Hey Mary! How do you do? I’m here with the yummy Madhunter! Hi there, this is Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyan warriors from Game Celebration to tell you that #WEAREHUNTERS! Hey Hunters, welcome to Game Celebration! It’s something new to me! as you know well, I was a gamer once but I’m not sure about going back! Enjoy this convention with me! I seriously think this is going out of control! Hunters visiting us! Orlando and Hansel! Why so serious? as soon as we turned the camera on you switched to serious mode Mini-hunters in the house! they’re bringing some jewels to show off! I wouldn’t take them out of home! seriously! I feel privileged to be able to see part of your collection check out this Club Nintendo No. 1 you did not buy this anywhere, you kept this from your childhood, right? indeed! good old Beto, always bringing nice stuff from Saint Seya isn’t it the best anime? indeed! look at this Mexican art! cool! it would be nice printing this on a t shirt thank you very much, mate! #WEAREHUNTERS! Hunters, I’m taking Rodri to a special challenge, Would you join us? she’s challenging me to play a game, I’m particularly shy but, let’s try! just because I love her! We’re here! but I want something by Bad bunny, please! Hi there! this one for instance is rather easy! that’s easy! but you’ve got to move like this! are you ready? It’s not reaggeton but let’s see oh my God! it’s rather hot in here, it’s been years since I did this! it’s up to you to decide! this was crazy! I told you I was gonna blew it up! I hope you’ve liked it! I couldn’t see you, I was trying to dance with you! I was looking for her to dance closely it’s not about that! I think you missed the game! when I was a kid I enjoyed playing Ninja Gaiden and Contra those were my favourites, even today now that you’re a father Which is the first game you would play with your son? you mean, video game, right? I think Super Mario Bros I think that will always be a classic game! I also enjoy it with my wife! we love playing Super Mario Bros 1, Super Mario 3 and Burger Time! but I can’t really understand why Burger Time is so difficult! you tell me you don’t do this often! I used to do it more often before but now I’m a professional dancer what kind of dance? I do traditional Indian dances as well as gypsy dances, a bit of tribal dances too I see you’ve got plenty of tattoos yeah, plenty of them! cool, Which one is your favourite? the last one, my squid! that’s brilliant! that looks like a Cracken that’s really cool! you love tribal stuff, don’t you? a lot! there are a lot of fantasy universes out there Star Wars, Dragon Ball you must know all of them, I’m sure! Which one is your favourite and why? good question, I guess when you start collecting you ask to yourself… What should I collect, when there’s a whole world out there? to me Star Wars I think Star Wars is the father of collectables! even though I’m really into Saint Seya at the moment I still think that Star Wars collectables set the standard I think Star Wars actually started the modern concept of collecting Welcome to the second national contest of Super Street Fighter The Hunter Contest! we see all the gang here! we’ll really give it all today in this arcade! we’ll see who’s the real champion today! I haven’t practiced at all, I feel rather clumsy, as always! and the guys who are playing are the best ones but you’ll witness the battle first battle, Viri vs Dany c’mon Viri, c’mon! good! and she said she didn’t know, they’re dangerous second battle, “White Jacket” vs Lalo! Do you know what you’re doing? not at all, I just pushed the button by accident! please don’t record it! you went straight to death Lalo! he’s still a kid! please leave a comment telling us which was your favourite character! one-armed men fight! disabled people’s fight! this is really tight! third epic battle Julio vs Dany! AKA Madhunter’s bootleg! Who are you gonna choose Julio? Guile! these are the best ones! Dany is tough, I didn’t think he was so tough! What’s wrong mate? this happens when you don’t have a social life! personal insults have already started, “my dad actually loved me” well done! our champion has just lost! What happened? fourth epic battle, The Super Camera Girl vs yours truly! with my punitive fist! The Girl Power is at full gas! don’t let me win! not at all! just get closer and push the button! you’re cheating! he’s telling him secrets! first semifinal! White Jacket vs Viri! and hang on a sec, we must celebrate her today, ’cause it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! please leave her a comment, she’s part of the hunter family, part of the sweet six she’s rather important for the channel! we love you so! thank you very much! he couldn’t loose his pride! second semi final! Dany Chavaro vs Madhunter! Who are you gonna choose? I’m afraid of this chap! people who know how to move Ryu and Ken are dangerous! I’ll be Chun Li today, she was my secret weapon as a child! don’t let me win, mate! he’s losing on purpose! he’s good! final battle people are gathering behind us, me must leave the arcade free! White Jacket vs the future champion! No mercy, I must revenge Viri! Chun Li is a lethal weapon! I came to challenge the champion! really? I’m really tough today! what’s that? I’m on fire! in fact I must go to check myself at the hospital due to the terrible wound inflicted by George! “said the prince” like in the old days! #LEAVEMEALONEMATE well done! where’s my prize? who’s next? #WEAREHUNTERS! they brought a nice present to Maximo they’re Joel and Nuria let’s see what it is! his first gamer article! thank you very much indeed! thank you! what you’re about to see will make you a bit nervous! but I think it’s rather fun! this is Chun Li with an Anthena! well, yes! you know what I love, your courage to do this! for instance, now we’ve got She-Man this is called Cross Play exactly, Cross Play in fact this is some sort of Cos Play but it would be Cross Play if I shaved my beard, for instance but this is a different style, say the bearded kawai! I really loved that style and it’s really liberating people have asked me, how nice is it to wear a skirt? it’s cool ’cause when it’s hot! Hi there! what are you today? today I’m Bowsette! this character doesn’t exist, it came from a comic about a year ago there’s something called Super Crown, which is this so, apparentely Bowser wears it and he becomes Peachy and he transforms into something like this so that’s Bowsette’s story! this is basically fan art! what’s your cos play today? today I’m a coat rag! Do you like it? today she’s Puchys love! she’s a darling, follow her on social media! thank you! the gamers #WEAREHUNTERS! Ivan and Jessica made my dream come true to be able to drink tepache in a convention! you totally rock! it looks good because it’s murky it’s cold! I haven’t finished pouring it and I’m drooling already! what a surprise, really, that’s why I love coming to conventions! where I can meet hunters! and enjoy with them a bit! it’s me who hits the jackpot with all of you guys! cheers hunter family! the good ones! thank you very much, how kind of you! last night we released some news the Hunter Con is a reality! the mega party! December 15th is the day, save the day! it’s gonna be something rather special, in Games Celebration #WEAREHUNTERS! hey Hunters, I came today to Games Celebration for one thing only I came to challenge Madhunter to Pump it up! let’s see how good he is! I have never played that! I only know is some sort of dancing game but I played it a long time ago so I’m scared! but since Ch Ch is older than me I reckon there won’t be any problem! besides, I’ve got knee problems! you’ll see some arrows on the screen and at the top there are some sort of markers the arrow will go up and when it reaches the marker you must stand on it! Zumba lessons with Ch Ch you need to be fit for this and know the steps as well! it’s not necessary! you just need to practice! I’m sweating like a pig! Ch Ch dances like this! Ch Ch is the Winner! Madhunter, how did you start your career on Youtube? great question, thanks! well, it started ’cause I wanted to share my toy collection with someone besides, since we had a very small flat and I didn’t have a place to display them I had a shelf and I put everything I had from Star Wars, for instance I recorded them I took them away and put something else my intention was to have a video library of my toys to see what I had in stock and their condition so every time I went on hunting I could refer to my videos so I started using Youtube as a cloud and in my videos people started writing comments: “What’s your name?, Who are you?, tell us about you!” that’s how it started, and people in the comment also wrote they wrote cool things such as: “I had them when I was a kid” they motivated me to appear on my videos a bit more and tell them the stories behind them that’s how it started about 8 years ago, isn’t it? in November it will be 8 years this is Jose and he’s just given me a PS 1 thanks very much, mate! What game do you recommend me for this? Trash bash and Resident Evil 3 cool, Nemesis, isn’t it? Stars! What’s going on here? we’re printing a photo in the Game Boy printer this guy knows his game, from the T-shirt he’s wearing he knows his trade! I’ve always loved Saint Seya! well, since I was a girl later on I did Scorpio, ’cause it’s my sign and when I was a girl I was in love with him! Do you consider yourself Otaku? indeed! you’re too sure! I’m really Otaku! very! from Games Celebration #WEAREHUNTERS! 10 hashtags non stopping that’s for you Alice, thank you very much! who wants to participate in the next game? she’s quite fit! Champion! champ! thank you very much! what’s my cosplay? Sanborns waitress?

Randy Schultz

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