Mafia Luerd Mungkorn – Tiger (Suer) Episode 8 Full – [Eng Sub]

Mafia Luerd Mungkorn – Tiger (Suer) Episode 8 Full – [Eng Sub]

Editing:Ping Pitta
Timers: Amelie3 & lord007
Subbers: Ninja007 & Gege_233
Credits for the subbing:
The “Suer”-team from ~ Dragon Blood ~ Tiger Novel by Rapat
Screenplay by Yingyord Punya“It may be fate, or heaven’s decree…”“That makes us cross path today.”Ananda Everingham
“That makes us cross path today.”“That makes us cross path today.”Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas
“That makes us cross path today.”“That makes us cross path today.”“But from this moment on, how our lives will turn out…”Jadesadaporn Phondee
“But from this moment on, how our lives will turn out…”“But from this moment on, how our lives will turn out…”Theeradath Wongpourpan
“But from this moment on, how our lives will turn out…”“will solely depend on how we direct them”
Theeradath Wongpourpan“will solely depend on how we direct them”Andrew Gregson
“will solely depend on how we direct them”“Heaven won’t play a part in it.”
Andrew Gregson“Heaven won’t play a part in it.”Janie Thien
“Heaven won’t play a part in it.”“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”
Janie Thien“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”Pongpat Wachirabunjong
“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”“We decide to say we love someone, without anyone ordering us.”“If it’s true love, then say it straight. It’s just a single word”“Could we answer heaven together… with just a single word?”“..whether we’re in love or not”“Our heart belongs solely to us. We must know how to use it.”“How we feel towards others, it’s only us who knows.”“Though fate has bound us to meet…”“But it’s solely you, who decides to say the word love”“Heaven plays no part in it”“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”Produced by Thunya Wachirabunjong
“For heaven has no power over our hearts’ decision”“We decide to say we love someone, without anyone ordering us.”
Produced by Thunya Wachirabunjong“We decide to say we love someone, without anyone ordering us.”“If it’s true love, then say it straight. It’s just a single word”Directed by Pongpat
“If it’s true love, then say it straight. It’s just a single word”“Could we answer heaven together… with just a single word?”
Directed by Pongpat“Could we answer heaven together… with just a single word?”Episode 08
“Could we answer heaven together… with just a single word?”“..whether we’re in love or not”
Episode 08“..whether we’re in love or not”I bet we’d lose all our things, if a thief came – with you sleeping so cosily here. I’ve bought new clothes for you. Take a look. Let me tell you this – if you want branded clothings, then dream on. I can only affort this much. Why are you doing this to me, Parob? Parob? Who’s that? The person named Parob doesn’t exist. He’s dead – everybody knows. Why are you treating me like this? Did my family make you feel so resentful? You’re my property. I own nothing, only one piece of property. So why should I share? You must accept it, that you’re living with a poor guy. And you should behave according to our status. This is a rental home, so we must work to pay for it. Understand? It’s such a struggle, to earn even a single cent. Do you understand that? I guess you must’ve been born on a big pile of cash… …that you don’t know how to do anything, right? I wish her to be safe. May no harms come to her. I have no more wishes, but only to see her face once more. And I’d be most contented. Sacred beings… please be merciful. I’ve always lived my life honestly. I’ve never cheated anyone. If I had done any sinful acts unintentionally… I want to the only one, who bears the full consequences. Sacred beings… Please be merciful. A storm, no matter how strong… …will always be defeated by a mother’s love. SinSe. I’m so tormented. An incoming storm will soon be passed. Don’t feel so disheartened. Will my daughter be safe? For a moon to carry a tiger… The tiger must protect the moon. You needn’t worry. – Will you see why it’s stuck?
– Yes Mom, just a minute. It’s stuck. Be gentle. It’s stuck, Mom. Careful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. The wheel has worn down. It needs to be repaired. Had I known that it’s you, I wouldn’t have wasted my time to say thanks. Don’t be rude, Preem. Are you here to make merits? Since when can merits protect an evil person, Mom? I’ve escorted my Mom here. She’s praying inside. So this is how evil deeds can reap good things in return. Is your Dad here also? Or only your Mom? You must’ve bribed all the sacred beings, right? My Dad didn’t come with us. The bad deeds will catch up with you one day for sure. What are you complaining about, little one? You want to go in right? Let me help. Hey you! Don’t mess with my Mom. I know how to take care of her. Hey! He’s helping you! Why throw tantrums at him? Mom! I’m grateful to whoever is kind to us, but he’s the exception. You should know what his family did to us. Bro is dead because of them! So how should my family compensate, if what you said is true? If we find a new son for your family, would that suffice? Hey you! – What’s this about, Badin?
– It’s nothing, Mom. I’m just doing good, and being blamed in return. It’s nothing – kids’ stuffs. Please pay no heed to it. Mom! I’m not a kid! I know you’re not a kid. But you should stop shouting and be more considerate. Go and play somewhere else. I want to pray now. – Let me help you?
– Please. Why does it turn out like this! Mom! Why! Mom! Thinking other people are more important than your own daughter! That guy is another one – such an arse licker. Pathetic! If my Mom should like you one day, I’ll scold you every single day. You’ll see! I see already. What year were you born? None of your business. I want to know if I guess correctly. Why should I tell you? I know! It must be the year of pig! Hey! Because you like to do that with your nose. I wasn’t born in the year of pig. I was born in the year of monkey. Even worse than a pig! What are you laughing at? You’re still a kid. But it’s good – your thoughts fits your maturity. I forgive you. I won’t take offence. Hey you! I’m not a kid. I’m now a grown up. Really? I don’t expect anything… only for her to be safe. I don’t care what the others may say or think. I only want her to back… as my daughter again. How does Bunler feel about this? He didn’t say anything. He’s quiet – keeping to himself. I say Bunler must be as sad as you. A son or a daughter is still your child nonetheless. I’m so sorry for you. This sort of thing shouldn’t have happened. If you could blame anyone, then it must be each one of us. We’re too pre-occupied with our anger, to care about our kids’ feelings. Once we’ve realized, it’s already too late. Thanks. Wow… you’re pretty fit. You can wash a mountain of clothing so quickly. You’ve made me think of an idea. The people here are too busy to wash their own laundry. I think you could earn some cash, by doing their laundry. Hey! I’m not a labourer! I’m asking you to do laundry work, not construction work! Are your ears still working? Come on. Don’t be too disgusted by small earnings. You can save little by little. We’re considered lucky to have daily meal. You’re a poor man’s wife. You must learn to withstand hardship. It’ll probably take 10-20 years, before we can live comfortably. Hurry and finish your laundry! I’m hungry now. Hey! Listen You should add more water, next time you boil the rice. It will last longer. Rice is expensive, understand? Better still, put yams/potatoes inside so we can save more rice. Go ahead and eat it. It’s considered our luck to eat this much. Don’t complain. I didn’t utter a single word. But your eyes said otherwise. Hey. So many people are less fortunate than us. They cook rice with lots of water, so they won’t starve to death. As for the side dish, they only suck stones coated with salts. What fable are you telling me? It’s not a fable, the story is true. Let me tell you. These people have to withstand hardship. Every cent earned must be exchanged with sweats and tears. Half of their lives are gone, before they can live comfortably. Hey! Did you listen to anything I’ve just said? Go ahead and say what you want to say. These people build their lives on principle of honesty. They never cheat on anyone. Because they are grateful to this land. The land that gives them opportunity, and a chance to start their lives anew. Therefore, they are determined to protect this land from any filth. So do you think it’s fair.. …that some bad people use dirty tricks to destroy them. I guess a person like you is disgusted by poverty, right? You’re too used to a comfortable lifestyle. I guess that rich person like you… …is always ready to step over others, to further personal gain. Why must you put me inside your fable? Because the characters in this fable, are no other than my family. You’re my wife. You must know the hardships of my ancestors. Add more vegetables tomorrow. Or we’ll have problem shitting anything out. Please sit. I thought Prayuu would come with you. Tell me your business quickly. I have other things to do. I want to talk about our merger. I’ve already drafted the contract. You should read it. – Badin, give me the contract.
– Yes, Dad. No need. If you’re too busy, you can bring it home to read. I won’t read it, because I won’t be entering a partnership with anyone. Didn’t we give our words on this? How could you not realize the things that you did to me? My son is a laughing stock to the entire Bangkok city. Your daughter is shameless. Hey, where are you going? It’s bedtime, come. Hurry. I’m sleeping elsewhere. It’s too narrow here. Hey. A couple’s mosquitoes net must be narrow like this. Don’t keep diving in and out. Mosquitoes will come inside. Hurry. It’s bedtime. How can I sleep without a pillow? Here’s your pillow. Come on! Come to bed. I’m so sleepy. Wait. Don’t you know a wife’s duty to a husband? How would I know? Before sleeping… A wife must kiss her husband. Huh? I’ve never heard of that. You’re hearing it now. Do it quick Kiss this side first. Don’t take too long, I’m sleepy. Here, this spot. Now this side. Quick. Here Here also. No! What? I didn’t brush my teeth. That’s alright, I guess. I’ll hurry out to buy you a toothbrush tomorrow. Come here. Don’t face away. So… How many kids do you think we should have? Don’t know. Fine, then we’ll just continue to have kids. No need to set a target. No need to stress ourselves by setting a target. But if we have kids… I’d very much like the first one to be a boy. Why turn away now? You gave me 2 kisses – you still owe me one. – Let me go!
– Don’t turn way, you still owe me one kiss. – Are you mad?
-Kisses must come in threes, understand? – No!
-It must be 3 times, to be complete. Bro, the folder. What is it for? What? You were asking me for this folder. It contains details about the bidding. I thought Dad kept it in his office, when it’s actually in his bedroom. Let’s see. At first Dad said he won’t enter the bid. I wonder what changed his mind. Little sis. Did anyone see you, when you took this folder? No one saw me. Dad isn’t home either. I’m so puzzled why he didn’t let you go with him. Little sis. Next time you mustn’t let anyone see this document. There could be secrets inside. Really? Will you put it back at the same place. Don’t tell anyone you let me see it. Of course. Thank you very much, little sis. Right now, my company is the greatest. Bunler’s investments can’t match us. Let’s not talk about Sia. He seems to be liquidating his company. And the bidding date is so near. Who can fight with us? You can make a decision now, right? Come, drink tea. Let’s drink up. Cheers. Cheers. So now our companies have merged, Prakit. Must we change our company’s name, Dad? I don’t think that’s necessary. You can still use the same company’s name. Heng, heng, heng! (Triple lucky) I’m so glad, that I decide to partner with you. More luck is waiting for you. Soon a big player is going to invest with us. So who’s the big player, uncle? Calm down now. He doesn’t want to reveal himself just yet. Come on, uncle! Don’t worry. The sure thing right now, is that our company is the greatest bird nest harvester. And we’ll be the only one, who own all rights in Thailand From now on, Jitworabanjong and RungRuengPaiSarnSiri companies will no longer exist. Let’s drink up! – I like it.
– Come, come. Parob. Parob. Khun Parob, are you in? You can’t remember me? I’m Yokmanee. I remember, but… Is Khun Parob in? He’s not in? Where did he go? I don’t know. He didn’t tell you? Did he tell you when he’ll be back? He didn’t tell me anything. That’s terrible. I’ve cooked his favourite dishes for him. Wow. The house is so clean now. Previously it was as messy as a rat’s nest. Especially the bedroom – it’s extremely messy. It was so troublesome for me. I must sleep outside all the time. So how was it last night? Did you sleep comfortably? It was fine. One good thing about being Parob’s woman, is that he isn’t a fussy person. You just play along with his whims, and you’ll be fine. He’s not fussy about his food or lodging. Oops.. Did I say too much? Actually you should know him more than me, right? Not really. May be I don’t know what his true self is like at all. My goodness. Did I say anything to make you uncomfortable? No. How about this. I won’t wait for him today, I’ll go back first. . When he comes back, please tell him.. …that I miss him. He should drop by to see me when he’s free. So we can recollect our past. I’ll leave his meal with you. He likes them. I’m leaving now. “Laundry Service” I’m so hungry. What do we have today? Hey, husband is back. Where’s the smile from the wife? Why are you standing there, looking glum? Food is on the table. Wow… The food look so tasty! You’re pretty good – well prepared to be a good wife. I don’t have any talent for such palatable dishes. If you want to praise anyone, go to Sua Tien Lou. Yok came today? Too bad. What a pity, I didn’t meet her. Go and see her then, if you miss her. Oh. She asked me to tell you, that she wants to recollect the past. Wow. Yoke is great! Next time I meet her, I must set a wedding date. Hey, where are you going? Let’s eat! I’m not hungry. Hungry or not, you must eat. When it’s time to eat, you must eat. Understand? Sit. Hurry. Give me some rice. Very delicious! Why aren’t you eating? Here. Eat! Yok really knows what I like. You’re not eating? You want to be fed, right? No need. I can feed myself. What’s wrong? Are you jealous? You’re not that important to me. That’s good, because a man’s nature is just like this. It’s good to learn about it now. Later, after we establish our wealth.
It’s good to learn about it now. Later, after we establish our wealth. You’ll become the big wife. Don’t cry too much. Because you won’t be able to control wife #2, #3, #4 and #5. Eat. Come. Eat quick. Big wife. Eat. Wow, so yummy. This movie is so much fun, right? Nang’k is very pretty. When Pra’k and Nang’k are apart… I cried so much. Let’s come to watch movie again. Sure. If I’m not busy. Bro, Boss wants to see you now. Little sis, I have an important matter. Excuse me. Bro. Bro. How about me? Bro. Are you alright? I’m not alright because you almost pulled my arm out. Sorry. I pulled too forcefully. Crazy guy. It’s you. My misfortune. Darn. I should just leave you there for the cross fire. Why are you not at home? Why are you walking like a dummy alone? None of your business. I can walk anywhere. It’s my own business. If someone drag you into the tea-house, don’t yell for help. What’s that? Tea-house? It’s Prostitute house. Do you know it? Crazy guy. You’d never been to a prostitute house? Hey… You probably go there often. That tea-house. For Men. Nothing wrong. Pathetic. Hey… I was helping you. Aren’t you going to thanks me? What kind of kid is this? Hey, I’m not a kid anymore. It’s your brain maturity. Don’t just grow up physically. Pathetic. Why am I Pathetic? No, I’m fairly good looking. Yok is too Narak. She brought food for me. I have to visit her. Tonight… I will not come to sleep at home. Here, boss. Good job. You’ll be successful in the future. Uncle, you have lots of power. Everybody want to work and die for you. How much do you want? Up to you. I work for you, wholeheartedly. In the next bidding for permit. You’ll get more. Thank you, uncle. Excuse me. This is much cleaner. Previous, it was as messy as rate hole. Especially, the bedroom. He’d never clean up at all. Always leave it for me. I’m leaving now. I won’t wait for him today. If he come back, please tell him. I miss him. If he’s free, please come visit me. So we can recollect the past. What? Are you jealous? This is men’s nature. Knowing it from the beginning, it’s good for you. Later, after we build up our wealth… You’ll become the big wife. Don’t cry too much. Because you won’t be able to control wife #2, #3, #4 and #5. I won’t come back for days. Keep it for the expense. Take you money back. I don’t want your dirty money. Money is money. Use it to buy happiness and comfort. I’d rather starve to death. More than selling my honor as a human being. Wait. Where are you going? You don’t give your husband a good bye kiss yet. Keep me a refreshing kiss. I might not come back again. We may not meet again. Take care of yourself. Don’t lose too much weight. Men doesn’t like women who is too skinny. They are not so comfortable to hug. Dad. Here is the document for Bird Nest island bidding. There is only 1 copy, as you ordered. Are you certain? Just keep our existing island. It’s enough. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. Thank you. Dad, they say… The document is ready. Bidding for Bird Nest Harvesting Permit. – There are more people that I expected
– Lots of newbies. Everybody wants the main island. Dad. Look! They probably combined force. See the human nature? If there is no benefit, they are not with us anymore. True friend doesn’t exist. Is that right? There is. But you need to look carefully. True friends will show up when you’re in trouble. Hey… We were talking. You will come. I still like this business. There is no certainty in this world, Bunler. Today, there might be some change. Right. Anything can change. But there are lots of things that you still don’t know. Wait and see. Bunler. Keep your island #7 and #8 well. Don’t try to compete for the main island. You may lose everything. Don’t blame me for not warning you. It’s up to fate. I always respect the rules. If the winner win it fairly, I’ll be satisfied. Right. It’s almost time. Where is Sia? He may not come. Because he lost hope. His son died. I disagree. Normally, Tiger won’t hang up their crawls easily. Except that he had become an old tiger. I thought you’d attempt to bid for the main island. I only have one son left. I’m looking for addition burden. And I’m happy with what I have. Now, China is buying bird nest from another country instead. It will need lots of time for Bird Nest from Thailand to gain any trust again. We will need new permit holders. This is an important lesson for us all. No matter what business we do, we must be honest. Because honesty is important for daily life. Being clever is not enough. Perceptive is also important. These days, it’s difficult to separate friend from foes. Bunler, He criticize you directly. How can you allow this? I should thanks him. He teach me a lesson. These days, it’s difficult to find friendship. Is that right, Prakit, Prayuu? Uncle Heng. Dad. Is he criticizing us? Son. Are you totally clueless? Eh? His face seem so. If you want to be sure, go ask him. Ar-Heng. Why does everybody want the main island? Of course. Winning the main island is like winning the heart of all Bird Nest islands. Really? Dad, the Main island. Now, Paisarn probably feel bad for the lost. But it’s too late. No more RungRuengPaiSarnSiri. – We are about to be rich.
– Correct. Honor guest. We’ll start the bidding for bird nest permit now. The 1st island. The Angle face island. There is only 1 envelope. Can I have it? PraveeChai company bid for 3 million baht. They are the only bidder. Next… The 2nd island, it’s the snake island. Can I have the envelopes? The 1st envelope comes from Lucky company. They bid for 980,000 baht. Now, Lucky company has it for 980,000. In the next envelope…
(Are you sure that we will win the main island?) Soutern Land bid at 1.3 million.
(- Don’t worry. – We can’t lose because we only bid for this island.) It’s 1.3 million now. (Right. Just wait and see.) 3rd envelope. Sophon Business bid for 2.5 million. So they win it for 2.5 million. The 3rd island, the main island. Today, there are lots of interest for this island. There are huge amount of envelopes, bidding for this island. Last year winner was RungRuengPaiSarnSiri. Let’s see if they can win it again this year. Can I have the envelopes? This is the end of RungRuengPaiSarnSiri. Just wait and see. Their faces will turn pale as a boiled chicken. The 1st company, Golden Thai Bird Nest Company, starts the bid at 4.7 million. That’s a high price. That’s the starting price. Let’s look at the 2nd envelope. Im Ratana Panit bid at 6.5 million. Wow, price has gone up significantly. Uncle, are you sure that we will win? We only bid for the main island. We cannot miss it. Is that right, Heng? Right. But I know their price. How much? – 10 million.
– 10 Million!?! Wait and see our price. Heng, Heng, Heng (Triple Lucky). Next envelope comes from Heng Heng Heng. Wow… The price is 10 million and 100 baht. A very high price. Let’s see if they is any competition. The next envelope comes from RungRuengPaiSarnSiri, the previous winner. This year, they bid it at… Wow. As previous winner, they has it for 11 million. RungRuengPaiSarnSiri has it for 11 million. A very high price. 11 million baht. – How is this possible?
– What happen? Calm down. – You said we can beat them.
– Calm what! Wait. Calm down. I object. RungRuengPaisarnSiri produces bad quality Bird Nest. They use Nitrate to dye it, as appeared on news. – Therefore… Today, they should not be allowed to bid.
– Right. I insist. Let me check the document. – What happen?
– Calm down. According to the rule, if they can prove… That the victim receive the replacement and satisfied with it. Then, you can bid. Do you have the document to prove this? Do you have it? If you don’t have the prove, you do not qualify to bid. You do not have the right to bid this year. Therefore, the right to the main island comes back to Heng Heng Heng for 10 Million and 100 baht. – See that?
– Good job.. But the bid is not over yet. There is a new company, who submit a bid for the 1st time. PV Thailand is bidding. They bid the main island at… 10 million and 200 baht. That’s a cut-throat win. – PV Thailand wins the main island.
– Who is it? Who is he? Where is he from? I don’t know. Whose company is it? How am I suppose to know? Parob! Hey, Chok. Long time no see. How are you, my friend? I’m fine. Gently, Mom. Lady… Please drink some tea, then you can practice walking later. Slowly. Mom, Mom! Mom! Sis! Why are you so excited, little sis? – Do you know who’s here?
– I don’t really care who came. You’re shouting too loud, little Sis! Mom, Look! Mom. Parob! Parob. – Mom.
– Stop! Don’t come any closer. Are you angry with me, Mom? Come on! He just wants to give you a hug. Mom! Let go! Mom! Mom! You see how long you’ve been gone? Now I can walk already! Parob. Mom. Is it really you? You’re not a ghost right? It’s really me, Mom! And I thought you’d get a harsher punishment, Parob. I’d still let her punish me, Dad. I’ve caused you so much pain, I must accept the harshest punishment. Right Mom? We’ve passed the mishaps now. This isn’t funny at all, Bro! Pretending to be dead. Each investment must be profitable. Why else should I invest, right? You’ve made the entire household frantic! Does that mean our parents knew about this… …all along, right? Big Sis is pretty smart. Dad knew the character he must play from the beginning. We’re lucky, that our Mom didn’t get a heart attack. I went and see her after the funeral. I had to coax her many times, before she accepted her part. Bro! Does it mean I’m the only one, who was kept in the dark? A stupid person, is always stupid, little Sis. I’m angry now! Come on! I did this to find the true identity of the culprit, who wants to destroy us. Hey, Parob. I’m still startled, when you just flashed in like that I’m so sorry my friend, for resorting to such trick. I must thank you for taking great care of my family. If you hadn’t appeared… Chok might already become a new son. Nonsense, little cousin. No one can replace your brother. See? You must listen to him. Are you sulking? Didn’t I tell you to place bids for other islands also? And you only want the main island. So what now? We have no islands. Didn’t I tell you, that if we get the main island… It’s like having all the other islands! How are they alike? I have my methods, OK? My boss is blessed. All his competitors make way for him! If your boss is really blessed… We wouldn’t have lost the bidding. So what now? I’ve lost everything! You must take responsibility! Dad… Do you want to partner with uncle Buhler? Do you want to be whacked? Do you still have a face to return to him? Stupid boy! I’ll tell you this! A person like me, won’t be cornered so easily! He’s gone, so who pays? You, Dad. He never pay. I shouldn’t have trusted him! You’re to blame! You’re useless! Why do you blame me for everything, Dad? – Because you’re really useless!
– What did I do wrong? Bro! What. Where are you going? I… – Bro!
– What? – Where are you going?
– I’m going out! – You can’t!
– Why not? You lied to me. You must be punished! – What’s my punishment?
-Come and eat with your family! Sis and I are preparing a feast. You still think of going out, after having disappears for so long? Don’t go anywhere! Understand? I might not come back. We may not see each other again. Whatever happens, take care of yourself. Don’t lose any more weight. Because men don’t like women who are too skinny. They are not so comfortable to hug. Be careful. Watch the steps. One more step. Sit down slowly. After breakfast… Drink some coffee. I’ll bring some fruit. Dad. Can I ask you something? Uncle Bunler family and our family. Do we have issue only about business? Is there anything else? Why do you want to know? Come on. If it’s just business, we can let bygone be bygone. As you can see, during yesterday bidding. Uncle Bunlen didn’t attempt to take our main island. Uncle Bunler. If he want to take it… He would take this opportunity. Is that right? They are friends. They know each other well. Ar-Sa! Be quiet. What happen? – What is it, Dad?
– It’s non-sense. No need to pay attention. I don’t believe you. You don’t want him to know? Ar-Sa! – What do you know, Mom?
– Uncle! Uncle. It’s trouble. TaoKae Heng gather everybody to object the bidding result from yesterday. This is grouping up. PV Thailand. Does anybody know this company? Do you know it? – Never.
– See? Nobody know it. It’s a brand new company. This is against the bidding rule. It’s not one year old yet. It doesn’t have any right to bid. I won’t argue with you. PV is a new company. See? Did you hear that? Forfeit. But this company… I established long ago. I just changed the name recently. Here is the evident. Why are you objecting? What do you want? I want honest business. No cheating. No corruption. Nobody using power to force others. I really like your idea. I also want an honest business. And I believe that everybody here… also want an honest business. But you’re behaving, untrue to your words. You think you’re powerful. You always suppress others. You destroyed Thailand Bird Nest reputation. Nobody will trust us anymore. You’re too greedy. When you have 10, you want 100. Your Bird Nest, dyed in Nitrate had been rejected. See? Don’t denial it. Everybody knows about this. Your honest business? That’s not all… You don’t like to see anybody better than you. You get rid of your competitor, using dirty methods. Dirty method? What dirty method? You robbed TaoKae Bunler’s bird nest. You sent someone to set fire on his warehouse. You’re a jealous person. Sia-Heng, you seem to know everything. You can’t denial it now? Alright. Yes. I admit it. I was there. See? He admit it. Bunler. Can you hear that? Wait. I didn’t finish talking yet. Yes. I was there. But it’s not as you thought. The truth? What is it? Before uncle Bunler’s bird nest got robbed. Our bird nest… also got robbed. Of course. It’s all your doing. Don’t lie. Nobody believe you. I believe him. The person who called me to inform that my bird nest got robbed. It’s Parob. Bunler. How can you believe them? These father and son… They try to steal your company. They burned your warehouse. Luckily, you got there in time. Yes, I was lucky. Otherwise, everything would have been burnt to the ground. Thank you for the warning. What is this? You gang up? Everybody already knew. But nobody talk about it. Thank you, Heng. For today. Right. You won the bidding. You can say anything. I’m not talking about the bidding. I mean… The truth. What truth? Non-sense. Let’s go. Go home. Let’s go. There is no fairness in this world. Power is in the hand of evil people. I’m leaving. Wait. Everybody want to know the truth. Don’t you want to know? What truth? I’m an outsider. I don’t know anything about this. You don’t know anything? But everybody want to know the truth. If you want to search, go ahead. Don’t damage my property. Or you’ll be in trouble. Don’t worry. Soon… It will not be your property anymore. What is this? What? I don’t know. – How about this? What is it?
– What? How am I suppose to know? The workers put it here. But I know. This is Nitrate. You should know what is it for. They are not so comfortable to hug. So you are the evil person, who put Nitrate in the Bird Nest. Hey… I don’t know anything about this. It’s not mine. This is your warehouse. How can you denial that it’s not yours? I got flamed. You gang up against me. Don’t believe them. – You, Heng!
– How can you do this to us? You destroyed everything. Don’t believe them. If you believe them, you’re stupid. – Come here.
– What? What is it? What is this? I’m asking. What is this? – My bird nest that I’m about to export.
– Liar. I give you one more chance. Whose is this? My bird nest. Is this the bird nest that had been rejected because it contains Nitrate? Don’t be a smartass. Yes, I know better than you. One more time. This Bird Nest. Whose is it belong to? Mine. You said, it’s yours?
– Yes, it’s mine. What are you doing? What are you doing? – Is stamping done?
– Yes, it’s done. Good. We’ll know what is it this time. You told me to use lemon juice to stamp it. We can’t see anything. It’s magic. I’ll let you know. What is this stamp? What a co-incident! This stamp… it belongs to RungRuengPaiSarnSiri. I don’t know anything about this. What is this? Tell us. I was expecting them to switch the goods. So I put a stamp on it. And it was as expected. So I allowed them to get what they want. This is the only method to identify the thief. An eye for an eye. This Bird Nest will get rejected by the customer. Because it’s contaminated with Nitrate. You should not be too rush. You didn’t inspect the package. If you switch the package… Nobody will catch you. You are careless because you thought that I died. Let me tell you. When a Tiger hunt… it hunts alone. Do you really think a Tiger will give up? You made a mistake.. You don’t know a Tiger well enough. You told my father and I that our company is the biggest. We will get rid of the small companies. With this dirty trick? You’re shameless. Son! Calm down. I’m giving you a chance. Give me my share back. Partnering with evil person like you, it will be a disaster. Heng. Kneel down and ask for forgiveness from all our brothers now. We may still forgive you. You might be able to reconcile with some people in Dragon group. It will be better… Tell me now, who’s behind this.
It will be better… Tell me now, who’s behind this. If you tell us, who is behind this?
Tell me now, who’s behind this. Tell me now, who’s behind this. That’s right. That’s right.
That’s right. An evil guy like you…
That’s right. An evil guy like you… You’re very evil. I wonder how much more evil your boss would be.
An evil guy like you… Your boss must be even worst.
You’re very evil. I wonder how much more evil your boss would be. You’re very evil. I wonder how much more evil your boss would be. Tell us. Who is it? Tell me who’s your boss!
Tell us. Who is it? Tell me who’s your boss! Are you going to tell us. Who is your boss? Are you telling us or not? Who’s your boss?
Are you going to tell us. Who is your boss? Are you going to tell us. Who is your boss? – Do you have a problem?
-Uncle… calm down. I’m only asking you. You’re all a bunch of idiots! You all claim you’re honest, huh? Come on. You will be poor. Because you’re all under Sia’s influence!
Go! Please calm down. Don’t hurt my son. I’m putting down my gun. Calm down. – I’ve put down the gun.
– Hey Mongkol! Come and help me! You big betrayer! Ah Heng. People can co-exist peacefully, only if they respect the rules. I used to admire your determination and strive, for a better life. Business has its ups and downs. That’s normal. But I’ve never thought you’d resort to trickery, to take advantage of others. The people you’ve cheated, are no others than our own brothers. Some of them even share the same family name as yours! Can you forget your honesty to our brothers… …and honesty to our trade to this extent? Please tell us. Who’s behind you. I can’t tell! Think carefully. So your punishment will be less harsh. We’d still need to see each other, due to business anyway. It’s just a single evil guy! Why do you need to hide his identity? If I tell you all… Will you all help me? You’ll be safe. Tiger gang will take care you. Are you sure? I promise. Its Toakae (boss)…Toakae… Argh!! I’m shot! Son! Son. Come here son. Are you alright? Calm down. You’re safe. You’re alright, son. – Is he dead?
– Yes. – Are you alright, son?
– I’m so scared… It’s alright. Calm down. – Is everything settled?
– Yes. Inspector Chanon will take care of this case. It’s a pity, that an important witness has escaped. Who are you talking about? Mongkol. That’s right. Mongkol has escaped, Dad. Didn’t I tell you, uncle, that this guy can’t be trusted. It’s really true. I also think it’s Mongkol, who leaked our company’s secret. The next time I see him… I’ll take him on, myself. Raising a betrayer, is like raising a viper. Parob. This bidding process will take a very long time. You have to work hard. Therefore, if you have any unfinished business. You’d better clear it now. Yes, Dad. Hey, it’s you. You’re still here? I thought you’ve left already. Where else could I go? I thought you look rather clever. Excuse me. What are you doing? Khun Parob asked me to bring his clothes. What does that mean? I also don’t know. Whatever he requests, I just follow. May be he’s going out of town. But I don’t think so, because he asked me to put some of his clothes in my house. One more thing. He asked me to return this rental home for him. If you want, you can continue to stay here until the end of the month. Did he mention anything about me? No, he didn’t mention anything. A man like Khun Parob comes and goes as he pleases. I know his nature all too well. He’s never serious with anyone. I’ll be going. What did I just do? Are you looking for a rental home, Miss? Oh it’s you. No wonder you look familiar. So has Mongkol left for good? He won’t be back. I’ve told you this before. He hasn’t been back since that day. You needn’t come anymore. It’s a waste of your time. Wan. Wan! Mom. Wan. I’ve prayed for you every day… I know… that you must come back in the end. Come back to our home. Wan! Dad… Wan… When you weren’t around… …our house has become too quiet. Dad… I’ve dishonoured our family. I’ve embarrassed both Mom and you. What punishment do I deserve? Forget about it, my daughter. Reputation is like a chain around our neck. Why should we bother to carrying it around. Humans are strange. Seeking power and fame to carry around. Carry for what? We can’t take them with us when we die. When the most important things in our lives… are actually staring right at us. They are our beloved family. Now I know… …that no one can love me more than Mom and Dad. – I’m sorry, Dad.
– It’s alright, child. Wan. You did good. A decisive person like you, deserves to be my man. Uncle. I’d like to ask you directly. If we succeed in destroying Tiger gang… what will be my position? You did such a good job. How can I abandon you, Chok? Heng deserves to die. He was thinking of betraying you. He deserved to be punished. Uncle. We still have a chance, but you must trust in my ability. Why wouldn’t I trust you? I consider you as one of my family, Chok. I will support you to the end, no matter what. Don’t worry. Thank you uncle. If you ask me, whether you’ve succeeded in hurting a woman’s feeling… I can answer for all woman – you’re very mean! I can’t help it. I only want to know the truth… …as to how much she loves me. A man’s thought always gives me headaches. Khun Songkot is another one. I don’t know what he wants. – In the end, I’m the only unlucky one.
– I want to ask you something. From what you saw… how much do you think she loves me Probably to the extent of… Never wanting to see you again. Don’t scary me, will you? Why do men always think of women as weaklings? Actually, women are much stronger than you think. The more she loves you, the stronger she hates you. Brace yourself. A woman won’t always be a victim. When she gets back at you, your heart will be frozen right to the core. Whoa… I only want to know. Uncle, may I talk to you? Tell me. Why don’t you let me do anything in your new company? I did so many things for you before. Tell me what you want to do then. Something like an account manager, or head of human resource. Not getting stuck here like this. What’s up Dad? Chok was asking me about his role of responsibility in our new company. Well… Just do what you’re doing now. Parob. Won’t you give me any clear role of responsibility? I’ve only just realized, that you’re not comfortable in your role as our assistant. I’m not uncomfortable, but… I want to progress. Not doing the same thing, I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. We are family, Chok. Alright, I’ll think about it. Please continue to help us for now. I’m currently gathering good people for my new company. I definitely won’t forget you. Let’s go, Dad. Chok. You stay here. I’m an adopted child, right? That’s why you only give me this much! Bro. What are you doing here, bro? I’m thinking about our wedding. When we get married, we should move out to a new place. Why are you saying this? Why must we move out? If I want to head a family, I must build my own family. I can’t stay here. Let me see first. Dad and Mom have the final say on this matter. Wan, let’s go. You can go with Mom and Dad. I’m not going. Why are you imprisoning yourself? It’s better to go out and enjoy yourself. I’d only embarrass our parents, with so many people staring at me. To hell with what the others think. I’ll take care of those gossip-mongers for you. You can get changed now. If you keep sitting here with a sad face, our parents will also feel sad. Isn’t it better to go out and have fun? Hello, uncle. How are you? – Thank you.
– Yes. This is my son. Here’s my family. Oh, hello. Malee…I didn’t think we’d bump into you here. Have you been well? I have to walk carefully. My back still hurts. I can’t wait to recover fully. I’m a burden to my kids. You’re never a burden, Mom. One day, he’ll have a wife and his own family. I won’t put my wife above you, Mom. I promise Hello Mom. Hello Parob. Hello Sis Proa. My Dad is dining upstairs. I’ve heard of your heroic stunts. It sounded more exciting than a movie! I’m so happy that you’ve survived. A tough guy like me won’t die so easily. May I borrow Parob for just a while? I want you to talk to my Dad… about us. Now that you’ve won the bird nest island’s bidding, it should be easier to talk to my Dad. Excuse us. Excuse me. I need to sit down now. Let’s go, then. How is it now? Looking so glum now, bro? I’ve told you before. When you stir a woman’s anger, she’ll hate you a long time. Why are you rubbing it in? I’m not rubbing it in. I want to tell you, that beside the extent of a woman’s anger and hate… When she finds true love, she’ll never forget it, bro. Go and get her back. Love is a beautiful thing. I know it very well. Actually, he’s a good guy. Who are you talking about? Parob, who else? Why are you talking about him? It’s a pity. He’s the real thing. Our Dads shouldn’t have offended one another in the past. Didn’t you see, how he exposed Heng? Will you stop talking about him? He’s just putting on a good act. The real person isn’t as good as you think. Let’s go downstairs. Dad will ask for us soon. Excuse me. May I talk privately with your sister for a while? – Feel free.
– Thank you. Who forced you to come here? There’s no trace of happiness on your face. My happiness disappeared, as soon as I saw you. Our Dads have already made up. That’s adults’ matter. So now we’re left with our matters. Dream on. I’ll never forgive you. Why are you so angry? It’s not good, to harbour so much anger. Hey! Don’t you flirt with me! Please give some respect… or learn to be considerate to your women. My women? Yes. Khun Yokmanee… and that banker’s daughter. What’s so funny? If you want me to be considerate to my women, I’d probably can’t move. Because I have so many… all over the country. I think it’s you… …who’s too jealous of me. No need. I’ve gotten over you, ever since the day I left that house. You’re meaningless to me. What happened in the past, were just my bad dreams. Twisted wood, use it to make hook. Twisted metal, use it to make sickle. But twisted person is useless / We’re approaching the end of “Suar” lakorn. Please follow the drama, and support us. Hello Wan. I’m about to give you Parob’s wedding invitation. I’m so happy… to have Khun Wow as my bride. – Delicious?
– “Roy Jung Hoo”!!

Randy Schultz

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  6. Helen Leas says:

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