Monster leech swallows giant worm – Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 – BBC Two

Monster leech swallows giant worm – Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 – BBC Two

Feeling up and down the worm’s body, it searches
for an end. Then, it starts to suck. The worm fights back, but there is no escape. The leech sucks it’s prey down like spaghetti,
crushing the worm with it’s muscular throat.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Monster leech swallows giant worm – Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 – BBC Two

  1. emaN_ygnirC says:

    its a long dicc

  2. Mike Norval says:

    That was … disturbing.

  3. Owen Carlson says:

    We need to make this a meme

  4. Elliot Tula says:

    It is actually a blood worm lol

  5. Tudor Brylee says:

    s u c c

  6. Freddie Monday says:

    Ewww well um barfs

  7. •TheÄlphaSkullCrawler• says:

    I swear if I'm a freaking worm in my afterlife I'm going to purposly get killed by a truck before I because blood worms romantic noodle dinner

  8. Cameron Clark says:

    Wtf YouTube recommended?

  9. Dmo Thewolf says:

    "Feeling up and down the worms body it searches for a end" of the tip to

    deep throat

  10. к є у x s says:

    Next 3 years- Worms eating human

  11. Al Mackay says:

    well that was intense

  12. Mikes Karaoke says:

    Spaghetti gets eaten by Leech🐍

  13. 13R^D says:

    It's a toss up for the worst death between this and isis running a person over feet first with a tanks track.

  14. Dylan Carles says:

    Worm: Why are we still here? Just to suffer? All night. And all the people I’ve lost. And the comrades I’ve lost.

  15. Jenny Fer says:

    Wew… A yummylicious spagetti

  16. Y- Fi says:

    So one can lose that p**s as well sucking is horrible

  17. Lance Ribbon says:

    Well that sucks :/ lol get it? Okay im cringe

  18. Abraham Lopez says:

    Man these youtubers should of helped this poor worm it's how nature works

  19. Lelduck says:

    That worm just got vored.

  20. xXGachaWolfXx says:

    Next thing you know where all getting eaten by that

  21. STEAM says:

    Am I the only one that gets creepy/sexual vibes from this ,but also finds this oddly satisfying

  22. Bavur Sabardo says:

    the worm enjoying the body messaging before he realize that he being shallow😭😭😭😫😫😫😂😂

  23. Ampocalypse W says:

    Deep within the internet Zarbon: OOOOOoooh

  24. Muhammad Hajee says:

    So where are the leeches eyes.?

  25. Gauge Jonas says:

    That’s a penis

  26. Haneefah Moore says:

    My skin is itchy watching this😩

  27. Raja Hamdan says:

    World largest gummy worm

  28. Kathleen Tran says:

    it starts to suck!

    Me: Awww its video sucks.

  29. ToNy mOntAna? says: in real life

  30. Tengku Balqis says:

    If you think about it,its like watching a sphagetti swallowing another sphagetti

  31. Cream Rolls says:

    I know this sounds dumb but can it suck a human? XD.

  32. Cool 8 says:

    Its a budget bloodworm you idiot

  33. Galax7 says:

    Welcome to another episode of:

    Why the hell is this in my recommended in 2019

  34. Red AngryBird says:

    Oh my gosh it makes me sick!

  35. Zeox HD says:

    This Game sucks…

  36. 스화 says:


  37. インフィニティアーク says:

    Slow down, big fellaaa

  38. Andreas Hoppe says:

    If you play this video played backwards you see a worm moulting.

  39. James Kenneth Malabanan says:



  40. Mario M says:

    How's your date??

  41. Se Vang says:

    How cuties

  42. Ryan Henry says:

    I'm on the wrong side of YouTube again

  43. Destiny says:

    Watching this while eating dinner is just lovely

  44. Maheep Singh says:


  45. i play roblox for a living says:

    0:19 Imagine putting ur dick inside another dick. That would be hurt and enjoyable

  46. i play roblox for a living says:

    Damn, lucky for a bird that eats this worm.


    i don't know why i watch this .. this looks disgusting ..

  48. Mr. Lion says:

    The leech doesn't like worms

  49. Fleb says:

    See y’all in 2050 when this gets put in our recommended again

  50. Fleb says:

    Did the worm not realise it was being sucked to death like

  51. dying teen says:


  52. Waddle D Segovia. says:

    Umm, I'm gonna say it:

    S U C C

  53. Cr3epy says:

    Worm: Me
    The Leech: My rather unsupportive so called “Friend” that keeps asking me, an introvert some deep and personal questions

  54. Alem_jr13 says:

    Deep throat at it's finest.

  55. Jean L says:

    I feel chill watching this video 😀😯

  56. you make me go uwu says:

    worm mukbang 101

  57. CJ says:

    Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good…

  58. Andrew Gaither says:

    What demon made this awful vile beast?

  59. Ahajqjkw Njwkwkwk anw says:

    Just kill the worm

  60. Erin The Demonhog says:

    Very creepy

  61. Bitchy Bitchy III says:

    the succ

  62. A guy with egg and 1,000 subscribers says:

    0:15 it's start to suck

  63. Cryo_ Gen says:

    1:15 did it spit blood?

  64. Mr.Walked Rexxx says:

    What is it tho

  65. shouma cos says:

    "and then,

    it starts to succ "

  66. Angelina Ramos says:

    oh . Hell . No

  67. Janica DeLeon says:

    I feel so uncomfortable now I'm shivering rn

  68. Manny Perez says:

    It feels weird worms scary

  69. Daley Abeywardena says:

    I searched this up… And the ne starts to SUCC

  70. ANDRO/GAMES اندرو/جيمز says:


  71. ANDRO/GAMES اندرو/جيمز says:


  72. Casey Perez says:

    R.i.p the gray worm of red work on kill

  73. Ryle Munoz says:

    I did barf

  74. Comrade cat says:

    Spagget worm

  75. penguins can fly says:

    Oh hell nah

  76. Erium says:

    Proudest fap

  77. Rain Crave says:


  78. Ann-Marie Kutter says:

    I'll have nightmares tonight

  79. E1i_xir says:

    This feels uncomfortable for boys

  80. E1i_xir says:

    I thought worms were boneless

  81. azima Bjork says:

    Worm ( torm )

  82. barn carolium says:

    Why am I feeling so horny after watching this? Ohh

  83. Foolish Bard says:

    Worm: vore me daddy

  84. Nanna Ogashawarma says:

    how do people even film this?!

  85. Alysha Naseliy says:


    me: BUT IM FULL

    Aunt: grabs shoe

    me: ALright alright..

    Also me: Slurps down spaghetti like that worm

    my family: And were putting her up for adoption

  86. Punch44 777 says:


  87. 둠피스트 says:


  88. Max D says:

    So f.. ing discusting🤮🤮🤮🤮

  89. John Barber says:

    Warm vore😱

  90. MagicalStar XD says:

    1:10 it squeezed the life out if the earth worm 🙁

  91. Night Wolf says:

    When detention thats what happends to me i get sucked by detenion

  92. Jacob Ortiz says:

    this is truly horrifying

  93. Angelina Brillouet2 says:

    who's filming this?

  94. Laura Ashworth says:


  95. Augusta Leblanc says:

    Well it was fun being able to eat spaghetti without thinking of this

  96. Kenya Potter says:

    U have found ur locall wormhub especially they love to succ

  97. tomasete el especial says:

    If you wach It on reverse it's a leech giving birth to a worm

  98. Bitupan Ray says:

    A scene straight out of a alien movie

  99. MMezgg says:


  100. Alex & Ruben says:

    Vaccum cleaners here

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