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100 thoughts on “MARKIPLIER’S BIG LONG SNAKE | #1

  1. AlbinoHuman says:

    “Markipliers big long snake”


  2. Pumpkin Pup says:

    when you touch another player you die if they touch you then they die

  3. Rozer bud says:

    Your efforts to be funny, were very funny, but not really because they were actually funny. XD

  4. Sage the Prestigious says:

    Is it sad 40% of the reason I love watching his videos is because his reaction to failing is just hilarious!

  5. Alisha 6886 says:

    Omg when he died after being in the leader board, Mark and I both screamed at the sad time. 😱😂

  6. serkan er den bedste says:

    I'm not like that game in real life

  7. Evelyn Olivier says:

    Tip,you can go in front of other snakes to kill them

  8. Abiam says:

    To me its easier to kill others when im small so when i grow a shrink myself

  9. Robert Ford says:

    But cursing is the funny part

  10. Mikayla Murphy says:

    Good old fashion dick ball

  11. Look I'm a cactus Yaaas says:

    15186.6. That was your final score. 🐛

  12. Erica Lynsey says:

    I’ve been in the number one spot on this game it’s very fun, my rules for myself on this game.
    1- wrap around as many snakes as possible
    2- never go after “baby snakes” they pose no threat
    3- always go after bigger snakes
    4- never sprint, take your time (less deaths for you that way)

  13. Randy Schultz says:

    i was playing this game and i saw somebody play as marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkiplier

  14. Evelyn Homan says:

    I was Couscous, Mark.


    But you tried, kshnawz it is.

  15. Hope Baldwin says:

    No Mark everyone screams

  16. Serenabunny Playz says:

    He was not with the audio

  17. Kat says:


  18. YellowStarCTC says:

    Peni-I mean SNAKE size doesn’t matter.

  19. Enirci says:

    The best witty joke here was "I'm trying to curse less"

  20. TR_H4CK3R ? says:

    Mann you are very noob

  21. Amber P says:

    This game gives me so much rage. It's way better not being invested and just watching someone else

  22. Daniel M says:


  23. Hazardous Aidan247 says:

    Mark it’s pronounced (slither) (Ee] [oh]

  24. Rose Nazario says:


  25. mr bunny and all best friends all. YouTuber friends says:

    go mark go mark go 😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍

  26. mr bunny and all best friends all. YouTuber friends says:

    I'm sorry 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  27. ***jasmine*** boo says:

    I love u 4 u

  28. Zozo none says:

    and good tip: aim for the center of the map to get big, then once ur big, go to the outside of the map to get bigger and kill smaller snakes its my dad's strategy

  29. Zozo none says:

    and also, ur funny when u cuss!!!

  30. Mario Warsito 2 Mario says:

    You wan't play slither. Io with me I'm mario

  31. Mario Warsito 2 Mario says:

    But I mario but i it's jelly

  32. Holly Dodson says:

    I died 5 times but I made it to number one

  33. JJ C says:

    Cussing when when you die playin shit like this is nothing more than a reaction to what happened. The shit being said in this video is just bad.

  34. Wigfall Scheiße says:

    Who else knows mark well enough to say that he was holding back thousands of dick jokes in his head playing this😂😂

  35. Trevon Hodder says:

    Silther . Io

  36. Red Tokyo says:

    did anybody know that the backround music is LG alarm tone

  37. Christopher Jeffers says:

    Click Bait
    I really wanted to see marks long snake 😉

  38. Nightbreaker says:

    You? Not funny? Please, you always funny mark

  39. Weljo Sapelino says:

    I feel bad about markiplier

  40. Weljo Sapelino says:

    I feel bad about markiplier

  41. Kim Ross says:

    Ur so quite

  42. Jeff Thompson says:

    I saw you on this game!!!

  43. Amber Jo-Lynn says:

    12:15 i screeched no when he died

  44. Kaiden Karn says:


  45. LucaTheCob says:

    4there is no high or low form of wit or comedy, different people find differnt thing funny, dont try so hard there is no lazy or more effort version of comedy, in my opinion, bless you mark you being you as cheesy as it sounds is not just funny but its so cheerful and wether thats cursing, just the silly things you say, your personality, the acial expressions, your annicdotes, or just being you is all i need to get me through my day, keep being you, trying ot do better is brilliant and well done but dont change who you are,xx

  46. Itz.krystelle0 _ says:

    38 seconds in and he already described me in less then 10 words😂😂

  47. Itz.krystelle0 _ says:

    12:15 me when someone tells me I'm wrong

  48. Sayori says:

    Eh—this is—okay?—good—…!?

  49. Nia says:

    that game seems funny xD

  50. Tanya Jomule says:

    I don't think those are "balls" those are XPS

  51. Alariss Fontaine says:

    Mark your laugh is AWSOME

  52. Extreme Gaming's Channel says:

    I like playing this game i had a length of more than 10000 length.Its true

  53. bLaDeSsKiLLa 321 says:


  54. Hanna /never giving up says:

    Plz just stop 🛑

  55. XXX_Vinnie_Paul_XXX says:

    3:38 I died

  56. Mak ia says:


  57. dahhammaster 25 says:

    Swearing is caring

  58. cklyde jarness says:

    Swearing is what makes things funny

  59. shane reaction says:

    You ok?

  60. Donnie Rock says:

    Your funny in all the videos you make.

  61. Areg 1337 says:

    Very Interesting gameplay, Markiplier!, I enjoyed it, I got channel with games of slitherio as well, hope you like it too. Keep uploading more games and I hope one day we will cross game with each other, like!?

  62. Wille says:

    12:15 CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!

  63. Wille says:

    Every Death:

    1:17 Because He Is New at The Game

    1:37 Normal

    1:59 Forgot How To Play The Game

    2:33 He Did It Again

    4:23 Because No One Likes Hitler

    12:15 Normal And He Rage Quitted

  64. Soy_bean_chan says:

    Hit or miss

  65. Estari Gaming says:

    I am 100% sure I am not American I live in Canada

  66. Massyanto Kusran says:

    No hates but this is boring.

  67. random crapings of us says:

    Dude, swear. your trying too hard, its less funny than vilgerity

  68. mason crader says:

    Mark:I don't want to curse as much
    3miniutes later
    Mark:hey guys wanna go play a good game of dick ball
    Me:just y -_-

  69. no u says:


  70. Joshie De Moshie says:

    Guys just be part of the federation of planets it’ll help you to be an ambassador of peace!

  71. Elrest says:

    My brother was hitler, he was playing during school. We then turned watched this video together and he said, "wait… That's me!

  72. martin stojanovic says:

    No, dont stop cursing it sounds really funny when you say bag of dicks or so

  73. Zachary Mosley says:


  74. Aquaria Komokichi says:

    You can encircle the enemy so you don't have to share the meal.

  75. pekkalaa says:

    You're so stupid that you got yourself angry at you.

  76. Yellow - Galaxy says:

    Real reason why he doesn’t want to cuss: Demonetization 👌🏻

  77. more GORE says:

    Ill eat eny one ded

  78. LITE Yomcmikec says:

    5:07 Oh! Sir

  79. thê mîdnîght K-9 says:


  80. Potato Girl says:

    Finally, somebody who doesn't take 5 years to figure out how the game works because they're like *says in retarded person voice* "OH MY GOD, HOW DID I DIE, THEY DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH ME! WHY WON'T YOU DIE WHEN IM RUNNING INTO YOU? WHY DO I DIE INSTEAD?"

  81. snaidex says:

    sprint juice

  82. A weird boba drink says:

    Neighbors: Whaaat the fuuuuuuuu

  83. cringe 4sale says:

    i call this capitalist snake simulator.

  84. Flynn Bishop says:

    Its funny how he’s trying to swear less, but he only swore one less time than normal

  85. Adam Kern gaming says:


  86. Tombstone 1 says:

    I’ve been EXTREMELY long and GIGANTIC TWICE and held an unbeatable trap as first place on this game on the iPad
    All I do is just coil around others and on myself (caution and trapping). Seriously I took up an ENTIRE corner of the map by a LOT BOTH times

  87. Ashley Stacoviak says:

    12:14 – Me when my parents tell me to do the dishes

  88. SunkenDaze says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing back here it’s 2019 .io games are dead

  89. Depression says:

    I've never seen someone try so hard to keep his dick in place and catch balls as much as mark does 😂

  90. Sir Treestan says:

    Markiplier 2016

  91. Aukion Makiro says:

    12:14 when you turn off a game and remember you didnt have autosave on

  92. i dont know. says:

    I rage wayyyyy more than you but I live with people and they yell at me

  93. Lucarozo Boi says:


  94. Andrea Prochowski says:

    12:15 I've never seen and heard something more relatable

  95. CharlotteAndWhiskey says:

    "MAYBE IT'S MAYBELLINE!!" – I died 😂

  96. big dragon Boi says:

    Fiddle dee dee

  97. The G Bros says:

    Mark its ok, just think back to when you were in 4th grade when you didn't curse

  98. Audrey Azzarello says:

    Play paper io

  99. Jackson White says:

    It's funny how he is scared of everyone even though he is one of the biggest

  100. Boomer Boy says:

    2049 anyone?😅

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