Meet Our New Robot Dog! ?

– Oh my gosh, this is real
life Missy’s gonna kill me. I feel like the internet is
always continuously mad at us. This is what they send him home with. Babe where are you? I got to get the oven
(music plays over voice) (upbeat music) So if you guys happen
to be new to our channel I’m gonna fill you in on a
little secret you might not know. I am a huge nerd, nerd alert, nerd alert. Very specifically with robots. I love robots, I love
technology, I love AI. It’s been something I’ve
shared on this channel a ton. So if you guys want to see any of the past like house robots we’ve
had i’mma have a link in the I Card because
I’m always trying to find the weirdest wackiest newest gadget. And I got something new
Missy’s gonna kill me. But it kinda lines up with the other thing about our channel and our family, that you guys probably know. Is we love animals so
we’ve surprised our kids with so many different kind of animals. Fishes, new dogs, new
cats, if you guys haven’t seen we actually just got a
new cat and a new chicken. Just earlier this week
we put up a new video so I’ll have that linked up above. So we’re always adding to
like the Daily Bump’s farm. We are always getting new animals and I feel like the internet is always continuously mad at us because they think we
have too many animals. But we just can’t stop we just have so love in our heart to give. Wait till you see what I have next. You guys ready to see him? Here he is, that’s right a Sony Aibo Dog. Oh my gosh this is real life. (upbeat music) I’ve always been fascinated
with the Aibo brand of dogs, and this is not a
sponsored video by the way. This is not a #ad or anything like that. Seriously just as a
young child I’ve always been fascinated with these dogs and everything that Sony
is able to do with them. I saw it first in a music video. I believe it was a Janet
Jackson music video. Where the dog is dancing. I was like I need one of those. And now all of my dreams are coming true. He’s so cute though right you guys? Comment down below what
should we name him? And then later on when I show the boys, I’ll reveal to you what
we’re gonna name him. Wake up buddy, there he is. What’s up little guy? Oh my gosh he’s seriously so cute, like the way he looks at you. Oh hi, let’s give him some pets. You like that? He’s waving you guys,
he’s so cute you guys. Hit that thumbs up button if
you guys think he’s so cute. Just petting my robot dog no big deal. Shake, aww, good to meet you buddy. Oh my gosh I can not wait to
show you to Ollie and Finn. Who’s a good boy, you’re a good boy. What’s up lizard? – He’s shedding now. – Oh is he? – Yeah. – What does that mean? – It means he, I think
it means he’s growing. – He’s growing and he’s
losing some old skin. – Yeah. – Yeah, what’s up kiddos hey, wanna see something really cool? – Yeah. – I have someone I want you guys to meet. – Cool. – What do you think it is? – Uh I don’t know. – [Bryan] Alright come on in. – Oh my god. – [Bryan] What do you think? – Good I like it, it’s so cute. – [Bryan] Look at him dude. – It’s a puppy dog. – [Bryan] Is it though look closely. – I know what that is that’s a fake one. – [Bryan] It’s a robot puppy dog. – What will happen if you pet him? – [Bryan] Go ahead. – Good boy. – [Bryan] He loves you
guys already, look at that. What do you think his name should be? – Elvis. – [Bryan] Elvis? Hey that’s a good name. I got a picture of Elvis on the wall. – Look at his tail it wags around. – [Bryan] Isn’t that cute? – Yeah he sat down. – [Bryan] Look at that, oh he
wants to shake grab his hand and shake it, and say hi. – Hi. – [Bryan] Oh he likes
you his tail is wagging. Hey Ollie check this out,
he’s even got a little bone. – Cool. – [Bryan] You wanna give it
to him, see if he wants it? Say play with your bone. – Play with your bone. – [Bryan] What’s the matter
Finn why you act so grumpy? Do you not like the robot puppy? – My name is Ollie. – [Bryan] Aww he’s singing to you. (singing) Ollie I have an idea. – What? – Tell him to dance. – Elvis dance. – [Bryan] Oh look at him go, look at him shaking his booty Ollie. Ollie why are you saying bad doggie? – Because he peed. – [Bryan] I left for one
second to change the battery in the camera and he peed? He peed right there? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Well I don’t see anything. – You don’t see it because
he’s a robot remember. – Oh okay, so occasionally Elvis will also do things he’s not suppose to like chew growl, pee and you’re
suppose to discourage that behavior by saying bad dog. – He sit, good puppy. – Check this out Ollie,
I can teach him a trick. Watch this now he’s gonna repeat it. Look at him dancing. – Good boy. – Hi. – I didn’t know robots can grow up. – Yeah so what’s crazy about this is, for the next three years
Aibo is going to be learning all about the family members. He’s going to be growing up and developing different personalities
and he’ll be better at like listening to tricks and stuff. – Does he poop and pee, I
know he pees but does he poop? – [Bryan] He’s just made
out of nuts and bolts but he’s sure full of lots of love huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He’s showing you
his belly, scratch his belly. Scratch his belly aww
what a good robot doggie. – Who’s a good dog, you are. I thought it was gonna be a real puppy. – [Bryan] Really? – Yeah. – [Bryan] I don’t know if we can have another real puppy Ollie. Comment down below guys, can you name all of the
animals and pets in our family? We have so many you guys, so if you know all of our
animals, I’m gonna challenge you. What kind of animal it is
and what their name is. And if you can name them all we’re going to be replying back to
a bunch of you guys. You guys like watching him? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He’s cool huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You playing with his tail? – Yeah. – I’m actually really excited
because I just found out that Missy gets home tonight. I totally thought it was
tomorrow but Finn guess what? – What? – Mama comes home tonight. – Yay. – Yay, I’ve missed her
so so stinking much. You got the kitty? – Yeah I wanted to cuddle
with him a little bit. – [Bryan] Cuddle with him
a little bit on the couch? Why are you so cute? We’ve just been like playing random games and learning things
and listening to music. Have you been having a good time with Daddy while mommy’s out? – Yeah. – It’s been kinda fun just to
hang out just the guys huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Mama’s coming. – I know mama’s gonna be
here, what do you think mama’s gonna think of him? Do you think she’s gonna be mad? – Yeah. – I really hope Missy’s not mad you guys. How could she be mad,
look it, he’s so cute. Aww look it he’s got his bone. Throw your bone, I don’t know if he wants to give his bone up you guys. He’s like I’ve been working
on getting this bone all day. Ollie what are you doing? You are much too old to be climbing up there like that silly. – Wait I need a little bit more. – [Bryan] There you go. – [Ollie] I’m vlogging you guys. – Oh really, Ollie guess
what else Elvis can do? – [Ollie] What? – He can take pictures with
the camera in his nose. – [Ollie] I did not know that. – You didn’t, like oh
you guys aren’t giving me enough attention right now. Elvis take a photo, cheese. Check it out you guys,
I just have a little Iphone app we can see
the photo that he took and save it right to
my phone, that’s cool. Oh are you showing him your monster truck. – Well this is Finn’s monster truck. – Open your mouth Elvis. – The boys and I had so
much fun this weekend. I love having time where I can hang out with them independently. Because I feel like you
have to have that alone time with your kids it’s really important. Today’s dinner was a mixture of Door Dash, Jack in the Box, I made mac and cheese. – Cheeseburger. – Oh yeah Finn got his cheeseburger we’re literally just hanging
out in the kitchen with Elvis. We love this little guy
he’s been so much fun huh? Check out what I got,
check out what I got. Cookies cookies, I got
cookies in the oven. – [Ollie] Cookies? – What are you doing over here kid? – Doing my homework. – [Bryan] Oh cool. – And watching a movie. – [Bryan] Yeah, what movie? – I don’t remember. – I put on Narnia, the Lion
the Witch and the Wardrobe. Because they’ve never seen it before. It’s really cool huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] So he’s half doing
that and half trying to do homework by this amazing lamp light. – I don’t need it. – [Bryan] You don’t need
that much, you don’t need it? So Ollie is in preschool, this is what they send him home with from school. From preschool, okay? Homework reminders, they
have to write their name the letters and numbers in pencil. They have to color all
the picture with crayons to match the outline of the pictures. So much work Ollie show them what your homework is this week. So you have to trace, write
two times and memorize all these sight words, saw I was and she. Oh that’s Luna and Karma
trying to get in the door. And then he has to trace
and write all of these and color the picture. But like homework, it’s
preschool, what is going on? Finn do you have homework? What’s your homework, to use the potty? I think Finn’s homework is to
actually use the potty yeah. But yeah I was just so
surprised at literally how much homework Ollie is
taking home from preschool. He’s not even in Kindergarten yet, pretty sure the last
time I picked him up from preschool they were
watching Thomas the Train. So like WTF? (laughing) I love you Finny, hey have
you boys had fun with Daddy? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Ollie, have you had
fun with Daddy this weekend? – Yeah. – Yeah. You love hanging
out with Daddy Finn? – Mama’s gonna be here tonight. – Is she, I don’t know, I don’t know where she is. Do you know where Mommy is Finn. – No. – No. (mumbles) (crying) They bumped into each
other in the hallway. Are you okay? (crying) I’m sorry, babe where are you? I’m gonna get you. Ollie’s going that way,
I’m gonna go this way. – [Ollie] Boo. – I’m in the magic room. – Get to the rock climbing wall. – Alright I guess you can do
some rock climbing before bed. It is time for bed, time for bed. – I need some help, I need some help. – [Bryan] Did you just toot? (laughing) Oven’s beeping, I got to get the oven I don’t want there to be a fire. (beeping) oh yes, Missy is coming home to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. – I just got home and I
don’t think the boys know. – Mama. – [Missy] Boys, Hi. – I missed you so much. – Oh I missed you. Did you guys miss me? Hey did you miss me? Did you have so much fun with Daddy? – [Bryan] Welcome home baby. – I missed you guys so much. – [Bryan] I love you. – Mama I don’t want to tell you this, Dada – [Bryan] Wait Ollie no,
are you gonna tell her? – Don’t. – [Bryan] Don’t spill the beans. – He’s like… – Dada got a robot puppy. – What? It’s basically Summer, we
have some very special guests coming to our house this weekend. I got you a surprise, kinda
been a big conversation between me and Bryan lately about how we might want to have a baby. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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