Meet Baby the Squirrel | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

Meet Baby the Squirrel | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

NARRATOR: Baby, the squirrel,
faces a moment of truth. Tom checks to see if she’s
responding to her treatment. For this morning, I
came and checked on Baby. When I was coming
into the parking lot, the owners were already here. They were very anxious
to get their pet back. As soon as I opened
the incubator door, she barked pretty
vehemently at me. That’s a good sign. The attitude is there now. It wasn’t here yesterday, so
that’s a sign of improvement. Last night was rough– worrying about her. And we sleep in
the car last night, because we weren’t
expecting to stay another night, so
we didn’t bring a change of clothes or nothing. And money’s a little
short too, so we didn’t want to get a motel room,
so we just slept in the car. But I’m anxious to get
on the way home with her, and try to get her comfortable,
and get her feeling a little better for a little while. We got to get a quick weight– 336. She’s been running
on fluids all night. Didn’t eat much on her own. I give the owner some
food, and hopefully, he can get some into her. It’s me.
[chirping] It’s all right. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Yes, you know who it is. It’s all right, darling. Yeah, it’s my girl. Yeah, it’s my Baby. I know you don’t like
these, but you got to. Come on. Come on. [chirping] Baby– come on. Your teeth are
hurting, ain’t they? Come on. You got to– you’ve
got to eat something. [chirping] Come on. There you go. There you go. I lost my mama with
cancer 20 years ago. This feels just like that. You get some more. She knows she’s loved, and I
know how much she loves me. I’m not going to give up. I’m going– I’m
going to try my– I’m going to go
as long as I can. [chirping] There you go. Come on. Come on. Swallow it. There you get her– good girl. She looks a little better. She’s more peppy this morning. I guess the fluid is helping,
because she hadn’t been eating much in the last
couple of weeks, so she had lost a lot of
weight, and she was weak. She feels a lot
stronger this morning. Good girl. Squirrel is a one-person animal,
really, anyway, and she’s– she did– she’s bonded with me. She loves my wife, but
she really loves me. She takes up with me. I’m the one who
takes up all the time with her and all the time–
and feed her all the time. And so she knows she loves me. Yeah, there’s my Baby.

Randy Schultz

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25 thoughts on “Meet Baby the Squirrel | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

  1. Melou Badi says:

    First like

  2. Head aches says:

    im crying

  3. Eli Barxhani says:

    subscribe me naw and back

  4. Will Hamilton says:

    Hope it life's

  5. Princess Olmeca says:

    Beautiful~ <3

  6. Pandapucks says:

    Really loving keepers. Hope Baby pulled through.

  7. Ryan's Channel says:

    I used to have a baby squirrel as a pet. 🙁

  8. anatureperson says:

    Sweet guy.

  9. Craft Smith says:

    do they have a racoon

  10. julianjfranco says:

    I love Squirrels more now because of Bob Ross

  11. bobsagget823 says:

    mmm yeah thats my baby mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    fucking its a squirrell

  12. Illumina says:

    who can even dislike a video like this??? lmfao what

  13. Asma Wazeer says:

    Those 2 comments are from selfish lazy rich ppl. WHO WOULD DISLIKE THIS ???

  14. Asma Wazeer says:

    Not 2 comments XD I mean dislikes

  15. Super Luminous Anomaly says:

    Its so sweet how toward the end of this vid Baby seems to hug him after he feeds her. <3

  16. Andrew Geier says:

    These owners are some of the most humble and caring people out there, the fact they couldn't even afford a hotel room and slept in the car but still will pay for the expensive treatments for their pet speaks volumes.

  17. sekushi jojo says:

    the owner is so sweet to her!!! i hope she is okay

  18. Ryker Galagun says:

    He (the owner) seems so sweet. Baby is in good hands with him

  19. J J says:

    what happened to the squirrel? and i want to contact this guy and send him everything he needs pet wise.

  20. Jennifer Coleman says:

    That's one unhappy squirrel. But I think she will be ok

  21. Star Hunter says:

    You can tell just how much he loves that squirrel. Kinda made me tear up a bit.

  22. Brianna Johnson says:

    I cant watch this without crying now.. RIP Baby, we miss you..?

  23. Colleen Catlady Hardesty says:

    How sweet!!!

  24. aaron nava says:

    He is such a good dad.

  25. vinod kashyap says:

    Can you please describe about dhorova nut
    what is this..

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