Mole Snake near Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa (20170328)

Mole Snake near Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa (20170328)

Are you sure it’s in here? Yes. THE THING IS GONE, DEAN! MA SE MOER! (laughing) It probably got out
that hole. Yoh, it’s gone bru! (laughing) If he bites
you, you’re going to need stitches – he’s got a very bad bite. Hey guys, Willem from Blouberg Snake Rescue
here. This is my third snake for the day, it’s a
nice busy day! First there was that big Mole Snake this morning,
then there was an unfortunately dead Juvenile Mole Snake that someone drove over and someone
else found it next to the road and brought it to me, and now there’s this Mole Snake
that I just retrieved from Goodwood. So I’m just going to let it out and let it
go. Please don’t try and deal with any snakes
yourself. Mole Snakes, even though they’re not venomous,
still do have a bite and they can cause you to need stitches. So I’m just going to take it out and let it
go. I’ll just grab the tail there. So remember guys, my snake rescue service
is completely free for our local community! Call me day or night if you find a snake on
your property, I’ll come and sort it out for you. And like you’ll see here, all snakes just
want to get away from humans, they don’t want to attack people or anything like that. There he goes! Thanks guys, stay safe!

Randy Schultz

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