Making Of – “Death to the Dinosaur!”

Making Of – “Death to the Dinosaur!”

Randy Schultz

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24 thoughts on “Making Of – “Death to the Dinosaur!”

  1. noobcastle says:


  2. MelbAnon says:

    Another great vid as always =)

  3. SoundPon3 says:

    Duck at 0:04!!!!!!

  4. SoundPon3 says:

    Sorry, I was a second early. At 0:05

  5. Roberto Niubó says:

    Como siempre, sensacional. ¡Vaya currada os habéis pegado! Gracias por estos vídeos donde se ve la magia que hay detrás, porque lo vuestro no tiene otras palabras. ¡Seguid así!

  6. Phuoc Nguyen says:

    The Duck was running across (bottom of the screen) at the 5th to the 6th second.

  7. MelbAnon says:

    The duck is at 11:07

  8. Manu Ruiz says:

    Sois los Smosh Made in Spain 🙂

  9. Pete Gell says:

    You guys are great. Your little talk about success made me think of the White Stripes song "Little room". Simple but just a teeny bit profound

  10. SOLVEDdude says:

    hay its me again just saying is that you guys will get better and bigger just wait guys

  11. TheComingDown says:

    Great video, once again 🙂

  12. Ole Petter Høeg Bøe says:

    You even have a fan from Norway! Hello 🙂

  13. Tuutti says:

    You guys are the best! You put so much effort in these videos and they always end up being the top quality. This is seriously one of the best (top 5 at least) channels in Youtube. I rarely listen to any band; I'm more focused on single masterpieces individually. Yet these songs are both entertaining and catchy! I don't regret being a subscriber to this.

    My Bank Card should finally arrive this week so prepare to see a donation! 🙂

    Love ya!

  14. micaelrobles says:

    Where is my desktop background?!

  15. Kikorin says:

    Jayme dónde ha pillado tu hermano esa sudadera? la quiero PERO YA!

  16. SOLVEDdude says:

    were my chair!!! lol

  17. SOLVEDdude says:

    jayme hay you did not put links for are channel don't need to do it but it will be great for them

  18. linuxct says:

    Hola! ¿Que software usaste para hacer la base de la canción? Saludos y felicitaciones por la canción!!

  19. King7Kanis says:

    Kimdotcom FOR PRESIDENT !

  20. thxxcrx says:

    visit the website "freakincage"

  21. Lightningomega says:

    Okay, seriously. This is the second time I've been bothered by this but seriously. You guys are doing awesome work, putting out really high quality videos with great music. How in the world do your videos have such few views? I've never been disappointed with anything you've released. Sigue dando lo mejor y todo saldrá bien.

  22. MxSmack says:

    Monkey at 0:03 duck at 0:05. Maybe it was an ilusion, forget about the price I will. xD

  23. MxSmack says:

    Oh by the way you live in spain but you are from england? Tell us more about you, and thanks for sharing all your good work.

  24. WearWolf77 says:

    Many great Easter eggs! Soooo entertaining!

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