Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 4×4 Squared vs Chevy Suburban Midnight vs The Snake

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 4×4 Squared vs Chevy Suburban Midnight vs The Snake

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 4×4 Squared vs Chevy Suburban Midnight vs The Snake

  1. The Fast Lane Truck says:

    Thanks for watching. You can also watch Nathan, Andre and Roman review the G-Wagon Squared Off-Road in California Here:

  2. lardiop says:

    It’s like watching Top Gear or The Grand Tour, except nothing is funny.

  3. kyjoe9 says:

    The end was really funny

  4. DonnaSean says:

    LOL is Nathan still alive???

  5. michalis spyridonos says:

    Americans confuse dick size with car size.

  6. tinleo333 says:

    18 mph combined what a lie,this fuel economy rating keep getting paid by gm

  7. SlackTastic says:

    I like how Roman calls the vehicle beside his, that's over 40" longer, 7" wider, and can tow 8,000 lb behind it "girly". Because that makes sense, right?

  8. Roman RP says:

    Which one is better ? Of course the German Technic

  9. GMC Jae says:

    Geez that Chevy needs to stay on road no clearance at alllll

  10. R Shiery says:

    It's only too tall if you're a fat little half size man

  11. David Jones says:

    No one wants to cruise in an inferno

  12. TheSkiingJeep says:

    Chevy's midnight edition has way too much stupid chrome.

    Freaking g-wagon has less chrome.

    Imagine if that suburban had blacked out grill, window trim, etc? It'd actually look somewhat decent, and better than the boring crap-sickle the suburban looks like stock.

  13. Skodz Gaming says:

    Damn the chevy look like a small compact suv next to that mercedes

  14. Deyshaw H says:

    Both vehicles are cool. I get the Chevy if I have a big family.

  15. 1337 IOT says:

    Welcome to my hood – you needed a modded TACO to compare 2

  16. Troy Strain says:

    The Suburban looks like the vehicles that pull up on GTA, after you've raised to much hell. Time to load the rocket launcher!

  17. Hortensio SanCebolla says:

    I'll take anything red white and blue before any of that over prized European crap any day!

  18. Clevage333 says:

    70s porn music as Roman pulls up 🤔

  19. Chris John Michael says:

    Mercedes only makes the gayest of the gay

  20. DMS says:

    I don’t think the G Wagon is Worth 200,000 so i definitely go with the suburban

  21. BRYCEONBIKE says:

    Id get the suburban! I dont want a tall box 📦

  22. MultiPurposeReviewer says:

    I'd say the best choice would be the G65, without the squared. That truck screams money and luxury. The 4×4 Squared model looks like a guy who's trying too hard, or wants to ACT like he can rough it. The G65 knows it's not going to go off-road, so it conquers the luxury aspect instead.

  23. Creig Mac says:

    Land Cruiser. Nuff said.

  24. Kyle Burdick says:

    I'd take a Tahoe rst

  25. Eddie says:

    lol no comparison at all.

  26. Alan Bowers says:

    C'mon Mercedes! Give us a G350D 4×4 squared!!! I want a stripped down model with no fancy gizmos or gadgets other than what's needed to go offroad! Cloth seats, manual windows, basic stereo and infotainment and priced under $100k. I think that would be pretty epic, and rival even some of the most hardcore Jeeps pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar.

  27. Cerberus says:

    If you're out there driving, you have to drive Mulholland Drive at least once, you'll remember it for the rest of your days. If you have money to burn you'll want the G, if not, the Suburban is way cool.

  28. Snake Plissken says:

    I drive my five kids around in a 2013 GMC Yukon XL (2500), and man I wish GM would put the 6.2L V8 into the Yukon XL/Suburban.

    I have seriously considered having a Duramax diesel put into my 2013 Yukon XL, because the power I need and want is just not there when the vehicle is weighed down with everyone and gear.

    I buddy of mine converted a Yukon XL 2009 with a Duramax and it is insane how powerful it is. If I remember correctly it is tuned to 450 HP and 750 LB torque. He loads his entire family, gear, and pulls a trailer with it with absolute ease…and manages 16-20 MPG depending on the activity.

    …now I just need to rub two nickels together and make them turn into $16,000 to pay for the conversion. 🙂

  29. Aaron Stokes says:

    I love how Nathan just hangs his head when asked how many turbos he has….perfect comeback to BTW "who needs turbos when you have cylinder de-activation" thanks for making me laugh.

  30. mario says:

    i hear wind noise in the g wagon and they want how much?

  31. Jack Laskowski says:

    The Mercedes is a great truck for a 5 foot 4 basic white girl…

  32. Nicholas Coucoularis says:

    I'd take a Dodge Durango srt8 over the chevy

  33. C Steele says:

    I'd take the Mercedes only cuz of ground clearance and portal axles.

  34. The Dude says:

    It would be more interesting, compare oranges to apples! Now, they could compare the G to the wrangler! The Wrangler was eaten for breakfast …

  35. K. R. V. says:

    Roman? I cannot say what I’m thinking about that nazimobile! For that kind of money you could spend LESS THAN HALF THAT. To get a Lingenfelter or even just the standard Chevy CST Tahoe then throw a blower in it and I’ll take one of those over that German brick!

  36. JeepCherokeeful says:

    With the Suburban, other than at a Knight’s Inn, nobody’s gonna be “curious” unless they think it’s the cops.

  37. Tristan Scott says:

    Of corse they 2 cars don’t compete ones and Chevy. Well at least they make it back…

  38. J Patt says:

    Burban all day everyday!!!!!!

  39. Anthony C says:

    OMG! Roman is a Fender guitars fan?? Too cool!

  40. Randy Prevette says:

    Wouldn't cross the street for a free g wagon!

  41. Nick Robinson says:

    Um I think that benz is a dumb girly truck.

  42. mountainhobo says:

    Suburban any day, but not this silly "midnight edition" shit.

  43. David Quintana says:

    If your getting the wagon your only getting it because of the Mercedes brand. For that kind of money I would buy a power wagon and a Jeep Wrangler. And still have money left

  44. Charles Lyon says:

    Keep it up, love your content!

  45. mountainhobo says:

    3:20 "This is called the Snake, Nathan, as you well know, it's Mulholland Drive, and it's 20 of the most challenging, interesting turns in all of California" — I know you guys need to exaggerate sometimes, but this one would gag a skunk. That road wouldn't challenge an 80 year old grandma. Roman needs to take a dewussifying pill.

  46. Jimmy Bob says:

    I would rather have the suburban and take extra money and lift it

  47. Bigshows93 says:

    Lol a twin turbo v8 only making 418hp

  48. Edysin Simon says:

    I'd consider that G wagen only if the diesel were available to us in the U.S.! It isn't but, if it was, like everywhere else on the planet, I could see the appeal of it!

  49. Steve Hogue says:

    Nathan should be in movies!

  50. David says:

    416 hp with twin turbos? That doesn't sound right.

  51. David says:

    I wish they would keep the silverado front clip, the tahoe/suburban one looks hideous.

  52. HW2800 says:

    For out and out status symbol, G Wagon!

  53. Rev Rob says:

    Best Hollywood cruiser right now is a fire truck. 🙁

  54. bbsp says:

    Why are the doors on the merc creaking

  55. Peace & Quiet says:

    Premier trim Suburbans have the electro-magnetic suspension. If you have real money, you don't want the attention the kind of attention that G-Wagon brings. The Suburban is Secret Service cool and fits in well from Manhattan to the red carpet in Hollywood. It nice and comfortable.

    I noticed the way the two fat men were bouncing around in that Benz. No thanks at any price. Real luxury is space and comfort.

  56. Jackson McClelland says:

    G-Wagon’s are overpriced and ugly af

  57. CCBZRG says:

    G-Wagon Wins!!

  58. Abuebakar Jallow says:

    Lol these guys are the best 😂👍

  59. Vince Fairleigh says:

    I’d take the Mercedes any day, I’d replace those pathetic tires and put on 17” rims if possible, I’d also improve the axle articulation, it looks very stiff, aside from that it is an awesome truck!

  60. Salvador Rangel says:

    I like the suburban

  61. Robert says:

    Thumbs up.

  62. juice box says:

    Is this even a question? Not a fair comparison

  63. T_ ALEX says:

    The better comparison should have been the range rover

  64. 308GANG 1234 says:

    Anybody there in the logang and thinking The Yeti

  65. Jacob Lawrence says:

    Creamy smooth ride??? That can be take very different ways with people

  66. Pedro Herrera says:

    Great smash up

  67. Garrett Smith says:

    I own a midnight edition Tahoe LTZ a Ford F-250 lariat and a tesla p100D. I make a lot of money and sometimes spend it on stupid stuff but I would never buy that Mercedes. Someone I play golf with had a Mercedes g wagon for about 2 months and he hated it and when he traded it in he lost a ton of money. If you wanna go off road buy a Jeep Wrangler for 50k

  68. Jason W says:

    Nathan brought a knife to a Merc fight…

  69. Dennis Pryce says:

    i absolutely hate the fin antenna being to the front and even worse off centered on the suburban

  70. MrC North says:

    Ok, that Mercedes is UGLY.

  71. Mark A Tackett says:


  72. Steve Hostetler says:

    You guys are absolutely the best

  73. Keith Bartlett says:

    Where has Big Green been? Sure us Chevy fans would love an update.

  74. Hdhfdnd Sudnebd says:

    The g wagon is two square body and on lift kit it would lean a lot and the suburban is a good family vehicle and is good at towing. We have a boat and are 2007 suburban pulls it just fine

  75. Maxwell Roeland says:

    G wagons are for spoiled rich children

  76. Maxwell Roeland says:

    And those visor lights arent even functional in the United States

  77. lone wolf says:

    not offroad?!

  78. Stefan Unson says:

    You’d have to do a lot of daily driving off road to justify buying the G.

  79. AutoTuned says:

    I love that Midnight Suburban

  80. ben okeyo says:

    nathan a member of the 3 stoogies

  81. Faith Hunter says:

    That's not fair comparison!

  82. Faith Hunter says:

    G-wagon cost more than my life!

  83. Faith Hunter says:

    Why would you put CARBON FIBER in a wheel whole that is the most stupid thing to do when it supposed to be an OFF ROAD truck and it's going to cost you alot of money

  84. Mr. Cairo says:

    Winner = LX570.

    Better engineered than both, 200 series underneath. Beautifully comfortable, incredibly capable off road and built to last a minimum of 25 years. Way too much money for a Suburban and the G is just ridiculous.

  85. Gerardo Gutierrez says:

    Am a ford guy but I'll take a chevy over Mercedes anytime

  86. carcric 16.4 says:


  87. Kareem Joseph says:

    Not just 11 miles per gallon, 11 miles per gallon of PREMIUM gas. But if you willing to drop a quarter mil on a car, gas money doesn’t matter..

  88. 46Rambo says:

    the only thing both of them seem to be good for is annoying people or attracting thieves.


    Both r nice but any natural disasters it would most definitely be the G WAGON I SEEN A STALLED SUBURBAN IN A LIGHT FLOOD

  90. CornRow Kenny says:

    What dumbass would pay 200k for that? Ig if you have millions then you could care less but 200k!!?

  91. Sergiu Puscasu says:

    The Merc is way too overpriced, while the Suburban is kind of a bargain. I’ll go for the Chevy.

  92. Sergiu Puscasu says:

    You can lift the Suburban to make it as tall as the G-wagon, but you can’t stretch out the G-wagon.

  93. amari odom says:

    he’s very funny everybody knows the g wagon is the actual girly truck

  94. Mr. Pepe says:

    That G wagon is ugly af

  95. Psychopath96 says:

    Is the 4×4 squared nearly as wide was a raptor ?

  96. Daniel Martinez says:

    TFL is getting worse and worse…
    Im sick of you comparing apples to oranges. In finding its a waste of time to watch you guys.
    Went from an informative, put together comparisons to… shenanagins

  97. F B I says:

    You can see the camera car is the g wagon in the shadow

  98. X Y says:

    As a 2019 Tahoe Premier owner, I'd drop it in a second for the G Wagon. There's really no comparison, but also 4 times the price. Next video, a Ford Taurus with a Rolls-Royce.

  99. Fish Drowner says:

    The Escalade tops them all

  100. Uzo/Jeriah Anyanwu says:

    I’ll take Mercedes G wagon 4×4 squared it’s an off-road beast😎😎😎😎

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