Mascot costume | Tiger? Dog? cute costume ever! (ENG SUB)

Mascot costume | Tiger? Dog? cute costume ever! (ENG SUB)

Hi, again. This is Uncle Bear. We’ve made another character now. This one is especially an interesting character. So I want to introduce this character to you. This one was designed and made in Korea See?
Can you figure out what character it is? Well, I will ask you one quiz. Can you guess what kind of animal was made
into this character? Here I have some examples for the answer. Number 1. Tiger Number 2. Puppy Number 3 Fish(?) What can be the answer?
Need time to think? Thought about the answer? Now, I will tell you the answer. This character has a secret. In Korea, we have old saying,
“A one day old puppy isn’t afraid of a tiger.” This character is an one day old puppy. Will you see this face? This character is a puppy that
wears the clothes of a tiger. Haha, this puppy is never afraid of a tiger, right? I will show you the proof. Wait a second, please. Well, now here is the body of this one. When I turn it, tada~~ here, I have the proof. As you know well, tiger’s tail never looks like this. This is absolutely a dog’s tail.
Yep, dog’s tail! This is a character that
Shiba inu’s putting on the clothes of tiger. Now, will I wear this? Today’s project is finished like this. If you had fun, please press subs and likes. I really want to see you next time. Bye~

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “Mascot costume | Tiger? Dog? cute costume ever! (ENG SUB)

  1. James Long says:

    I think its a fish mascot…😅

  2. HyeYeon Park says:

    2:39 막 슬로우 모션같이 인형이 움직이는데 너무 귀여워 ㅠㅠㅠ 잉…


    Thank you for watching♥️

  4. mascotmatt says:


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