Man Turns To SNAKE, Attacks Pastor In CHURCH!!!

Man Turns To SNAKE, Attacks Pastor In CHURCH!!!

It is time to begin to come against every challenge in our lives. You demon, you familiar spirit, you spirit that kills, steals and destroys. Anywhere you are, your name is demon. Anywhere you are, your name is familiar spirit. You kill, you steal, you destroy. I order you right now, in the name of Jesus! You demon! Manifestation of Evil Spirits Bring them out! Manifestation of Evil Spirits I am his wife. I want to kill this boy. Manifestation of Evil Spirits I am a spirit of snake. I came to see the powers of this man of God; I came to challenge. I am the snake – the great python. The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer In the Name of Jesus Christ! The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer The evil spirit that said that it came to challenge the man of God now crawls slowly towards Prophet T.B. Joshua on his belly – just like a snake. But satan is powerless in the face of God’s armour and weapons. The evil spirit has no choice than to follow the command of the man of God. He wriggles and slithers along the ground, seeming surprised by the authority and power endowed in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. For when the power of God is present, satan has to listen. The evil spirit tries to display its power but instantly falls at the command of the man of God in Jesus’ name. TESTIMONY CONTINUES Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Emmanuel Dickson. I’m from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I came to The SCOAN two weeks ago and I was delivered from the spirit of snake and spiritual wife. In my early days I stayed with my mum because when I grew up as a child, I didn’t see my mum and dad as husband and wife. At my mother’s place, in those days, people worshipped idols. Anybody from there knows that the people there worshipped idols – specifically snakes. When I was eight, I came in contact with a girl who lived in the same compound as me. The girl was older than me. My mother went to work and that evening, she went fishing, while I stayed with my younger ones. The lady came to me and told me that she wanted to sleep with me. She said that I should go with her to her house and I followed her because she was older than me. I didn’t have a choice and did whatever she told me. I did everything that she asked me. After I finished everything, that night, I saw myself in a big ocean where I was alone. There was no one. I was just swimming in the ocean until I woke up. That was how it all started. From there, I started having the spirit of snake and a lady would come to me in my dreams. Whenever I slept, I saw myself in the ocean, swimming like a snake, and doing all sorts of things in the spiritual world. Physically, there was a day when a very big python came to me while I was sleeping. The python slithered past me. I thought that it was something like water that touched me because it was cold. When I woke up, I just saw the tail of a snake passing me. You saw the snake physically? I saw the snake physically but I did not tell anyone. No one knows about it. I just lived with it like that . From there, I started being possessed by the spirits of lust, anger and stealing. At a point, I told my mother that I wanted to go to my father’s side since she and my father were not together. My mother took me to my father’s side. When I went to my father’s place, this spirits followed me. All my brothers knew that when I got angry, it would be extreme and I would steal and do all sorts of things. I moved like a python and in my dreams, I was a python. I could travel for very long distances on my stomach. I would just creep along the ground. In the dream, what kind of destructive activities would you see yourself carrying out in that form of a snake – a python? In the dream, most of the time I would fought with people a lot. Sometimes, when a person offended me and they were more powerful than me in the physical, I would just keep quiet, although I would be angry but within me. I believed that I would see you in the dream and we would fight there. Most of the time, I would fight with people and I would always defeat them. So the same person that physically offended you, spiritually you would see yourself as a snake and go and attack that person in the dream? Most of the time I would see my normal self but the power in me pushed me to do as the spirit would lead me. So we can understand from what our brother is saying that right from a young age, this spirit of snake was within him. Now brother, you said that this spirit specifically led you to the spirits of lust, anger and stealing. Can you just explain the area of lust – how severe was this? The spirit of lust made me lust after any girl I saw that I liked. I would sleep with any girl that came my way. I would sleep with them just like that. For some of them, if I was not able to sleep with them because we fought or didn’t agree, in the spirit, their picture would appear like a mirror to me, they would be naked and I would sleep with them. For most, I wouldn’t communicate further with them and I would not see them again. The ones I went into a relationship with got depression and didn’t do well academically. They would become confused. They would tell me that they loved me and fell in love with me seriously. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand the kind of love they had for me. Those were the kinds of things they would pass through. So you mean to say, brother, that these ladies that you slept with because of the power that was within you as a snake, at the end of the day, their lives would end up facing confusion, destruction, academic challenges, everything? Yes. When I grew up, I was intimidated by so many of my age mates. Sometimes, people who were bigger than me, who had power, some had finances that they could do whatever they wanted. When they intimidated me, it hurt me a lot, to the point where I did not know what to do. The only way I could fight back was through the spirit, through the power in me. The power in me would always push me to the extent where I wanted to fight and destroy. Because of the intimidation, I wanted to acquire power physically. If you came to me physically, I could fight you physically and destroy everything about you. That is the mind that came to me, a very strong mind of what to do. In 2012, I got admission into a university in South Africa. When I went there, through the spirit, I was led to the internet to read about the Illuminati, the anti-Christ and the greatest powers in this world. Through it, I learnt about how they control the world, how they control human beings physically and spiritually. I learnt a lot. I was trying to go deeper so that my eyes would open physically and spiritually. When I started chasing these demonic things, my life became even worse because I couldn’t cope with my studies anymore. Instead of me to enjoy reading my books, I would enjoy reading all those things about Illuminati, anti-Christ and all that stuff. Sometimes, I would spend four to five hours reading about them as I enjoyed it. But for my books, I could not even sit for thirty minutes to read them. It really affected me and gave me confusion and depression. I was always having headaches. It controlled every bit of my life. Because of the interest I had in those things, I downloaded some of their pictures. The reason I downloaded them was so that after reading about them, I would visualise them. I downloaded the pictures on my laptop and began to enjoy looking at them. When I looked at them, I would be comforted. If I was angry, I would go to my room, look at these pictures and I would relax. I was going to church because I used to sing in church but the moment I started reading about this stuff and keeping these pictures in my house and on my laptop, I stopped going to church. I didn’t even want to hear anything about church; it turned me against church. Sometimes, my friends in church would call me, the people I used to go to church with and ask me if I was going to church, why was I not going to church. I would give them unnecessary excuses which they also found difficult to accept. But because of the things in me, I didnt even want to go to church or hear anything about it. I tried to go to church but I felt bored. I spent two hours there but felt that it was too long for me to spend in a church. When you came to The SCOAN two weeks ago, just explain what happened at that period. The main reason why I came to the church was to see the man of God. I had been seeing him on the internet via YouTube where I usually watched him and followed him up. When I came back to Nigeria, I decided to come to see him face to face. When he started the prayer, I was outside. So, I came in for the prayer. From the moment I came in, not up to 10 minutes, I saw something like a light that came into my heart and when it came into my chest, I could not control myself. The spirit in me was telling me, “You can’t disgrace me in this place”. I was trying to control myself, even the spirit was pushing me, but I tried to hold myself. Something said, “No, you can’t; you must be exposed”. My heart and my hands started vibrating very strongly. I was just calculating when the ushers would leave so I could run away from the church. The moment the ushers took a step to leave, I was about to run, then I fell on the ground and started moving like a snake. That was when I lost control, I didn’t know what was happening – whether I was going through deliverance or not, I didn’t know. At that point, the spirit in me was extremely angry; I felt like fighting. That was why I was struggling with those men to leave me so I could fight. When I approached the Prophet after he had called me, there was a very bright, shining light. I couldn’t look up, I tried but the light was too much; it was uncontrollable. When he was calling me, I was coming but because of the light, I stopped. He kept calling me to come. I would stop, he kept calling me to come. When he came to me, after I had moved closer to him, a spirit left me. The moment the prophet moved close to me, I became weak, the power in me was completely destroyed. Mr Emmanuel Dickson – Deliverance Testimony Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! You mean to say that as the evil spirit that was within you, that was moving you like a snake towards the prophet, attempting to attack him, at that moment when you looked at him, what did you see? I saw a kind of light I have never seen in my life. I can’t lie to you, I have never. I didn’t think that kind of light existed because it’s a light that cannot be described. It was so much that I couldn’t even look at him. The man of God is extremely powerful. Mr Emmanuel Dickson – Deliverance Testimony We thank God for our brother’s deliverance from that spirit of snake and we thank Jesus Christ that here he is today a living testimony. Brother, what can you say about your life after your deliverance? What are the changes you have immediately seen? First of all, when I used to sleep before, the only place I would see myself was in the sea – moving like a snake and if I was in the bush, I would move like different kinds of animals. After the deliverance, when I got home and slept that night, it was like I was in Heaven because I slept like a baby. I didn’t dream, there was nothing. Before, when the urge came, I could do anything at that point in time, but after the deliverance, glory be to God, I can’t find it anymore. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Testimony Time Brother, you said before as well that you always had such desire, interest in looking at these kind of demonic images and researching about these things. What can you say about that after your deliverance? When I went back to my hotel room, I deleted a lot of these pictures. Even the porn – I had up to 20 ponographic videos on my laptop that I watched from one to another to get pleasure. The moment I got to my room, the first thing that came to my mind was to delete all those things. I completely deleted all of them. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Mr Emmanuel Dickson – Deliverance Testimony We believe now you are delivered, you are really in a position to advise people. My advice is to my fellow youths: I will advise them to be very careful. When you go to the internet, have a purpose. When I say a purpose, I mean not a bad intention. Don’t go there to look at these things because these things will not help you. They will never take you anywhere, they will never promote you. They will never help you in any area of your life. The moment you go to the internet and start looking at pictures like these, it will destroy you completely. It will damage everything about your life. It would turn you against your family, against God and anything you have worked for in this life. My advice is: Please, don’t go to the internet and start looking at these types of pictures, or download things that have to do with the illuminati, anti-Christ and all that, because they will never help you, they will destroy you. If you are going there to research for your studies, just go there to research and leave the internet. Don’t waste your time on these things, because they are a waste and will never help you in anyway in this life. Parents should be concerned about their children. You must know where you take your children to. When your child shows a certain bad attitude or character, don’t just answer by beating – that will not solve the problem. Pray to God and seek the face of God so that the child will not grow up being spoilt. Thank you. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ. Mr Emmanuel Dickson – Deliverance Testimony Brother, we thank God for you life, and we pray that God will give you the grace to maintain this deliverance by making His word the standard for your life and we know that the best is yet to come in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Randy Schultz

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