Maim first – Kill Later, Komodo Dragon/ Randers Rain Forest

Maim first – Kill Later, Komodo Dragon/ Randers Rain Forest

Over here is a big varan in the Asia dome, in Randers Rain forest in Denmark, Djursland. It is more than 2 meters long from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose. It moved just before. Over here is its cousin, that is active. If its’ a Komodo Dragon it has a poisonous bite. Their hunting strategy is to bite their victim, and then pull back and wait. Maybe a couple of days, until the wound gets infected and the victim gets weakened. First now they move in for the kill. A rather extreme strategy. Just like snakes they are cold blooded animals. This means that they are not dependent on constant food intake, in the same way as animals with a fixed and warm body temperature. They are much more economical, as to food intake, compared with warm-blooded animals, mammals. On the other hand this means that they are dependent on the surrounding temperature. If it gets cold at night, they become lethargic and inactive. I don’t know what it’s doing with the tongue. One can see it has got a split tongue. A reptile. Varan. Yes, it is a Komodo Dragon from the Komodo islands in Indonesia. Doesn’t mind eating young of its own species. They are not picky. This one is apparently on the hunt for something to eat, one should think. Gigantic, enlarged lizard. The first thing the newly hatched young do is to escape into a tree, where they stay for next eight months, until they are big enough to take care of themselves. Adult Komodo Dragons are too big to climb trees. They can become up to 3 meters long weighing nearly a hundred kilos. So this is a teenager. It’s seems indifferent to me being here. Hopefully things won’t unfold as in Harry Potter where the glass window suddenly disappears. A special kind of reptile. One might think that in the period of life on earth before the dinosaurs perished, there were a lot of varan-species similar to this, and also bigger. The reptiles were seriously decimated under the last mass extinction. I think it was 70 – 80 million years ago, that the dinosaurs disappeared. The Komodo Dragons survived on the Komodo islands in Indonesia. Very exotic animal compared to our mammal-standard. Komodo Dragon, Randers Regnskov/ Randers Rain Forest.

Randy Schultz

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