Oi. Come on. Over you come Ok this one is ‘Bone Cruncher’ That’s enough He’s what? Three and a half four meters He’s a little bit handicapped underneath his mouth there He’s had his jaw totally ripped off by another Croc And he’s actually lost this other eye here Come on, up you come That’s it, whoaw. What are you doing? Do you want to come up? You’re not going to Do you want to come up? Who says you can’t train a Crocodile? Ah No, stay. We’re showing everyone your eye. If you have a look in here he’s lost one eye that’s because he goes
out and this main lagoon here and he goes out and tries to play with the big boys it doesn’t work out too well for you does it hey? No ah ah. Stay, that’s enough He knows my behavior and I know his now it’s a beautiful thing but it’s only a
one-in-a-million thing that ever happens for the human and the Crocodile. So guys don’t go up to a Crocodile. a Saltwater Crocodile in the wild and think that you can do this. You’ll lose an arm or your life in a heartbeat

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Matt SWIMS with a WILD CROCODILE!

  1. kenneth rodriguez says:

    We all know what happen to him until he stops uploading these kind of videos 😂

  2. GUILOO ZOO says:


  3. superior 7 says:

    Croc: Please fix my jaws. I'll be your friend forever

  4. cultspaghetti Trashmovie says:

    The croc has no teeth and bottom jaw so it definitely can’t hunt, it probly relies on Matt for food so it’s smart enough not to be aggressive towards him.

  5. Roni Villar says:

    Y los dientes cualquiera asi

  6. NATRAJ K R says:

    Teeths are about come

  7. kioschy says:

    Crocodilo sem dente…cara safado!!!

  8. Daniel Dimino says:

    This is just horribly sad man 😩… I need no more sadness in my very sad little life so bye bye.

  9. Kings Channel says:

    Rip to thee croc 🐊 wranger

  10. israel pierre says:

    Crocodilo sem dentes!!!kkkkkk

  11. Rodrigo Rodrigues says:

    Tem gente que brinca com o perigo e com a morte….nesse caso se acontecer o imprevisto eu. Nao tenho do nao….👏

  12. duighgufg says:

    Yes im big boss couse i play with broken jaw crocodile with no teeths

  13. chris hill says:


  14. emcop ksmith says:

    He was brave coz the croc dont have a teeth lol

  15. Gary Robinson says:

    Croc has no teeth !!!

  16. Junior e39 ///M5 says:

    Right, that salty is harmless..yet you think you're bonded with it hilarious lol

  17. tooner90 says:

    no teeth fair enough but could still drown him so ad still stay away haha

  18. Opinder Kumar says:


  19. chango babalu says:

    Reminds me of the friendship of Chito ( man from Costa Rica) and Pocho (American crocodile)

  20. Alexis DuBois says:

    He is beautiful ! You are very lucky !🙏🏽

  21. cubanace Simulations says:

    Something wrong in the matrix

  22. Rhonda Whyte says:

    When does jaws shout you a beer😆😆

  23. Ghost Ryder says:

    No teeth but still can cause damage to the bone..once its get you and 360 twist,im sure the bone will break..

  24. Michał Kwiatkowski says:

    A gdzie ma zęby ???

  25. My Dear Melancholy says:

    This guy was killed after the end of this footage

  26. Nereyda Calderon says:

    No teeth

  27. wendi yulizar says:

    Ompong buayo nyo

  28. muay thai1 says:

    I don't usually feel sorry for crocodiles as they are such brutal creatures, but this one I do feel sorry for, lucky for him he has Matt and food in his belly.

  29. Gojirafreak 567 says:

    Does anyone else remember when Steve Irwin captured that huge crocodile that was also missing part of its lower jaw?

  30. Mr GraveyMixer says:

    But why are all his top teeth missing

  31. Prince Verma says:

    This is time when u r weak every one makes fun of u if croc is not disable the man will be his lunch on camera


    Where is he teeth ???

  33. Tell it Like it is says:

    Matt is probably the most experienced croc guy in the world, so all you experts giving your so experienced comments wether this is right or wrong should maybe just go & gain 30 + years of saving crocs first, before you judge this guy.

  34. 308 belter says:

    Mat your a beast

  35. Jack Reacher says:

    Sorry that's nice that he thinks that Crocodile is his friend but this guy is asking to get his arm torn off, at best. Unnecessary risk for what reward? Looking cool? 🙄

  36. Pain says:

    Just noticed that croc has no teeth….

  37. Bruno Martins says:

    No Acre tem maiores do que esse

  38. Raymond Williams says:

    Tem que abusa da sorte

  39. BLACK STAG says:

    It’s a good thing he made friends with a crock whose lower half of its mouth is cut off, with a missing eye and without any teeth. Otherwise he would’ve been lunch

  40. Cerberus Canine Security Services says:

    Matt Wright ?? Well hopefully Matt doesn't become Matt Wrong ?? 🙄

  41. David Harrelson says:

    He’s a idiot

  42. Ashara Bright says:

    Crocodile without teeth. Really!!!

  43. Seyfi Dogan says:

    Croc without teeth…..hahahaaa its a joke

  44. Ray Ray says:

    If you look closely you see this crocodile 🐊 has no damn teeth

    Even a baby 👶 could make friends with this crocodile 🤣🤣🤣

  45. 울지마10세야 says:

    ㅈㄴ 신기하네 악어도 사람이라유교감이 되네

  46. الكتاب والسنة بفهم السلف says:

    Ha ha you think you r brave the croc has no teeth .
    Do you think spectators are fools.
    Delete this video

  47. Paulus Viljoen says:

    Soon there’ll be a fund to support this clowns medical bills , real soon , just watch .

  48. A -K says:

    A crocodile without teeth is like a gecko lol 😂

  49. mike force says:

    you will read about "this amazing man" someday, just like that idiot with bears (unlike you, IIIIII understand and have a special relationship with bear….OH I"M DEAD) or the other aussie moron.

  50. Brandon Wagner says:


  51. Proud Ukdian says:

    Ha ha toothless and half of jaw less…he ain't any threat.

  52. 4lifebloods says:

    So you can call a saltwater crocodile to come to you? Wtf kind of super power is this?!

  53. Beaudi Lockwood says:

    Good on ya mate

  54. Clyde Pratt says:

    The croc was smiling!!

  55. nom tree says:


  56. Greg Hallanan says:

    Let's see you do this with a croc that has a full set of teeth, hero!

  57. Kane Campbell says:

    Glad about the statement you make at the end about this type of interaction being basically impossible. Makes you seem less likely to have a death wish like other crazy animal handlers looking for attention and fame.

  58. Zafa Sport says:

    Crocodile Dandi

  59. Roger Goodwin says:

    Douting with dangerous animals.

  60. nguyen hai says:

    Bẻ răng hết rồi

  61. lee van cleef says:

    Crocodile Reminds me of British & Irish people they have no teeth as well…

  62. James Tan says:


  63. Luiz Pinheiro TORRES says:

    Coitado está tão velho que não têm mais os dentes

  64. rico strong says:

    When will humans learn?

  65. CAROL SEIGLER says:


  66. SeaWorld socialartslecturer says:

    Did you see the water level drop once he lifted his balls out of it 🤪

  67. Jey Lopez says:


  68. Tim Adams says:

    News flash. Toothless gator gnaws man.

  69. Jason Whitaker says:

    This guy is a fuckin moron

  70. Vladimir r. s says:

    Tomara que não dê errado

  71. Josediego Lopez says:

    Balls of steel .

  72. Andrew Guerra says:

    I’d like to feed him! A whole entire ham! Bon appetit, as long as you remain friendly and try not to eat me.

  73. Chase Chase says:

    People are acting like the croc couldn’t still kill him if he wanted to, with or without teeth the croc could’ve still just got him in a death roll if he wanted to

  74. sree mkn says:

    Dear brother , be always cautious and careful ,while dealing with wild animals . At the time of speaking , never take eyes from them , I mean not look at camera . Please take adequate safety materials with u always . The world always need u like peoples .

    With love from Kerala , India .

  75. S k says:

    Aww poor thing no teeth.. But still would not go in the water still can do some serious damage. But this man helping him or her is a good thing. I love how this man helps and save crocodiles and alligators with disabilities.


    This croc has no teeth so there is nothing to be scared.

  77. Дмитрий Васильев says:

    Где у зеленого зубы . вот и не бздит

  78. Джамбул Китаров says:

    So he's toothles,so he's not afraid of him.😁👎
    Тк он без зубов,
    Вот он его и не боится!!!!👎👎👎

  79. Bartłomiej Zakrzewski says:

    make him a new jaw from 3D printer and fixe him 😀

  80. Thomas Fahy says:

    His got no teeth 🦷

  81. forrest gump V says:

    Stupid is, as Stupid does.

  82. John john says:

    It has well enough teeth where this dude should be dead.

  83. Darren Boston says:

    Who must be absolutely fucking nuts!!
    One day you’ll be is desert that’s for certain!

  84. Richard Conner says:


  85. Azercelazercel Azercelazercel says:

    Matt don't joke with crocs

  86. brittany minnick says:

    Fk nooo!

  87. Andrew says:

    he's a lunatic one day the Croc will bite his fucking head off

  88. Dread Macklemore says:

    Oh ok it all makes sense now, toothless half blind and handicapped. No way a big healthy salty would be buddies with his lunch

  89. Andrew Jurkiewicz says:

    See you in the obituart paper section.
    Pretty soon


    Look what happened to steve just saying

  91. Tuan Nguyen says:

    This croc is a paralyzed croc which has no teeth and not complete jaw; but it is smart croc which can communicate with Matt successfully.

  92. John Brown says:

    The one croc you can be friends with, the one with no mouth

  93. g C says:

    Well thanks for showing us how not to interact with a wild crocodile that can endanger Our Lives

  94. Shane Graham says:

    I understand he had his lower jaw ripped apart but why does he have no upper teeth?

  95. Ewaldo Nunes says:

    Eu achava q era doido mais esse Ai ganha.

  96. Gwen Thomas says:

    Poor boy, glad he has someone to keep an eye on him.

  97. RuKa Maniac says:

    Whe Loves his Work 🙂

  98. Cole Sell says:

    Still takes big nuts.. Be safe m8 or you will be drinking beer,s with Steve.

  99. Ismail Abdi says:

    One day this thing will grab you.. and ohhh, u will scream with regrets!!

  100. BG GALVAN says:

    He acts like a dog hahaha

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