’re playing guitar or whatever, and you’re singing, focus on the chords, focus on the lyrics, think about
what you have to sing next, think about the next line in your head. Look up around where the people are, but not directly into their eyes. You will die if you look in their eyes. Don’t do it. Advice on actually talking
about your feelings and not keeping it all
inside until it consumes you? Hope you’re okay. I’m cold by the way. Depends on who you’re talking
about your feelings to. You don’t have to talk to people if you don’t feel comfortable with it you don’t have to tell anyone
about anything you’re feeling. You don’t have to talk to your parents, your friends or anyone. But I guess if you’re seeing a therapist and you’re finding it
hard to talk to them, then that means you don’t
have the right therapist. Sometimes it takes awhile, you have to go through a few people and you just have to find the person that your personality matches with. Some people you’ll go
to and it’s just awkward and the way they handle the appointment isn’t how you want it to be and you just want to leave,
you don’t want to be there, but then eventually if you keep trying, if you keep switching, you’ll find someone who will just change
your life, pretty much. You’ll be excited to see and you’ll be excited to tell them about something that happened to you. They’ll just make you feel comfortable. And I think that’s just about
waiting and being patient. This year my best and only
friend is leaving my school and everyone in my class dislikes me and I’ve had a harsh time with them. I don’t know what to do this year because I’ll always be alone in class and I don’t feel good at
all not feeling loved. It’s like if I wasn’t
there nothing would change, what can I do? It might be worth trying
to befriend people in other classes. And maybe in other year groups. Get your head down and work and just ignore the people around you and get good grades and stuff but then you can look forward
to seeing your friends from other year groups and
stuff at breaks and lunch times. But if you’re not okay with that, if that’s something that scares you, it’s a good thing to learn how
to be okay with being alone. When I was about 15,
14, probably 13 as well, I was just so obsessed with being liked. The smallest thing someone would do, like someone would choose
to talk to someone else instead of me or walk slightly
closer to someone else instead of me. And I’d be like, “They hate
me, why do they hate me?” I didn’t have many friends and now if I come to a new school, I don’t have many friends I hang out with, especially at breaks and stuff, maybe sometimes in class
I do have some friends. But I feel totally okay with that now because it’s just school. It’s not like the rest of my
life I’m gonna have no friends. I’m just at school to learn things and get good grades and then I go home and then I’ll see my chameleon. Do you think it’s too
early to come out to your friends and family at 15 years old? I’m still closeted but a lot
of teenagers get told that they’re too young to
be sure. Should I wait? No, it’s not too early. If it’s something that you feel really is an important part of you
and you think it’s important that the people you
love know about it then yes, you should tell them. 15 years old is not too young at all. There’s kids that come out at like two. Or like one when they start talking they’re like, “Hey, I’m gay. “Mom I’m gay.” So yeah, of course, come
out when you’re ready, whenever you’re ready,
that’s what matters. Advice on how I can make a
drum sequence sound good? It’s good to layer up your drums. Have your drum tracks… I need my hands for this. So you have your kicks
separate to your snare separate to your high hat separate to your symbols or whatever. Layer them up like that so that you have more control
over each individual sound. Make the kick nice and snappy to give it a base boost. Make your snare nice and bright or like however you want it to sound. Some reverb is good. Don’t add reverb to the
kick, it sounds weird. Add it to the snare is good
if you have like a nice chush sounding snare
it sounds pretty sick. And also it’s good to
double up your kick tracks with different kick sounds. So say you have your poppy kick, your kind of like (snapping fingers) funning snappy sound. And then double that up
with a more bassier kick. And then together they’ll
have a fuller sound. If I see a cute dog with an
intimidating looking owner, how do I approach them
to ask to pet the dog? This happens too often. I never even look at the owner, I just go straight for the dog. They’re not gonna punch you. If they have a dog they’re used
to people coming up to them and petting their dog so
just go right in there. Go for the dog and most
likely you’ll never see that dog’s owner again. Just go for the dog. Take the dog and run very fast away. All my mentions have slowed down and I think that’s the
end of the advice video. Thank you for watching today’s video. Thank you for sending me your advice. I hope I was somewhat helpful. I have pins and needles
in this foot right now. There will be a live stream tomorrow at eight o’clock GMT as usual. I will also try to do live
streams while I’m away but I’ll be in a very different time zone so I might have to let you
know what time zone is better. I’ll let you know what
time they’ll be from… Okay, tomorrow is normal time
live stream, eight PM GMT, and then after that, until further notice, it’ll be different time but check my Twitter
and I’ll let you know. My belly’s getting bigger. I’ll see you around, I’ll see you tomorrow on the stream. Please come along, I’ll do some singing. (guitar music)

Randy Schultz

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