Meditation Turtle Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners ASMR

Meditation Turtle Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners ASMR

(sounds of water bubbling) Hi, I’m Cinnamon, and I’m The Art Sherpa. Today is a meditative, guided painting What that means is that I am going to show you how to paint this family of sea turtles under the ocean step by step But while I do it, we’re going to focus on relaxing and releasing things and feeling better in our lives. I hope you”ll come and join me. Grab your art supplies and come back to this easel and we’ll get started right away Let me show you what materials we’ll be using (sounds of water bubbling) Today, we’re going to be using acrylic paint I have titanium white, Phthalo blue Cadmium Yellow medium and Mars Black I have assorted acrylic brushes I have 2 large ones I have a #10 bright A #4 filbert and a #2 round and a pencil The purpose of my pencil is I’m going to begin my painting by placing an intention into it by writing words directly on the canvas I recommend that you use chalk or watercolor pencil so that it doesn’t bleed through your paint I want you to take a minute and think about something you really want to obtain in your life or something you deeply want to release Put that into your mind and focus on it for a moment Breathe deeply (Deep breath with strong exhale) And when you release it, I want you to write that wish directly onto your white canvas (sounds of writing and water bubbling) Now that I’ve set my intention for this piece into the canvas I’m going to paint over it. I’ll be explaining you, to you every step of the way what I’m doing so you can do this at home in a relaxed and easy manner As you paint over these words imagine that you are coming closer to that intention that that is becoming more realized for you with every single brush stroke I’m going to pick up my #10 and I’m going to make a mixture of a little phthalo blue and a little cad yellow One thing I’m going to do to make this easier for myself is take small amounts of the blue from the outside edges over to the cad yellow Pay special attention to how the paint mixes and how lovely the color is Now add white I pull this color out and I don’t worry how it mixes together because that’s not as important as allowing it to be I’m gonna take this color in the upper right hand of my canvas and in an arching stroke I’m going to paint it directly on radiating strokes outward (deep breath with a strong exhale) breathing in and out Imagining light filtering in water (sounds of water bubbling) This is warm, cool water This is warm water (sounds of water bubbling) And I’m going to enjoy it’s color as I move down I’m going to add a little more blue to my mixture to take it more into an ocean color and we’ll add a little white (sounds of water bubbling) and blend the edges between these 2 spaces (sounds of water bubbling) listen to the way the brush glides across the canvas (sounds of brush strokes and water bubbling) I’m going to get a bigger brush You don’t have to use a bigger brush this is just something that I enjoy and I think it’s important to make decisions in your art studio that you enjoy at home as well So, if you have a bigger brush, go ahead and pick that up Or just continue with the brush you have as we make more water for our world to exist in (sounds of water bubbling) As I go deeper into my water further away from the rays of the sun that are shining through my water gets more blue and a little darker (sounds of water bubbling) (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) If you’ve been holding on to an anxiety imagine it disappearing into the paint if you have been holding on to a dream imagine it becoming part of this world (sounds of water bubbling) (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) my water is getting darker as it moves away from the light to do that, I will just add more blue (sounds of water bubbling) (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) take a deep breath and let it out (sounds of water bubbling) (deep breath with strong exhale) Put away The things that are bothering you and let them go because this is your space and on this canvas only the things that give you pleasure and make you happy exist This is a world that you have control over the things that plague you in your life don’t exist here (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) This white canvas is like the entire universe and you can just paint yourself into it any way you like (sounds of water bubbling) if at any point some part of this painting doesn’t make you happy simply dry the paint and paint directly over it and it will vanish (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) (sounds of water bubbling) This last part from here to the corner will be the darkest part of my painting do you feel better as you see these words being painted over? (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) (sounds of water bubbling) (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) Now is a good time to allow your paint to dry and whether you do that with a hair dryer or if you just allow the air to dry it, I want you to imagine that you are laying at the bottom of the ocean That you can breathe there and you are very comfortable and you are looking up at the sparkling light In this place you feel very peaceful and serene Everything you want can be here anything you wish can swim by Now, I really love sea turtles I love the way that they are ancient and they swim the oceans and that they are peaceful and that they just exist in all of those waves and currents They just are So, I’m going to add sea turtles swimming overhead Of course, you can add anything you like I’m gonna show you how I would do this, but first we must do light rays I’m gonna show you how I do light rays Take your brush make sure it is clean and fairly dry (sounds of water bubbling) I’m going to load it up from the edge of my white I might even flail out the bristles just a little bit I’m going to come from my corner and with a very light brush stroke bring rays of sun into my water (sounds of water bubbling) radiating out you can imagine how you would feel seeing them shining down on you where you are right now very safe and very happy (sounds of brush on canvas and water bubbling) (deep breath with strong exhale) I think that’s quite good and it makes me very happy Now I’m gonna add those sea turtles that I like so much swimming overhead peacefully because that’s what makes me happy I’m going to be using my filbert And I’m going to do a really neat trick to show you how easy it is for you to do it, too. First I’m going to draw a mother sea turtle and to do that I am going to make a circle (sounds of water bubbling) just a circle (sounds of water bubbling) I’m going to add a little triangle coming off the top for her head She feels the sun right on top of her And I’m going to take a line out about 2 inches to 2 1/2 inches long just in a slight curve and I’m going to curve this back in if you have a different brush like a bright Don’t worry That’s fine, too I’m gonna do the same thing on the other side A curve out and then a soft curve back (sounds of bubbles in the background) I’m going to want her back fins to be a little bit bigger and face backwards If you think about it being in the ocean is like flying When she’s swimming she feels like she’s flying and everything’s ok (sounds of water bubbling) I’m going to add a little tail (sounds of water bubbling) Now is a good time to use a larger brush and paint her in (deep breath with a strong exhale) Take a deep breath. You’re doing a really good job and I know you can do this. You’re going to feel better at the end of this painting (sounds of water bubbling) Sometimes with some brands of acrylic paint it can be a little hard to cover with the black but all you have to do is allow it to dry and do a second coat So there’s no need to worry (sounds of water bubbling) You don’t have to show this painting to anyone but I hope you’ll want to I hope that every time you look at this painting you feel better about every aspect of your life and I especially hope that your wishes and intentions come into your life (sounds of water bubbling) Just enjoying painting this in and imagine her flying through the water overhead (sounds of water bubbling) I like that a lot (sounds of water bubbling) I’m gonna make sure my brush is a little dry but not too dry Now for me I always like to imagine children I really like my children I have 3 and they bring me a lot of joy So I often add them to my artwork So in this case I’m gonna add all 3, because I know later they’re gonna ask if those baby turtles are them but you put whatever brings joy and happiness into your mind and heart that you want to right now I’m gonna show you how I do the baby turtles (sounds of water bubbling) I’m gonna add right here (sounds of water bubbling) another smaller turtle I’m going to start (sounds of water bubbling) by creating a circle that circle is smaller than the mother And I’ll go ahead and paint that in cause that’s a good sized circle for this brush (deep breath) breathe in and breathe out and enjoy the process of filling in my circle cause it is fun I’m going to add a little head peaking out (sounds of water bubbling) and then a fin, slightly more forward than mom’s reaching out excited about the future and another fin also reaching up and excited about the future (sounds of water bubbling) This little baby turtle enjoys swimming the ocean with it’s mother (sounds of water bubbling) and it does not know it’s not flying I’m adding a little tail I really like that so, I’m going to add 2 siblings I’m going to come here and make a slightly bigger circle but not as big as mom (sounds of water bubbling) When my children see this painting they’ll know it’s them and I really like that when that happens this is one of my favorite things about painting the way I can tell my children that I love them very much without even saying it (sounds of water bubbling) but maybe your extra turtles are friends or dreams or maybe they’re seahorses or dolphins The only thing that matters I’m gonna add my little head looking out like a little triangle The only thing that honestly matters for you is that the objects going into your painting give you hope (sounds of water bubbling) and peace (sounds of water bubbling) and serenity (sounds of water bubbling) I’m adding these fins just like I added them on the mother and a little tail I might curve it a little bit Finally, I’m gonna add the last and smallest turtle and my littlest will know it’s her It’s fun to see if the people you paint into your painting see themselves there It’s really interesting when they do (sounds of water bubbling) this is a very little circle (sounds of water bubbling) The fins are small so the brush strokes are very small and a little tiny tail (sounds of water bubbling) I feel really good about that that makes me really happy I hope this painting made you really happy and I hope you enjoyed this meditation creative exercise Be good to yourselves and those around you and I really hope to see you at the easel soon! BuhBye! (sounds of water bubbling) Come join us live Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11AM Central Or enjoy one of the hundreds of paintings available on replay anytime!

Randy Schultz

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