Meet France’s Toughest Rappers (Part 1/3)

Meet France’s Toughest Rappers (Part 1/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] CLEO LE-TAN: Oh my god. I’m a bit scared. Don’t really like this smell. There’s loads of
things written. “The big pussy of her granny
is being fucked by all the guys from France.” “Fuck
the police.” Some people are coming. This May, the world watched as
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a small elf-like
creature who dominated the country’s political landscape
the past five years, was finally defeated by Francois
Hollande, a boring, floppy man from the rival Socialist
Party. The election was dominated by a
number of baffling European financial issues. Boring! But what wasn’t discussed was
a crisis that had been simmering for years in the
Parisian suburbs– the same suburbs in which, seven
years ago, two teenagers were tasered to death while
running from the police. As retaliation, hundreds of
residents from Parisian council estates started rioting,
protesting against police and their lack of
employment opportunities. Almost 3,000 rioters were
arrested, five police officers lost their lives, and 60
others were wounded. Fast-forward to now, and the
media has more or less forgotten about these areas and
the people who live there. But every now and then, the
French Vice Office would come across new rap artists from
these suburbs whose angry music suggested that none of
the problems in the suburbs had gone away. They were all still making music
as aggressive as ever, just like the days
when the suburbs were going up in flames. So we set out there to meet all
these artists and some of their friends, and that is
why this film is called– It’s the worst candy floss
I’ve ever seen. Hello, my name is Cleo. I grew up in Paris, but I still
love all the tourist destinations like the Louvre,
the Tuileries Gardens, the Concorde. I’d heard about areas like
Clichy-sous-bois and Evry in the news, but I’d never actually
explored them. So when Vice told me they wanted
to do a story about the situation over there, I got
excited and I called up my friend the director Romain
Gavras for a bit of advice. Romain made his first videos in
the suburbs years ago and put me in touch with a rapper
called Byron, who said he would show me the world of
underground French rap. So we went to meet him and he
if we wanted to find out about the southern part of the
suburbs, we should go and talk to the guys from La Comera, a
rap group from Grigny, La Grande Borne. [SPEAKING FRENCH] MALE SPEAKER 1:
talk to that other guy with the braids, but he
seems a bit– he’s a bit scary. [SPEAKING FRENCH] CLEO LE-TAN: I’m a bit scared,
because he seemed a bit manic. Are you guys going to come
with me in the car? Should I have accepted? Should I have gone for it? I don’t know. Because he was driving like a
maniac earlier on, wasn’t he? [SPEAKING FRENCH] He smelt very strongly of– onion? And he kept like going over me
and he was like, wait, hang on, I’ll do that for you. And it was like a really raw,
weird smell of onion. It wasn’t like, oh my
god, you stink. It was just weird. [SPEAKING FRENCH] CLEO LE-TAN: I think
he quite liked me. I mean, he kept asking if we
were going to hang out and stuff and when he was going to
pick me up, et cetera, et cetera, which was a bit much. [SPEAKING FRENCH] CLEO LE-TAN: I don’t
fancy him. I think he’s very nice,
but that’s it. MALE SPEAKER 2:
where we’re going. He just said come, and so
we’re just following. I just love going to
people’s places. I look around everything. That’s all I’m interested
in doing. [SPEAKING FRENCH] There was a mattress
against the wall. There were some leather
couches. There was a massive screen. Behind that table was a
pit-bull, and he’s just sitting there the whole time. And whenever I watched him,
he’s just going like– [SPEAKING FRENCH] Smoked a bit of weed, had a bit
of a drink, they rapped. They were basically blocking
all the sofas, so nobody could sit down. [SPEAKING FRENCH] I was so pleased with
my first day here. I learned how to drive, possibly
had a few dates lined up with said driver, and met
loads of new people. It was great. There’s a lot going on here.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Meet France’s Toughest Rappers (Part 1/3)

  1. srkedzie says:

    Why she look 12

  2. Obsidian says:

    With that French accent its hard to take them seriously

  3. googletranslate says:

    It's like uk lmao

  4. Jamrock says:

    My ex GF said Paris was one of the worst places she ever visited, she from a 3rd world country btw

  5. Felix Lafrance says:

    salope, pourquoi tu montre pas les bons cotés de la chose

  6. eddieclaws says:

    mais elle est sah la go là

  7. Daniel afg says:

    enriching diversity

  8. Colossatron Gaming says:

    Thought the beat dropped harder than my grades. Guess im wrong

  9. Victor Kamir says:

    that girl is so fucking retarded omg " this guy is wierd, should i go in his car? Idk "

  10. Nos Cobbin says:

    French rappers use one hand for the wine glass and the other for gang signs

  11. mais t'es sérieux says:

    Vice says lot of shit…and if vice thinks that these guy are the french rap's emblematic they realy poo on their investigation…ad to this, "french gangsters" that you showed on this documentary don't live in the ghetto but build it for being like your shitty afroamerican gangsters whose kill innocents every fucking days… :')

    En attendant la petite bourg' pathétique qui va au zoo à Clichy a eu pleins d'émotions hein? Elle a ressentit des chatouilles dans son frifri hein elle est contente la mongole? 5:48

  12. Schee Woe says:

    Wish I could leave America and kick it with them for a night. I'd even put in work and live there. 9 to 5 real job or whatever I don't care

  13. Jonathan Martin says:

    "People here don't have the chance to make an honest living"
    Free education, free healthcare, public transportation, social welfare etc.

    What the fuck more do you want mate? Get to work and quit whining.

  14. Whispering Mist says:

    When you place "France" and "Rappers" in the same sentence I laugh and think, "Just take this baguette, make me some pastry and go sit in the corner somewhere". It's laughable!

  15. denis bute says:

    come on bruh, come on vice. that staging of this shit is lame. i'm living in the paris suburbs, in comprison to the US , the suburbs is where the trouble is at. But you went to the lamest guys that are not even recognized in France, and that wanted some exposure. Why didn't you go to gennevilliers, grigny , ulysses; montfermeill, stain, ivry ; Aubervilliers, st denis, sarcelles, villiers le bel. Or just some others that every could confirm abour their rep, where they pack hammers and weight; every project has that same decor but these guys are not the toughest. trust me i'm not proud writting this comment, on who is the toughest . i guess its who you know

  16. Alein FromEarth says:

    Did she get raped at episode 3?

  17. Dap dap says:

    Lol France is a joke, there's no though guy, only clowns that thinks they are from US gangs, there's no gangs and the crimes they do is stealing

    Btw they are also lying about being associated with mafias and real gangs, they are not, Italian mafia uses them to carry drugs or they use them as baith, those guys think they are thuglords because they sell dope to kids

    I also live in France and none of those dudes are real rappers, they are just as a said, wannabe thugs that will end up dead by overdose or in jail for raping dumb sluts like the interview girl that was asking for it

  18. deden420 says:

    Song at 8:00 ????? If u know pls answer

  19. Bryan Reynoso says:

    Wannabes don't know shit bout being in south central tf

  20. Boob James says:

    Ah, the suberbs

  21. DROP ZONE says:


  22. DROP ZONE says:


  23. TriggaDaHotN1gga says:

    came through reeking like some onions ayyyyeeee

  24. Oz Asbjorn says:

    Tough? They look like sticks, I could easily take them on the pussy holes.

  25. Adam Londonkamergi says:

    This video should be called "White girl talks to wannabe gangsters in suburban Paris"

  26. Damir Maatar says:

    Mdrrrr qui les connait ces rappeurs ?

  27. Ruan47 says:

    Lol what a fuckin chill reporter

  28. Côme Roullet says:

    And knowing I live in the same country

  29. Adam Mkhairi says:

    Vice you never made a bullshit bigger than this -1 follow

  30. Recksz N Kingz Activities #RKA T.V. says:

    France ?? is way more greezier then England ??????? on a street crime hood level man never forget that it’s on stuff.

  31. Recksz N Kingz Activities #RKA T.V. says:

    & loooool they toke the bitch to the trap house ? to get beat out ?☝???‍♂️. If your from the roads you would have clocked that straight away lol she ain’t street so she didn’t clock shit lol …

  32. Alex Paphiti says:


  33. Mark Boutelle says:

    There goes the french culture down the le toilet

  34. chicken feet says:

    Reached the "Smell like onions" part and had to stop the video. So lets send a posh high nosed Parisian to less privileged neighborhoods and start criticizing people the best Snobby French Style, i bet she used the experience to later brag about it with his friends and try to gain popularity. Seriously low level of professionalism and human decency.

  35. Tanguy Grolleron says:

    C’est hyper cliché putain

  36. StereoSoundAgent says:

    yesssssss, anyone reading this go watch La Haine

  37. Tramy says:

    alcapote en arrière plan ?

  38. Legend has it Genocide says:

    I pray these guys get real help from god the lady need a brain transplant

  39. ΔLΣЖIЅ says:

    I've never seen a """documentary""" with so many lies. Is that what VICE journalism is all about ???? SHAME ON YOU , REALLY ?????
    If one day the peoples rise up, you "journalists" will pay for all the crap you've done.

  40. Chris Cannon says:

    That’s why everyone in the world thinks that blacks or dark skinned people are to be feared or dangerous and violent. Why not report on the successful, or non successful but intelligent people who are doing something positive for their community or demographic. Blacks are more than ghetto rappers and athletes. I thought Vice was supposed to be non corporate owned or politically unbiased reporting. This is trash journalism. Quit glorifying negativity. Everyone wants to imitate our culture and act black until they have to experience the problems that blacks actually go through.

  41. Mike Hunt says:

    I'd hate to be black and from France.

  42. Penutbutter And jealous says:

    How you gonna be speaking French with a mf lisp and be that confident ?

  43. Ben Davis says:

    this girl has no idea of what struggle is, please never put someone like this in front of a potential interesting documentary….

  44. L'êė Čāpøñë says:

    The classic line around the world "* Fuck The Police *"

  45. Dim Sum says:

    a l k p o t e

  46. Moritz says:

    how´s the first track called?

  47. R.R. Genn says:

    anyone know the name of the track @ 8:00?

  48. Judea Rattet says:

    Lol, bye bye. Political bullshit….and just like Vice: the perps are the victims. Bs

  49. RayMysteryo says:

    I felt like I was watching the intro to a porn video the entire time

  50. JMM Selassie says:

    I'm from America and did not know about the goods in France.

  51. ØrPhÄn MüRpHy says:

    I knew Vice was losing grip on its original ideology of being bold and on the pulse but this is just taking the complete piss. 1:45 and I'm already reeling from the 'journalists' choice of words. Having also scanned the comments it looks like the whole thing is bollocks anyway…contrived nonsense for the purpose of sensation in the hope idiots will swallow it.
    That's actually an irresponsible method. To earn their keep by spreading lies. No honour left Vice…bad show.

  52. taytay.2u says:

    Vice . . . why the fuck even do this? You could have made a cool documentary, instead you opted for a pretentious tour thru (X) ghetto in France with irrelevant clips and no reporting. Can I manage your HQ in Paris? cuz whoever approved this needs to be fired

  53. Kodi Summerville says:

    …. Toughest rappers? These guys put words together for a living we don't even take these guys serious in America only white suburban kids do ?.

  54. Thomas Wallace says:


  55. Pay Pig says:

    what a rich and vibrant culture! France should import more of them so that they can have the highest number of rappers per capita! that would be so cool. they should rebuild notre dame into an apartment complex for africans and they should put music studios in the buildings so that they can further enrich their culture

  56. FireEmblem27 says:

    Had this bitch not hosted the documentary, it could have been good.

  57. vnexec89 says:

    just glorified doleblusgers

  58. Alexandru Baghdisar says:

    first vice reporter i see taking drugs :))

  59. metamaggot says:

    they weren't tazed to death they hid in an electrical transformer and got electrocuted by it

  60. djef ardeur says:

    france rap is huge thanks to us… black people… but at the end of the day, we're still being treated like shit

  61. holeOfFame says:

    She got balls

  62. Riina Valkeapää says:


  63. Timmy Silva says:

    Should have let onion man smash

  64. Walter Barillet says:


  65. big bass says:

    black culture rob get killed riot– blame whitey next story–

  66. mbolduc says:

    Did you get a train run on you like you wanted?

  67. Chic Chi says:

    Random black person going about their normal life. Trying to survive. Oh they're Tough??

  68. jack black says:

    Who ever would pay to listen to this crap is an idiot.

  69. Steeve Abitbol says:

    I was born and raised in France. I could of done a better job reporting this topic with zero journalism experience. Get your shit together VICE.

  70. East Cush says:

    Shout out to my killers in France and my hitters in the dam?

  71. marc mohamed says:

    voila on diabolise les quartiers !! c'est mal expliqué !!

  72. X3DN says:

    Back when vice was actually original

  73. Stephan Cabo says:


  74. Fight me Now says:

    France is basically england

  75. Jacy Dyer says:

    Seems more about her (the “journalist”) experience than a story being covered.

  76. Italian Deli says:

    Fuck PS3 it would been better if they had a Xbox 360

  77. Italian Deli says:

    Doesn't salut mean hi

  78. christopher fischer says: Weeeeeeeed

  79. Yamini Asir says:

    This bitch agreed to volunteer to interview these french gangsters, my thing is, don't act prejudice now when you arrive there on scene in the ghetto like you're scared of black french people

  80. MondoBeno says:

    It's the Mouse Utopia experiment. Once these people move into the projects it creates a behavioral sink. The people there lose all motivation to work, make things, or even leave. There are people there who could get out of the "ghetto" but don;t, even though they hate the place.

  81. Marseille says:

    Nul a chier

  82. Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος says:

    Black people are not French, this video is a lie.

  83. Jeffrey Din says:

    You are wrong for the two youngster from Clichy in the beginning , they were never tazed , while getting chased they passed through an electrical generator and got electrocuted to death.

  84. Breddah Achad says:

    Byron is an actor from a crew called Kourtrajmé ? all this documentary is fake hahha

  85. HYTEV says:

    Where's arouf Gangsta?

  86. Lucas Rodrigues says:

    What a crock of shit

  87. Andri Value says:

    La haine

  88. Escobar Rich says:

    This reporter sexy asl

  89. Maxime Patau says:

    This was the wrong choice of reporter she's awful

  90. zdeldel fampire says:


  91. jase keppler says:

    Lmfao wtf kind of bullshit is this. And your surprise that guy smells like onions lmfao Im guessing y'all have never tried French onion sun chips.

  92. Leo G says:

    Spoiled little bitch with stupid English accent go fuck yourself. You know nothing. Vice bunch of stink hippies

  93. Jay Smith says:

    funny how anywhere there is a majority b Lacks, its a ghetto , violent, shit hole that is under the rule of the Left.

  94. duncan maness says:

    Ah the fucking French

  95. Carlos Largo says:

    This was France it became a part of Africa.

  96. goat hacks says:

    A intire generation crying they can't get a job
    Whilst nobody will hire a rapper

  97. Giant Giant says:

    This bitch definitely got piped.

  98. Ma Cho says:

    Euro rap is trash!

  99. Mat eo says:


  100. Jim Not from tv says: Amazing art work

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