Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

  1. 松竹梅 says:


  2. DetermiNATE 21 says:

    I find it funny how you can have Snake escape his cell by throwing up where the guard ends up opening the cell door lol

  3. Harrison McCartney says:

    "She asked me to tell you something; I've never seen someone with such clear eyes…also you're both being set up by the U.S. government in a bungled attempt to recover a hundred billion dollars from a disfigured Russian body builder, but we don't have to talk about that."

  4. The Rook says:

    Everybody gangsta till The Boss gives birth on D-Day.

  5. B K says:

    One of my favorite video games growing up the storyline was so intense, jack aka snake was considered the greatest hero during the cold war, he and his metor the big boss fell in love, but she defected to the Soviet Union because of her loyalty to her old cobra unit, but somewhere down the line she regretted it so it only seemed fitting that her favorite pupil should be the one to take her place as the new big boss, she was deffinently one of a kind, but what so ironic is that snake had a similar revelation at the end of the movie, which will you decide beliefs or loyalty to you're country, integrity or following orders when you've seen so much you start to see things in a different light✌

  6. ZhaoYun320 says:

    Reflecting back on all he went through, it's no wonder there was bad blood between Zero and Big Boss. It felt like the US and Zero were just using B.Boss to just feather a nest egg for themselves.

  7. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ says:

    Boss: "There is only room for one boss and one snake"
    Kojima: "yeeeah… about that…"

  8. Sharlatan says:

    Noone let Ocelot to make Russian Roulette to the end.

  9. Se7en says:

    my fav franchise of all time….will we ever see snake again? id give my life…. not for honor, shit not even for you…. but for another snake eater lol

  10. Brandy Dandy says:

    No sword fight dream???? Tf

  11. khirul aminur says:

    "Kuwabara kuwabara". What does tht mean?

  12. John Lewis says:

    She's trying to give you the draws snake. This would be a good movie.

  13. FoxXx Faze says:

    +1 Dislike not in any other language except french

  14. Crumm Face says:

    Who else had these two recurring thoughts while playing this game?
    1. What a collection of freaks!!
    2. I wonder if there's really military battles going on right now that we don't know about with genetically modified mutants in real life?

  15. Michael Cheritto says:


  16. Dom Huerta says:

    Look at the scene where ocelot is first introduced and you'll see he wears a captain uniform yet he calls himself a major

  17. Miguel Swagero says:

    This is still worth watching. I may never need my 7th play through.

  18. Ian Kennedy says:


    Unlucky Boss hahahahahah

  19. DoneWithLifeKermitJR says:

    3:12:50 castle miner z scream

  20. PAUL anime fan says:

    Kojima should direct a live action film of this game.

  21. Albert Twangle says:

    Cobra unit were silly cunts

  22. Kidyugi1 says:

    Thank you for your hard work

  23. UpCDownC LeftCRightC says:

    Came here after watching MGS2. 2's story is much better than this one.

  24. James Haynes says:

    Me: hey you what is the word is doing, snake, SNAAAAAKE?!?

  25. Legion Territory says:

    All you had to do was follow that DAHM road Eva

  26. Ryan Bugg says:

    This was the one that first introduced me to the franchise, and by far my favorite story in the whole saga.

  27. Pee Sweezy says:

    Meow… lol

  28. xTony92 says:

    144.75 Codec on the chalkboard

  29. Joel Rowan says:

    i cringe these days but EXCELLENT comedy

  30. Random _Jae says:

    The Sorrow always made me so curious the first time I played, I always thought there was more to him than shown and honestly I find him to still be the strangest character in the franchise

  31. O B says:

    Love the way Volgin backs away from the boss as she advances on him in the interrogation room

  32. アレックスAlex says:

    Thanks a lot for the vid, really nice work, so well cut and stuff for this amazing game (my favorite series ever)

  33. SoulKiss says:

    why there is no subs

  34. Kerem Biçer says:

    10:55 Which song is that ?

  35. Abbachiode says:

    When the cutscenes add up to 4:20:45


  36. SplitERin2 says:

    Lol, had to include the ladder climb didn't ya…..
    Guess the elevator was
    Out of service…

  37. Дмитрий Попов says:


  38. fornever5656 says:

    ima actually kind of mad that none of cobras unit was explained. talking to major and others with codec explains so much shit its sad you didn't put that in

  39. MrDodo says:

    The Axis were never the enemy.
    The corrupt disgusting democracies and evil communist regimes were always the enemy.
    Declaring war on Germany for declaring war on Poland because they refused to give back ethnic German land that has been stolen and given away to the newly partitioned Polish State after WW1.
    Siding with China and provoking a war with Japan.
    Fuck The Allies!!
    Fuck The Comintern!!!

  40. inFAMOUS says:

    26:11 there ya go

  41. David Diaz says:

    Motoru Masada was the military consultant on this game? Was he ever in the US military?

  42. David Diaz says:

    What's up with the monocle?

  43. David Diaz says:

    And what happened to Ocelots accent?

  44. azone one says:

    This is first game i played in the metal gear saga and the only game I played among all the other metal gear game. this one is very special for me.

  45. Azor99 says:

    Ocelot is The Boss's son.

  46. Cory Kingbreaker says:

    I hope one day someone looks at me the way snake looked at the gun eva gave him at 59:27

  47. Vert Gang says:

    Such bad gameplay tho. At least have some legit infiltration. Or leave out gameplay lol. Ruins immersion

  48. Steven Kißkalt says:

    S O K O L O V

  49. CHpZ rgud_7 says:

    1:25:33 He is talking about HUEY EMMERICH from mgs pw mgs gz mgs tpp

  50. Hasan Haroon says:


  51. pimplyface64 says:

    Snake is either gay or self-conscious about his willy. Lol

  52. T-RickWorkz OFFICIAL says:

    Whos this mr. Director shit 😂😂

  53. BlackDragon0712 says:

    All of this nostalgia. I wish they would make a TRUE HD remake of this game for the current generation of consoles. Up to date graphics, maybe a DLC or two….Lol. Wishful thinking.

  54. Sean H. says:

    "Snake…history will never know what she did…no one will ever know the truth. Her story. Her debriefing will endure only j your heart." Gets me. Every. Damn. TIME.

  55. Kyle899 says:

    Diane Simmons is big on exposition dumps.

  56. Kevin Myrick says:

    Who watched this whole thing? 😂

  57. Dhimas Afihandarin says:

    I always enjoy Ocelot scene. His high pride but yet willing to learn and listen.

  58. Jon Paradero says:

    3:02:16 oooohhhhh he IS A MAMA'S BOY!!!!!!!!

  59. Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS says:

    I already Quit when i had to fight the Fear too hard No tactics Mud everywhere

  60. Bong Shapiro says:

    The Trump Card

  61. noobmaster 69 says:

    The video duration is 4:20:*45*
    My day is ruined. Everytime. Everywhere I go. Everytime I take a step. My day is always ruined

  62. kingmeaty_22 and Huttsonkill says:

    I FOUND HUEY 12254

  63. staj says:

    Phenomenal Game, What an experience! Thank you Hideo!

  64. Mad Max says:

    I love the medical stuff in this game, need to keep it in

  65. Mad Max says:

    3:16:50 where he becomes the man on fire and makes his appearance in metal gear solid 5 phantom pain.

  66. Grey_Fox_52 says:

    49:30 #WarThunder

  67. Kevin Ma says:

    can someone explain to me why they have powers?

  68. Hamad Humaid says:

    2:20:54 The Boss slaps Ocelot she should at least punch him

  69. OrneryPossum says:

    Ocelot's little growl is silly.

  70. TV Derek says:

    This is really well made

  71. SavagesInMyTown says:

    the scene with the horse whinnying at boss's body had me catching feels lmao

  72. SavagesInMyTown says:

    Snake got his heart broken twice in this story lmao damn

  73. Ivan Bogatkov says:

    Кодзима гений пошли вы все нахуй
    Я рыдаю блять

  74. SupremeCloud says:

    im so confused can someone help me

  75. Carlos Garcia says:

    You mean to tell me that there 2 movies worth of cutscenes but only 3 hours of gameplay?

  76. King Lambert612 says:

    One of the best muthafuckin games of our generation period during the ps3 era or of our time and amazing game storyline period 🙅🏽‍♂️

  77. Ashiwol says:


  78. Earth's Army says:

    Johnny 🙁 and his father Johnny… and his son Johnny ;n;

  79. PSTRIPPLEE says:

    A normal human wouldnt be able to climb on that ladder an not fall off lool

  80. Jasper Valdez says:

    They should remastered this on the PS5

  81. shu bono says:

    I can't have fight with The Boss. I can't. Never.

  82. JohnieBeGood12 says:

    The CQC Cutscene Are Legendary and Snake Getting 2 CQC Knife Kills On Gru Noobs And Destroying The Gru Dude With The Most Intense slam move ever

  83. HarryTravolta says:

    Why does he say to capitalism? What kind of Yankee Doodle shite version was this played on? 😂

  84. Ferrius Nillan says:


  85. cloud2164 says:

    1:17:52 Yes, mom…

  86. g smalls says:

    rofl at 57:20 when Eva induces herself and the corny jazzy porn music starts with Snake perving over her and looking at her tits

  87. Blue Fire says:

    Man…. All these games carry out some kind of deep message

  88. TheTreeis OnFire says:

    Fun fact: The english voice actor for The Boss (Lori Alan) is also the long-running voice of Pearl on spongebob.

  89. FlexGaming YT says:

    This is missing parts

  90. JohnieBeGood12 says:

    4 hours 20 mins Cutscene with the Editing Of Boss Fights Lit 🔥

  91. José Victor Ferreira says:

    A game of this movie will be cool… I have a idea, just like Castlevania
    This could be a third game and a pre-quel… And named by… Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    All i want is nobody copy my idea

  92. José Victor Ferreira says:


  93. Unknown Origin says:

    how Snake dint have forest sniper experience ffs

  94. ItsLloydM8 says:

    Snake eating a snake.
    A snake within a snake. Snakeception.

  95. Emil Åhdin says:

    Some scenes have been cut down here…..

  96. Nelson Lopez says:

    This game is set in the 1960s looks more 1990s

  97. Brendan Fullerton says:


  98. Jerome says:

    "One hundred billion dollars! divided up and hidden all over the world!"

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