MBMBAM animatic: a heroic and well-reviewed lizard

MBMBAM animatic: a heroic and well-reviewed lizard

Do you guys want a Yahoo? Another one? Sure, yeah! This one was sent in by Aaron Kees Thank you Aaron! It’s by Yahoo Answers user Wesley Who asks: Um, I- there’s so many- there’s a lot of answers here. This is not a bad idea. I tell you though- When my- when my boy- he’s gonna be a real scamp, I know it When he brings a lizard into this home If he says “I found this trash lizard outside and it’s a bad dirty lizard” I will say “No, no, that’s no- that’s no good.” If my lil scamp boy says “Um, I bought this lizard on Amazon, and it was four and a half stars and it was Amazon Prime, so it was free shipping” I’d be like “Hell yes, sick purchase.” “What’s- what’s the lizard’s- what’s the lizard’s name?” “Beautiful. Beautiful lizard. Excellent.” “I can see why it’s so highly rated. This is an excellent, excellent lizard.” How long after clicking confirm purchase do you think that this person posted this on Yahoo Answers? Like “OOOH shit! Uuuuhm, oh that’s right.” Okay.

Randy Schultz

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26 thoughts on “MBMBAM animatic: a heroic and well-reviewed lizard

  1. danielle mae says:

    i lov how you draw the good boy griffin! i love his smal. tiny hand

  2. Judgement Boy says:

    excellent lizard

  3. Providence83 says:

    0:51 that's only three and a half stars.

  4. BlueBloodstains says:

    You think the McElroy children will one day succeed their fathers when they come of age and take over the renown to their podcasting empire creating the podcast My Cousin, My Cousins and Me

  5. C C says:

    Oh my god this is scary I’ve been going through the backlog and just finished this episode yesterday wtf

  6. Andreas Gjosaether says:

    lil' blushing lizard boi

  7. Xenozilla says:

    I want a Brilliant lizard boy

  8. ohgee itslee says:


  9. churblieballoon says:

    lizard blushu :3

  10. D B says:

    That’s the most valid lizard drawing I’ve ever seen

  11. vantharion says:

    I love that the lizard blushes at 1:04

  12. An Irregular Grump For Comedy says:


  13. JAG GWR Ra says:

    The art style is fantastic 😃😜

  14. Jules Juno says:

    kyyahhh we loive you lizard-chan <3 <3

  15. Remmi Quintec says:

    Y'all got that Homestuck glasses goin on for griffin.

  16. A heroic and well-reviewed lizard says:

    Das me

  17. this is the bork voice. says:

    n o s t r i l s
    cute simple nice art btdubs

  18. Sir Reptile says:


  19. CallMeFreakFujiko says:

    I love the lizard drawing so much, especially when it got flattered and started blushing

  20. Soran Millenium says:

    I fount a real lizard in one of my cats litter boxes before……. surprisingly it was still alive I showed it to my stepdad and he freaked out so I put it in a cup and showed it to my mom she was excited because she saw the same kind of lizard when we first gotten the house after that entire craziness I released in into my yard.

  21. AtmaDragoon says:

    1:03 – <3! ;_;

  22. fruit lups _ says:

    Thus Carey Fangbattle was born

  23. yenee94 says:

    That is an adorable lizard

  24. crazycatgirl18 says:

    You draw lizard good

  25. Nighters L says:

    thats 3 and a half stars not 4 and a half! give this lizard its extra star! (great vid tho)

  26. Travis Dicks says:

    This is the thing that introduced me to the McElroy Brothers. Thank you.

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