Meet the Tigers: Auburn’s JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow has a day named after him

Meet the Tigers: Auburn’s JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow has a day named after him

I’m average. I’m not great yet, but I’m greatness in the making. But I’m not great yet. Tell me all six positions you played in school. I played quarterback, receiver, running back, I kicked, I returned punts. You’re pretty much a utility guy. JaTarvious, you get nine offers. Where in the picture does Auburn come in? I got on the phone with Coach (Kevin) Steele. He was like, “Coach Chip (Lindsey) likes you. He said “He wants you to come in and play receiver.” I said, “Say no more. I’m coming.” I said, “That’s it. I’m coming.” I called my momma. I had just called Tulane that Sunday. It was that Sunday, I called Tulane and told them I was coming down there. I guess it just turned in my favor. War what? War Boobee, that’s my nickname. What’s your nickname? Boobee. I told Mayor Moody, I was like, “You know, we’re having a cookout and big thing for Boobee Saturday.” So we got talking and I said, “We need to do something for that day.” He said, “Hmm. Boobee Day!” (Laughs) I said, “That is Boobee Day. Let’s call it Boobee Day then.” So we just decided to do a proclamation and he was excited. We’re celebrating his academic achievements as well as his athletic achievements. He really did some things that hadn’t happened for the school before. He’s got nine state championships. Hasn’t been done in the history of LaFayette. First player in LaFayette history to go SEC. So it’s a lot of different things. So how exciting is it for you? Auburn obviously kind of changing the script a little. Chip Lindsay comes in for the Auburn Tigers. The excitement of Jarrett Stidham being there, hopefully Auburn’s found their quarterback. Just knowing you could be on the receiving end of that, how exciting is that for you? It’s very exciting. We’ve got a chance to do some big things, and I believe we have a chance to win a national championship this year. You guys are going all the way, freshman year, right? Freshman year. You ready for that ring? I’m ready for it. I told Coach (Kodi) Burns the other day, I’m ready to come in and grind and win a championship.

Randy Schultz

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12 thoughts on “Meet the Tigers: Auburn’s JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow has a day named after him

  1. Lamarcus Webb says:


  2. David Porter says:

    This guy looks super athletic. Hope he can make a swap to RB or DB. One of our 2 RBs didnt qualify, and as far as DB goes, We are razor thin there. Besides I don't really like the whole high school QB swapping over to WR at Auburn. That hasn't worked out for us so well lately. Courtney Taylor was the last I remember to make that conversion and become a real force on the field. That was over a decade ago

  3. S Venable says:

    War Eagle!

  4. Quezz Mckinney says:

    my school ??? my cousin ?

  5. Angela Goodman says:

    Boobee my cousin

  6. Angela Goodman says:

    And his mom Pamela is my Cousin

  7. Angela Goodman says:

    And Terre nice is

  8. Wahkee Blaster says:

    Cannot wait to see U in action on tha field! Boobe Whitlow will be a household name in tha state this year ! Maybe tha surprise player in tha country this year IMHO

  9. Make Gohan Great Again says:

    Depth chart came out, sitting right behind Kam martin. We will see alot boobee this year folks. YOU WANNA WIN, YOU PUT BOOBEE IN!

  10. weagle2323 says:

    Is anybody watching this after his game-winning TD against Washington?

  11. T.Gorum27 says:

    "Boobie up the middle! Boobie scores!" ???

  12. Gary Johnson says:

    He will be a 1,000 yard rusher for AUBURN in 2019

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